Zenkidu: A simple hand sewing project to make with your kids

Want to sew this simple hand sewing project with your kids? It’s easy. Learn how to thread a needle, sew a running stitch and you’re ready to go. Eight simple steps, and Zenkidu could be yours.

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1.  Take two 12″ squares of felt.

zenkido pic eli

2.  Draw a 7″ x 9″ rectangle onto one of the squares. This will be your sewing line.  Cut out a nose. Pin and sew into place.

2 piceli

3.  Place this square of felt face up on top of your second square of felt. Pin them together. Sew around the sewing line leaving a 3″ gap for stuffing.


 4.  Push in small amounts of stuffing until he feels nice and squishy.


5.  Pin and sew the opening closed.


6.  Draw on arms, legs and hair.


7.  Cut around.


8.  Using a low temp glue gun, stick down his hands with one or two small blobs of glue. I’ve cut out semi-circular felt shapes and glued them behind his wiggly eyes. If you prefer to avoid wiggly eyes and make your own eyes from felt you can look at these fellows for ideas.

IMG_3001 resized

And there you have, it how to make a Zenkidu in 8 simple steps!

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