Cactuses are such popular decorations this year and kids can easily make them with this fun DIY Ping-Pong-Ball Cactuses craft!

Great as gifts for friends or teachers, this craft  is so adorable, parents will want to make them too! Simply paint some Ping-Pong balls then glue them into tiny pots and you are all set! It’s that easy!

Ping Pong ball Cactuses Main

DIY Ping-Pong Ball Cactuses

Here’s what you need to make DIY Ping-Pong Ball Cactuses:

  • Ping-Pong Balls
  • Acrylic Paint (we used a light, cactus-green type color for the base and black for the thorns)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Mini Terra Cotta Pots
  • Paintbrushes

Use mini dabs of hot glue to temporarily affix a your ping-pong balls to some paper. This helps while you are painting. Otherwise the ping-pong balls will just roll all around!


Paint your ping pong balls in a cactus-green type color giving the balls several coats (and letting the paint dry between each coat) if need be.

Set aside to dry completely once the balls are well painted. Don’t worry about painting the very bottom of the balls, as these will be hidden and glued down inside the tiny pots.


Once the green paint is completely dry, paint tiny “X” marks all over each ping-pong ball with black paint. These will be the cactus thorns!


Remove the ping-pong balls from the paper once the paint is completely dry. Just pull them and tear the bottoms away. It’s okay if the dab of glue and a little paper stick. You won’t be able to see this once the ball is glued into the pot.


Using your hot glue, glue around the lower portion of the ball all the way around and then stick inside the tiny pot. The glue will stick to the edge of the pot and secure the ball!


Great job! You are all set! Your DIY Ping-Pong Ball Cactuses look so cool and amazing! Decorate tables for a Western-themed party, give out as party favors at a Cowboy Birthday Party, or give to family, teachers and friends as a thoughtful little gift!




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