How To Draw a Dragon – Step by Step Directions for Easy Dragon Drawing

Today we are learning how to draw a dragon with super simple steps with this printable dragon tutorial! Kids of all ages will not believe how easy it is to make your own dragon drawing by following our simple dragon drawing guide.

how to draw a dragon easy
Let’s draw a dragon!

Easy Dragon Drawing for Kids

Need an even easier way to learn to draw a dragon? Use our printable easy dragon drawing lesson for tracing each step first and then repeat the process by drawing the mythical creatures over and over again.

Dragons are so cool and have been popular since the middle ages and remains a large character in the folklore of many cultures. Kids of all ages (& adults) are going to love learning to make their own dragon drawing. Whether you draw your dragon to be a traditional Chinese dragon, cartoon dragon, Western dragon, Ice dragon, Wyrm dragon, Wyvrn dragon or even a Hydra…the choice is yours!

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Simple Dragon Drawing Lesson You Can Print

Our free printable drawing dragon lesson tutorial includes three pages with detailed instructions so you or your child can draw a dragon from scratch in a matter of minutes easily.

Download & print the step instructions to draw dragons by pressing the green button below. Or follow each pictured instruction to draw right now and soon you will have friendly dragon artwork to admire.

You don’t need any special or expensive tools to make easy dragon drawings. A simple sheet of paper, a regular pencil and an eraser is all you need.

Easy Steps to Draw a Dragon

Follow the 9 steps in this printable easy how to draw a dragon step by step tutorial and you will be drawing your own dragon drawings in no time using basic shapes:

Step 1 - How to Draw a Dragon EASY - Kids Activities Blog - text: Let's start! First, draw a circle - circle drawn with a dotted line as an example
The first step is super easy!

Step 1 – Let’s Start Drawing the Dragon Head

Our first easy step is to draw a smaller circle that will become our dragon’s head. Position it on your paper knowing the top of the circle will be the top of the head for your fantastic creature.

Step 2 - How to Draw a Dragon EASY - Kids Activities Blog - text: Add a curved triangle to make a mango shape. Also add a tilted oval - in example the circle now has a curved line on one side added with a small tilted oval
Next lets add a curved line shape…

Step 2 – Next, Add the Dragon’s Nose & Mouth Area

Add a curved triangle to make a mango shape, and add a tilted oval just above the smallest portion to create the upper and lower jaw of the dragon defining the dragon head.

Step 3 - How to Draw a Dragon EASY - Kids Activities Blog - text: Add a rectangle with rounded edges. Notice the top right corner is rounded. Connect the shapes and erase extra lines. - in example the first two steps now look like dragon head and the new added dotted lines are creating the first part of the dragon body
I love when it starts to take the form of a dragon…

Step 3 – Add the Dragon’s Neck & Body Shapes

To make our dragon’s body, the easy way is to draw a rectangle with rounded edges. Connect all the shapes and erase extra lines which now creates a smooth body line for our cartoon dragon.

Isn’t it crazy how basic shapes can be transformed into your own dragon drawing?

Step 4 - How to Draw a Dragon EASY - Kids Activities Blog - text: draw a little tail - in example the dragon tail is drawn in with curved lines
Let’s add the dragon tail!

Step 4 – Now Sketch the Dragon’s Tail

Let’s draw the tail! Make a simple tail shape of curved lines that curls back under the dragon body with a tiny curl or small curve at the tip of the tail.

Step 5 - How to Draw a Dragon EASY - Kids Activities Blog - text: add a trapeze, notice the top is bigger. Draw a curved line to make the back leg, also add claws - in example the dragon feet and claws are drawn in with dotted lines
Let’s add those dragon feet with claws.

Step 5 – Next, Add the Dragon Legs

At the bottom portion of the dragon’s body near the front we will start to add the front leg. Add a trapeze coming down from the front mid-portion. Notice the top is bigger and the lines extend beyond the dragon body. Draw a curved line to make the back leg, also add claws. The dragon’s ankle join will be the section between the bottom of the leg and the claw.

Tip: How friendly your dragon is will determine if you make really sharp claws!

Step 6 - How to Draw a Dragon EASY - Kids Activities Blog - text: draw horns and a wing - in example the horns and wings are added with dotted lines
My dragon has both horns and wings.

Step 6 – Time to Draw the Dragon Wings

Draw horns and a wing! Free hand those shapes with a series of curved lines. The more unique your dragon wings look the more unique your dragon will appear! Don’t be afraid to draw different size wings – large wings, small wings or even tiny wings. Remember, you can always erase what you do not like!

Step 7 - How to Draw a Dragon EASY - Kids Activities Blog - text: draw circles for the eye, ovals for the nose a couple of circles on the forehead and a line to outline the tummy - in example dragon drawing, details are added for dragon facial features and body conturing
Let’s add the dragon’s facial features…

Step 7 – Now Add Dragon Body & Facial Details

Draw circles for the eyes, ovals for the nose, and other details on the face.

Step 8 - How to Draw a Dragon EASY - Kids Activities Blog - text: you got it! Let's add details: add curved lines to the horns, tummy and wing. Also add triangles to the back and tail - dragon drawing example shows the additional dragon details drawn in.
What details will you add to your dragon drawing?

Step 8 – Then Add Essential Dragon Features

You got it! Add curved lines to the horns, tummy, and wing.

Step 9 - How to Draw a Dragon EASY - Kids Activities Blog - text: Amazing job! You can add details and make changes as you like. Get creative.  Dragon drawing examples show two different dragons with different details.
Wasn’t that easy to draw a dragon?

Step 9 – Finish with Customizing Your Dragon

You’re all done! Feel free to add as many details as you want with your pencil:

  • Breathing fire
  • Sharp teeth
  • Evil eyes
  • Long tail
  • Stripes on the belly of the dragon
  • Smoke coming from the the head of the dragon
  • An intricate pair of wings
  • Scaly body full of dragon scales

The last step is to grab your colored pencils, crayons or watercolor paint and add some color. Will your dragon be a green color? Purple? Rainbow?

Your Easy Dragon Drawing is Now Done!

Your dragon drawing is done!

Once you learn how to draw a cartoon dragon with a little practice you can use the basic shapes of a simple dragon to build on and draw finer details developing more artistic skills. Take what you learned from this simple tutorial and develop your own style – drawing anything from a baby dragon to a classic dragon like a professional artist.


Download Dragon Sketch Step by Step Drawing Guide PDF Files Here

Easy way how to draw a dragon for kids printable drawing lesson tutorial shown printed pdf pages on white background with pencils and crayons
Simple and easy dragon drawing steps!

Why Drawing is so Valuable for Kids

When you add a drawing activity to your kid’s day, you’re helping them increase their imagination, enhance their fine motor and coordination skills, and develop a healthy way of displaying their emotions, among other things.

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We made sure that all of our kids step by step drawing tutorials are easy enough that even the most inexperienced and youngest kids can have fun making art for themselves.

If you can draw a straight line and simple shapes, you can draw a cute dragon…and that line doesn’t even have to be that straight {giggle}.

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How did your dragon drawing turn out?

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