Celebrate the rainbow with rainbow activities and rainbow crafts for kids! Kids of all ages like toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids will have a blast doing these rainbow activities and rainbow crafts. We have chosen our favorite 21 colorful rainbow activities, crafts, sensory projects and fun foods for you and your little ones. Spring, St Patrick’s Day, National Find a Rainbow Day or any day is the perfect time to do rainbow activities at home or in the classroom.

21 Rainbow Activities for Preschoolers and Older kids - collage of colorful rainbow activities like rainbow science, rainbow crafts and rainbow games - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s do some rainbow activities together!

Rainbow Activities for Kids of All Ages – Preschool to Older

There is something so magical about rainbow activities, arts & crafts! Kids of all ages love rainbows and rainbows just have a way of bringing everyone together. Whether you are crafting to get ready to celebrate National Find a Rainbow Day, or just looking to brighten your house or classroom for spring, these rainbow ideas for kids are sure to inspire!

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National Find a Rainbow Day

Did you know that April 3 is National Find a Rainbow Day? Rainbows have their own day on the calendar for celebration! Let’s spend rainbow day finding rainbows, doing rainbow activities, making rainbow crafts and learning more about the colorful miracle!

Rainbow Activities for Preschoolers

1. Create a Rainbow Puzzle

Rainbow craft and Rainbow activity- make a rainbow puzzle out of felt as a rainbow activity for preschool age kids - blue felt shown with colorful strips that make a rainbow - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a rainbow out of felt!

Foster your children’s creative side by letting them make their own rainbows with this make a rainbow puzzle craft! 

2. DIY LEGO Rainbow Activity

Rainbow made out of LEGO bricks shown on the floor- Rainbow craft and Rainbow activity-  - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a rainbow out of LEGO bricks!

Your little LEGO fanatics will love creating a LEGO rainbow!

3. Dye Scented Rainbow Beans

Rainbow craft and Rainbow activity- sensory scented rainbow beans made with the colors of the rainbow - child's hand playing in a bunch of colorful beans - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s use the colors of the rainbow!

Let them explore with scented sensory rainbow beans!

4. Make a Rainbow Art Project

rainbow activity for preschoolers - finished rainbow cereal art using fruit loops on a white piece of paper in the shape and colors of the rainbow - Kids Activities Blog
Make a rainbow out of cereal!

Brighten the walls with rainbow cereal art

5. Create a Rainbow Stacking Game

stacked nesting hearts made out of cardboard for a rainbow stacking game from A Little Learning for Two- Rainbow craft and Rainbow activity-
Let’s learn the colors of the rainbow by stacking them!

Who doesn’t love rainbows and pitting colors in order?! Rainbow stacked hearts, from alittlelearningfortwo, look great hanging  on the wall or door!

Rainbow Activities for Kids

6. Make Rainbow Slime

Rainbow activities for kids - make rainbow slime - colorful rainbow slime shown on white background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make rainbow slime!

Kids love to make slime, especially if it’s rainbow slime

7. Easy Way to Learn the Colors of the Rainbow

Rainbow craft and Rainbow activity- Rainbow color order printable shown in pdf form on colorful background with coloring supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s learn the rainbow color order!

We have a printable sheet that works through the colors of the rainbow in order for learning and coloring fun! When working with little kids, check out our counting the colors of the rainbow worksheets.

8. Print a Rainbow Printable

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9. Make Rainbow Scratch Designs

Remember traditional scratch art? Check out all the fun where you can make art with a rainbow in the background.

10. Make a Melted Crayon Rainbow Art Display

Making this melted crayon rainbow from Meg Duerksen of Whatever… is so easy! Just glue the crayons onto canvas art board, and turn on the hair dryer!

11. Learn to Draw a Rainbow

How to draw a rainbow - printed pdf version of the rainbow drawing tutorial lesson for kids shown on a colorful background with drawing supplies- Rainbow craft and Rainbow activity
Learning how to draw a rainbow is so easy with this rainbow drawing tutorial.

It is easy with our step by step drawing guide to learn how to draw a rainbow!

Rainbow Crafts

12. Make a Rainbow Craft

Rainbow hues certainly aren’t limited to just St Patrick’s Day, thank goodness! How gorgeous is this DIY Rainbow Fascinator from studiodiy?

13. DIY Rainbow Inspired Play House

Make a Rainbow Hotel For Little People! Decorate your cardboard playhouse or leprechaun trap with a colorful and welcoming rainbow roof. See the magic on MollyMooCrafts (currently unavailable).

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14. Preschool Construction Paper Rainbow Craft Idea

Rainbow craft and Rainbow activity- Construction paper rainbow from the Nerds Wife - shown is colorful loops of construction paper with clouds
What a fun and quick craft idea!

The Nerd’s Wife‘s construction paper rainbow craft is perfect for your preschooler!

15. Easy Yarn Rainbow Craft

Make this easy yarn rainbow craft which is perfect for preschoolers.

16. Make a Mosaic Rainbow Craft

One of my very favorite paper plate crafts of all time is this colorful and cool mosaic rainbow art for kids.

17. Craft a Colorful Rainbow Pinwheel

rainbow pinwheel craft shown hanging on a door from Simple Easy Creative- Rainbow craft and Rainbow activity
This rainbow is a fun thing to put on your door!

It’s time to have some more fun with Rainbows and Pinwheels. This rainbow pinwheel wreath from Simple Easy Creative is so striking! 

18. Make Rainbow Coasters to Use or Give

Hello Glow’s rainbow woven felt coasters are a quick no-sew project that kids can easily whip up as a present (link currently unavailable). 

19. Colorful Hoop Art Inspired by Rainbows for Kids

Rainbow craft and Rainbow activity- Cool embroidery thread rainbow craft from Makes and Takes shown here with a wooden hoop on white background
I love this colorful rainbow idea!

Makeandtakes‘ rainbow threaded embroidery hoop is a fun rainbow wheel of awesome!

20. Milk Paint Popcorn Rainbow Arts & Crafts

Make a milk paint rainbow masterpiece! It is a super fun way to play with food and make something crafty.

21. Rainbow Sugar Scrub Project for Kids

Make this cool and colorful rainbow sugar scrub recipe easy enough that kids can make it!

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21 Rainbow Crafts & Activities To Brighten Your Day

Rainbow Treats and Snacks

These rainbow treats are perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party or any party really! Nothing brings out the smiles like a rainbow… especially if it’s in the form of a cake or treat! 

22. Bake Rainbow Cupcakes as a Treat

Rainbow Cupcakes are so fun to make! And when you’re finished baking, you’ll have a yummy and colorful treat! 

23. Make a Rainbow Cake

This rainbow Barbie cake with matching rainbow pushup cake pops, from Totally The Bomb, will be the hit of any party!

24. Cook Up Some Rainbow Pasta

Serve up some smiles with rainbow pasta.

25. Rainbow Vegetable Snack Idea

Check out this cool rainbow snack with only veggies that make a colorful addition to any rainbow day!

26. Rainbow Ice Cream for the Win

How fun are these rainbow ice cream cones, from The Nerd’s Wife

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21 Rainbow Crafts & Activities To Brighten Your Day

More St. Patricks Day Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

Comment below with your favorite rainbow crafts for kids!

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  1. Oh yes, who doesn’t love fun rainbow crafts. Our little one just turned 3 and she loves painting rocks with rainbow designs, so I might grab a few of these to try out with her.

  2. Great ideas! My wee girl is somewhere between baby and toddler. Her passions are destroying and eating everything she comes into contact with. Looking forward to the day we can do a few more of these projects 🙂