20 Great Ideas for Using Toothpicks in Art and Craft Activities

So much is possible with everyday items from around the house, and the kitchen cupboard is the first place to start!

using toothpicks in art and crafts

Construction Ideas For Kids

I’ve roundup up some wonderfully varied ideas for using toothpicks in art and craft activities, from simple construction ideas to craft ideas, art activities and cool ideas for older children.

Jump on to see all 20 great ideas and prepare to be amazed!!

The best part is, these also double as STEM activities!

Toothpick Crafts Using Food

Toothpick and Marshmallow Sculptures

I love this variation with melty beads via The Artful Parent

Stacking Cereal Rings For Breakfast

Playing with food just got fun-er!! and without them being aware they are threading and practicing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination via danyabanya

Building with Grapes

What’s not to love?! an easy activity that leads to hours of independent play via teachingmama

Building with Candy Hearts

Make a 3D heart, a truck complete with wheels or symmetrical stacks – one of the coolest things to watch is a child’s imagination on the loose. See the magic on lemonlimeadventures

Building Structures With Gumdrops

And watch the fun continue with gumdrops!!

using toothpicks in art and crafts

More Toothpick Projects

Introduction to Engineering!

Incorporate a little fun engineering into your kids activities – kids love building!! via babbledabbledo

Fine Motor Skills Toothpick Drop

Such a simple activity – great for children’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination via frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail

Playing With Play Dough and Toothpicks

An absolute hit!! Enjoy doing this in any house via thingstoshareandremember

Crafting With Toothpicks

String Art

Using Styrofoam, toothpicks, and string to make some colorful 3-D string art!  love this from buggyandbuddy

Dying Toothpicks For Crafty Goodness

I’m loving how bright and colourful toothpicks can be used for treat toppers via momdot

Sticky Window Art

This activity uses matchsticks but you can absolute replicate with toothpicks via alittlelearningfortwo

Quick Recycled Bath Time Sail Boats

used our bit of Styrofoam and made 4 sail boats for the kids to play with in the bath one evening. Super simple and tons of fun in the bath too! via powerfulmothering

Pool Noodle Toothpick Boats

AND how cool are these colourful pool noodle and toothpick boats via littlebinsforlittlehands

Art Activities Using Toothpicks

using toothpicks in art and crafts

Rainbow Painting With Marshmallows

A sweet preschool painting activity with a twist! via creeksidelearning

Painting With Ice

Toothpick come into their own with this fun fun fun activity via Laughingkidslearn

Toothpick Painting

This is so easy, kids of all ages will love the designs they can make with a little paint, glue or decoupage, and toothpicks via club.chicacircle

Milk Painting

And check out this glorious Milk Painting variation from modernparentsmessykids

And A Few Toothpick Projects For Older Kids

using toothpicks in art and crafts

Weaving With Toothpicks

Weaving a mandala brooch with wool and toothpicks – very clever. via icreativeideas

Paper Spinners

A small spinner made from a toothpick and brightly colored paper strips via krokotak

DIY Wrapping Stars

How pretty are these toothpick and wash tape stars for DIY wrapping!! via ohcrafts

A Big Thanks To:

MollyMooCrafts.com for putting together a great list of toothpick crafts and toothpick art!


For more kids science activities and STEM projects, take a look at these:

Which toothpick projects did you try? Let us know down below!

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