How to Draw a Flower – Simple Step-by-Step Instructions

Today we are learning how to draw a flower with super simple steps! This easy to follow guide will show you how – you can even trace each step on the printable pages!

Whether your favorite flower is a rose, daisy, tulip, or sunflower, I’m sure you and your kid will enjoy learning how to draw a simple flower.

Our free printable tutorial includes three pages with detailed instructions so you or your child can draw a flower from scratch in a matter of minutes the easy way.

Let’s get started!

how to draw a flower
Let’s draw a flower!

Easy Flower Drawing for Beginners

We made sure this how to draw a flower tutorial is easy enough that even the most inexperienced and youngest kids can have fun making art for themselves. If you can draw a straight line and simple shapes, you can draw a flower…and that line doesn’t even have to be that straight {giggle}.

I love that once you learn how to draw beautiful flowers, you’ll be able to draw one every time you want to without looking at this tutorial – but still, I recommend keeping it for the future as a reference image!

Download & print the step instructions to draw flowers by pressing the purple button below.

how to draw a flower easy
Let’s learn how to draw a flower with this easy flower tutorial!

Easy Flowers to Draw

This super easy flower to draw is one of our favorites to master. Once you know how to draw this version of a flower, it is easy to modify to make different kinds of flowers.

How to Draw a Flower (Simple Steps)

You don’t need any special or expensive tools to make easy flower drawings A simple piece of paper and a regular pencil will do the work just fine..

Learn how to draw a beautiful flower by printing our step by step tutorial and follow these simple instructions using basic shapes:

  1. Start by drawing a triangle pointing downwards.

    This will be our first petal!How to Draw a Flower Tutorial - Step 1 - Kids Activities Blog

  2. The next step is to add three circles at the top…

    notice how the middle one is larger and the ones on each side are made of a smaller circle. Erase extra lines.How to Draw a Flower Tutorial - Step 2 - Kids Activities Blog

  3. Great! Now we have a petal. Repeat the process four more times to make a circle of flower petals.

    See how the outside of the flower petals appear like curvy lines once the extra lines are erased.How to Draw a Flower Tutorial - Step 3 - Kids Activities Blog

  4. Add a little circle to petal shapes.

    How to Draw a Flower Tutorial - Step 4 - Kids Activities Blog

  5. Now add a circle in the middle part. Erase extra lines.

    You now have the central part of the flower.How to Draw a Flower Tutorial - Step 5 - Kids Activities Blog

  6. It’s time for details! Add a stem a the bottom by drawing a long line.

    Or a short line! You decide.How to Draw a Flower Tutorial - Step 6 - Kids Activities Blog

  7. You can add a leaf or two to the stem.

    Add little dots for simple shading or flower doodles.How to Draw a Flower Tutorial - Step 7 - Kids Activities Blog

  8. Get creative!

    Draw more different types of flowers with different details, different styles, different sizes to make a beautiful garden!How to Draw a Flower Tutorial - Step 8 - Kids Activities Blog

how to draw a pretty flower
Let this cute bumblebee show you how to draw a flower!

Draw a Simple Flower Tutorial – Download Here

How do you draw a camellia?

This basic flower shape is suited as a camellia drawing. You can make slight detail alterations to make a customized flower drawing:

  • Simple flowered Camellia – draw loose big serrated edge petals and a detailed and flowing yellow stamens
  • Double-flowered Camellia – draw tighter, more uniform, layered petals with a dense bouquet of yellow stamens
  • Double-flowered hybrid Camellia like Jury’s Yellow Camellia – The bottom of the flower looks like a simple flowered camellia with flowing large and seemingly random loose petals with bunched petals getting smaller and smaller to the middle without an obvious stamen

More easy drawing tutorials

Here at Kids Activities Blog we have a series of free drawing lessons to easily increase your or your kids drawing skills with a step guide for all the different elements. We love the idea of drawing things you love or using the skills for journalling like in a bullet journal.

Easy Flower Drawing Supplies

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You can find TONS of awesome coloring pages for kids & adults here. Have fun!

More Flower Fun from Kids Activities Blog

How did your flower drawing turn out?

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