We love this Andy Warhol art for kids of all ages which is a multi-color fall leaf art project. Inspired by Warhol’s art and kids innate love of color, this beautiful fall leaf art project is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and older kids too. The art supplies needed for this autumn art are things you likely already have around the house or classroom. Let’s create a simple, masterpiece of fall leaves!

Warhol inspired fall leaf art with 4 leaves with red, orange, pink, and red.
The color are beautiful and look like leaves in the fall.

Andy Warhol Art for Kids

Today you can create your own Warhol inspired art celebrating fall leaves. Fall is here in full effect, turning our neighborhoods into colorful, crisp arrays of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns.

Here is some crayon/watercolor resist art that is inspired by the pop art that Warhol is famous for and that reflects the changing of the season.

Who Is the Artist Andy Warhol?

Andy Warhol is an American artist who was the leading artist in the visual art movement. His works explore the relationship between advertising, artistic expression, and celebrity culture that was flourishing in the 1960’s. He is known as a pop artist and a cultural icon.

More than twenty years after his death, Andy Warhol remains one of the most influential figures in contemporary art and culture.

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

He has been the subject of a various retrospective exhibitions and featured in documentaries. There is even a museum dedicated to him in the city of Pittsburgh.

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How to Make Warhol Inspired Fall Leaf Art Project

Needed Supplies for Fall Leaf Art

Art supplies Needed for warhol fall art project: Paints, leaves cookie cutters, pencils, paper, and crayons about to make warhol inspired fall leaf art project.
These are the supplies you will need to create this Warhol inspired art project with kids.

*If you don’t have a leaf cookie cutter, consider using an actual leaf as a template or cut out one of the leaves from our leaf coloring pages and use it as a template.

Directions to Create Your Warhol Inspire Fall Leaf Art

Step 1

Step 1 - Fall art project for kids - Take your white paper and use a black crayon to break it up in fours to begin this fall art project for toddlers.
Break your paper up into four parts.

After folding the paper into fourths, use a black crayon to outline the creases to create four frames. I like to use a ruler to get a straight line.

This will keep the watercolors in each frame from bleeding into each other.

Step 2

Step 2 - fall art project for kids - Outline the leaf cookie cutter in this fall art with crayons that are fall colors like orange, red, yellow, brown, gold, and color them in.
Make sure to color the leaves in thickly.

Choose four crayon colors and four watercolors to work with.

Trace the  leaf pattern  lightly in pencil.

Step 3

Step 3 - fall art project for kids - All four leaves are colored in, in this warhol inspire fall leaf project, orange, red, purple, and yellow.
It is already very pretty.

Color each leaf pattern with a different color crayon with bold strokes. In order to provide the greatest resistance to the watercolors, the crayon should be colored on thickly.

Color each one and then maybe go over it to ensure that the crayon is on thickly on each leaf.

Don’t push too hard though! You might break a crayon.

Step 4

Step 4 - fall art project for kids - Color each part of the fall art squares with the water colors using the same color. Red on red, orange on orange, yellow on yellow, and purple on purple.
Watch as the paint runs off the crayon wax. How cool!

Using the four watercolors, paint each square.

For this example, the same colors were used in squares that were  diagonally-opposite of each other.

Ultimately, though, color placement is up to your little artist.

Finished Fall ARt Project for kids

Finished fall art project for kidsThe orange leaf has a yellow background, the red leaf has a red background, the purple leaf has a brown background, and the yellow leaf has an orange background making this fall leaf art project beautiful.
Look how beautiful it turned out!

These finished fall art masterpieces look great as a classroom project hanging together because the colors will all be just a little different from each other even if the kids used exactly the same color palette.

Variations to the Art Design & Color of this Art Project

  • You can change up the colors for each leaf or color coordinate the leaves and the colors, because they’re different shades. Though the yellow on yellow may be hard to see.
  • This is also an art project that once the kids have done it once, they will want to repeat with different color combinations.

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How did your Warhol leaf art project turn out? What colors did you choose for the four squares?

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