Let’s craft flowers! Today we have our favorite easy flower crafts to make with kids of all ages, but especially younger kids. These preschool flower crafts require only a few supplies and are easy to make individually or as a preschool class. Make a simple flower craft or easy flower bouquet to celebrate any day!

Easy Flower craft preschool kids can do: paper plate roses, egg carton daisy, coffee filter flowers, handprint bouquets, flower cupcake cups
Let’s make a simple flower craft today!

Easy Ways to Craft Flowers

Everyone loves flower making! We are calling these simple flower crafts, preschool flower crafts because they can be made by little hands without worrying about crafting skills. In fact, making flowers is not only fun but increases fine motor skills and creativity through play.

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These craft flowers are also really good kid-made gifts. Kids can make flowers and flower bouquets to give to mom, a teacher or other loved one.

Simple Flower Crafts for Kids

1. Easy Paper Plate Rose Craft

Craft flowers: How to make a paper rose easy out of paper plates and are red.
These roses look like 3d flowers, how cool.

Want to know how to make a paper rose easy? This paper plate flowers activity that is great for a class or at home. I have done this with a second grade class and simply been the adult walking around with the stapler. This is one of my favorite class flower ideas since paper plates are fairly cheap. 

2. Make Coffee Filter Roses

Craft flowers: Coffee filter roses that are 3d and are painted.
It is a simple flower art project, but is a great activity nonetheless, since it is a fun way to make 3d paper flowers.

Coffee filter roses are GORGEOUS and could be a great project for even very small kids. This is a flower craft the preschool kids can easily do and one of our many great flower activities for toddlers. Don’t have coffee filters? No problem! You could also do this is tissue paper to make tissue paper flowers.

3. Use Your Handprints to Make Flowers

Craft flowers: Handprint flower craft made of red, blue, yellow construction paper with green pipe cleaners as stems.
This is one of my favorite flower crafts. These construction papers can be saved as a keepsake, plus they can sit in a vase thanks to the stems made of pipe cleaners.

I am loving this handprint flower craft. This is another great flower craft preschool kids can do. Not only will it work on fine motor skills, but they’ll be able to make a beautiful handprint bouquet for mom, dad, or a grandparent or keep their as your own flowers!

Flower handprint crafts are best made with regular construction paper as the fingers are easier to curl. 

4. Make Flowers with Cupcake Liners

Craft flowers: Flower cupcake cups made from cupcake liners and paper straws.
This is one of my favorite pretty flower crafts. While it may be one of the more simple flower crafts, just look how bright and cheerful the daffodils look.

Flower cupcake cups are a simple way to make bright and friendly daffodils. We did something a little different in the video, but these cupcake liner flowers are adorable!

These are such fun flowers to make! Plus, you can mix and match different colorful cup cake liners.

5. Craft Flowers from Egg Cartons

Craft flowers: flower crafts from michele made me - collage of 4 different flower crafts made from egg cartons
These egg carton flower crafts are so incredibly pretty!

Michele, of Michele Made Me, recycled egg cartons into works of art. These egg carton flowers are lovely and exotic and most importantly, these are flowers kids can make fairly easily. Plus it is one of many different ways to make flowers beyond the traditional paper kind using recycled items from your recycling bin!

6. Create Paper Bag Flowers

Craft flowers: Flower craft made from paper bags from A Girl and a Glue Gun - bright orange and red flower made from a paper bag on purple background
I bet you would never guess this flower is made from paper bags!

Kim at A Girl and a Glue Gun has the cutest preschool flower craft. She made some adorable flowers using brown paper bags! This is simple flower making for kids that not only is cheap, but these preschool flower ideas work on kid’s fine motor skills and they get to color the flower and make them lovely! I bet you could also do this with craft paper as well if you folded it.

7. Plastic Bag Flower Craft

Craft flowers: easy flower craft made from plastic bags from Kids Activities Blog - 4 white and red plastic bag flowers shown

In this easy flower craft for kids, you will need a plastic bag and a Q Tip for each plastic flower you make! Kids will have such fun with this flower making activity!

8. Preschool Flower Crafts Made of Newspaper

Craft flowers: Flower craft made from paper bags from A Girl and a Glue Gun - watercolored newspaper crafted into a layered flower with red orange blue and green colors
I love how this flower craft made from newspaper looks!

Lisa of Simple Journey, a fellow Texan, made these newspaper flowers. They are stunning (even if fragile). These are great preschool flower crafts, and easy to do, but you get to also break out the water colors. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love water colors? Plus, these have a very retro vibe to them. These colorful flowers would make great decorations.

9. Beaded Flower Bracelet Craft

Craft flowers: Flower Craft from Beads from My Paper Pony - collage of 4 photos showing beaded flower bracelets in spring colors including a child's hand wearing a flower bracelet homemade
Let’s make flower bracelets!

Do you have a lot of pony beads? We do! Bethany, of My Kids Make, made these pony bead flowers with her daughters. You can easily use the pony beads to make a daisy! It really makes this bracelet nice and bright! The best part is these bracelets can be made with a variety of materials like twin, yarn, wood beads, etc.

10. Construction Paper Flower Project For Kindergarten Kids

Craft flowers: construction paper flower craft - Learning is Fun - collage of two pictures - one with 3 brightly colored construction paper flowers and the other with the construction paper flowers in a vase
These construction paper flowers are so pretty!

Buckland, of Learning is Fun made some Poppy’s with paper and chopsticks! Poppies are so underrated, because they are beautiful. And while we may not be allowed to have a real poppy, this paper flower project for kindergarten kids is the next best thing.

11. Make a Zipper Rose Craft

Craft flowers: Zipper flower craft from Design by Night - finished yellow orange and red flower made from a zipper
This zipper craft is so pretty!

Design by Night has a flower that they made from a zipper. This is a no-sew craft using glue. These zipper roses are absolutely stunning though! This would also be a great craft for older kids as well.

12. Yarn Flower Bouquet Craft Made on a Fork Template

Craft flowers: yarn flowers made with fork from Homesteadin Mama - fork shown with yarn and pipe cleaner in process of making yarn flower - child holding yarn flower bouquet
Let’s make flowers out of yarn!

Mindy from Homesteadin Mama , created some fun spring flowers with her kids using scraps of yarn, a fork, and some scissors, as well as a pipe cleaner. This yarn bouquet is a great flower craft preschool kids can do fairly easily. Being able to use up scraps so I don’t have to throw them out and waste them is one of the best things. 

13. Make Ribbon Flowers

Craft flowers: how to make ribbon flowers from Kids Activities Blog - large group of different types of ribbon flowers all grouped together on a white background
Let’s make ribbon flowers!

And lastly, the Quirky kids and I routinely make ribbon flowers together. They love wearing them and I love making them. We can easily show you how to make flowers out of ribbon, the best part is, these flower ribbons can be turned into barrettes! 

14. Printable Flower Craft with Paper Flower Template

Craft flowers: printable flower template for easy flower craft for preschool and beyond from Kids Activities Blog shown on white paper with colored pencils
Grab this printable flower template!

This paper flower template is the perfect flower craft for preschoolers, toddlers, or even kindergarten kids. Let them color the flower any way they want, cut it out, and put it together again with a glue stick.

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15. Make Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Craft flowers: How to make pipe cleaner flowers - Kids Activities Blog fb
Let’s make flowers out of pipe cleaners!

These super easy to make pipe cleaner flowers are adorable and great for a preschool flower craft idea or even trying with younger kids like a toddler flower craft. I love it when I get a bouquet of pipe cleaner flowers!

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16. Big Tissue Paper Flowers Kids Can Make

Craft flowers: Tissue paper flowers in three colors - orange purple and teal from Kids Activities
Let’s create tissue paper flowers!

These easy tissue paper flowers are the perfect craft kids can make together. We love these big Mexican flowers to decorate the house or classroom!

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17. Draw a Flower Instead!

Craft flowers: how to draw a pretty flower printed pdf for drawing tutorial shown stacked on a table surrounded by art supplies
Let this cute bee show you how to draw a flower!

Kids can follow along this step by step guide to making their own flower drawing and then color and decorate it as they wish. It is way easier than you might think to learn how to draw a flower with this printable tutorial.

Lovely sweets made to look like flowers.

More Flower Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

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What was your favorite flower craft? Which of the flower crafts are you going to make first?

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