How to Draw Doodles

If your little one is one of the kids that love creating doodles everywhere… then this how to draw doodles tutorial is perfect for them!

Our simple doodles drawing tutorial includes two printable pages with easy steps and visual examples on how to draw easy doodles. No matter what your drawing skills are, everyone will be able to join the doodling tutorials because we created them with kids in mind.

We recommend downloading and printing these pages so you and your little ones can use them as a visual guide. Let’s get started!

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Let’s draw some fun doodles!

Step by step doodle tutorials

Do you know the benefits of doodling? Doodling is a great activity for kids because it motivates kids to explore their creative side through a very colorful experience. Doodling also helps spark their imagination and doesn’t require many tools: just grab some drawing pens and don’t forget lots of paper for practicing!

The best part about making simple drawings in the form of doodles is that you can use wavy lines, cute drawings, parallel lines, simple shapes, or whatever you prefer, and in no time you will be creating your own style.

Learn how to draw doodles by printing our step by step tutorial and following these simple instructions.

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Creating doodles is a very fun experience for kids of all ages.

Easiest ways to make fun doodles

Our first printable page shows you how to make doodles step by step. Simply follow the dotted line to make your own fun doodle. This tutorial includes how to draw:

  • Lifesaver doodle
  • Smiley face doodle
  • Pizza doodle
  • Strawberry doodle
  • Flower doodles
How To Draw Doodles coloring page Screenshot 2
Doodling is so much fun!

How to draw doodles

Our second printable page includes the easy instructions to create a page full of fun doodles after we’ve learned how to create each doodle separately. Just follow these easy instructions:

  1. Choose the doodles you like the most and draw big versions of them.
  2. Then, draw more doodles in a medium size, but make suer to spread them out across the page.
  3. Fill in the spaces with small simple doodles, like stars, hearts, or anything you want.
  4. Just repeate the steps to fill the whole page!
  5. Congratulate yourself for creating an awesome page filled with doodles!
How To Draw Doodles coloring page Square
Great job!

Download here:

How did your doodles turn out?

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