How to Draw a Horse in Minutes with this Simple Printable Guide

Grab your pencil because today you are going to learn how to draw a horse – step by step – from scratch! Yes, even beginners and young kids will find this printable tutorial easy to follow.

We created this three-page how to draw a horse easy tutorial with kids in mind, so kids of all ages will be drawing their own cute horse in no time!

how to draw a horse step by step
Let’s draw a horse!

Make an Easy Horse Drawing

Learning how to draw horses is a fun, creative, and colorful art experience for kids of all ages. Plus, most kids I know love horses, making this tutorial even more exciting and fun.

Drawing (and making any kind of art) has so many benefits for kids: it increases confidence, teaches creative problem solving, improves hand-eye coordination, and develops fine motor skills.

That’s why you’ll love this how to draw a horse for kids tutorial!

how to draw a horse for beginners
Simply follow the steps to make your own horse drawing!

Easy steps to draw a horse

Our three pages of how to draw a horse step by step are super easy to follow, and so much fun too!

Go grab your favorite pencil and let’s get started:

First draw a circle!

Step 1

Let’s start with a circle.

This first step will have you beginning the horse head. Add a rounded tilted rectangle.

Step 2

Add a rounded rectangle – notice how it’s tilted.

Add another circle.

Step 3

Draw another circle below both figures.

Draw a smaller circle next to the last circle.

Step 4

Draw a smaller circle next to the last one.

Connect all the shapes and erase all the extra curved lines and diagonal line on the head.. You can see the horse’s head now!

Step 5

Connect all figures with a line, and erase extra lines.

Add two rounded rectangles! Now your horse has a front leg and back leg.

Step 6

Let’s draw our horse’s legs by drawing two rounded rectangles.

Let’s add hair! Draw curvy lines on top of the head and the side of the neck. Also draw a tail. The tail should stop right above the hind legs.

Step 7

Draw the mane by drawing curvy lines on the top of the head and the side of the neck. Also draw a tail!

Great! Time for facial features! Let’s add the final details. Draw curvy lines for the muzzle, hooves, and two small circles on the horse head for eyes.

Step 8

Draw curvy lines for the muzzle and hooves, two small circles for the eyes, and the ears.

Amazing job! You can add details and make changes as you live! You can add way more details than the previous step if you want!

Step 9

You’re done! You can add more details if you want to, too.

I recommend printing these instructions because it’s easier to follow each step with a visual example.

The side view of this cartoon horse looks amazing! And this drawing lesson is an easy way to draw using simple steps and simple lines. Who would have thought straight lines, a small circle or two and other simple shapes and basic shapes would create a masterpiece!

how to draw a horse step by step
Simple horse drawing steps – just follow along!

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How did your horse drawing turn out?

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