These easy string art projects for kids are perfect for beginners or kid artists looking for a new string art designs. We have scoured the internet and found the best easy string art ideas for kids of all ages. These favorite simple string art patterns are great for home or in the art classroom.

String art projects Feature image - Collage of easy string art projects for kids: sugar skull, child name, heart, flower, wheel, rose, flower vase, Christmas tree, cactus and seahorse all made out of string and nails - Kids Activities blog
Let’s do some easy string art!

DIY String Art Patterns & Tutorials For EVERY Skill Level

String art is a really great craft for kids to see how simple items like string, nails and usually wood can be transformed into something magical with their own hands. We have found some great easy string art patterns and designs to inspire the love of string art.

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String art is literally one of the best ways to practice fine motor skills and learn about how straight lines really do make curves!

What is string ARt?

String art is an art form that uses thread or string to create designs and patterns that are anchored by a group of stationary points (usually nails). String art can be used to make two-dimensional art or three-dimensional string sculptures.

History of String Art

Did you know that string art dates back to the late 1860s? String art was created by a French mathematician named Edouard Lucus who used string art to simplify the explanation of complex mathematical concepts like the Fibonacci sequence.

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Supplies Needed for Most String ARt Projects

Easy String Art Ideas for Kids

1. Heart String Art

Beginner heart string art pattern shown in finished project on a light colored wooden board with string colors green, blue, pink, orange, yellow from Sugar Bee crafts
We love rainbow crafts, too.

This heart-string art makes for bright home decor. Just follow the simple shape template and step by step instructions, and you will have a pretty heart string craft. From Sugar Bee Crafts.

2. DIY Snowflake String Art + 18 Easy to Build Christmas Projects

Simple snowflake string art design with white string on dark wood from Erin Spain
This intricate design is so beautiful.

We love holiday-themed crafts, so this DIY snowflake string art craft is a must-do. This tutorial creates a large piece of art that you can hang on your wall during the festive season. Plus, there are many different tutorials to choose from too. From Erin Spain.

3. DIY Tree String Art

Simple Tree String Art pattern in green string on a dark wood board from Erin Spain
So gorgeous!

Here’s another DIY string art project from Erin Spain. This time she’s sharing how to create a DIY tree string art, perfect for spring or even a year-round craft. You will need lots and lots of embroidery floss for this project.

4. Deer String Art

Deer head string art pattern from A Week from Thursday - cross section of a tree trunk painted black and white string deer
What a fun string art design idea!

Deer pictures make for beautiful designs, so this deer silhouette string art is without a doubt the prettiest wall decor that you can make yourself. Get a piece of wood, chalkboard paint, 1 inch nails, string or embroidery floss, and of course, a hammer. From A Week From Thursday (link currently unavailable).

5. DIY Letter String Art Tutorial

colorful finished string art design with the letters that spell the word DREAM on white background from Instructables
This rainbow string art craft is gorgeous.

This DIY string art tutorial is perfect for beginners as there are no hammers and cutting wood involved – a corkboard, some packages of linoleum nails, and a hot glue gun will do the trick just fine. It includes a printable template for the word “dream”. From Instructables.

6. Mason Jar String Art

String art pattern for a mason jar - simple string art design shown with flowers in wall hanging from Sugar Bee Crafts
Quick and inexpensive DIY string art craft.

Mason jar crafts are a must-have in every household! This mason jar string art is easy and fast enough to make. You can fill it with paper flowers or even fresh flowers too. From Sugar Bee Crafts.

7. Fall String Art Ideas and Tutorial

Pumpkin string art patter from Sugar Bee Crafts shown finished on light wood board with orange string and flowers

How does a fall-themed string art project sound like? This tutorial gives you different string art ideas for you to try with the whole family. From Sugar Bee Crafts.

8. DIY “Home” String Art Barnwood Pallet Style Tutorial

String art pattern for word home on wood from Six Clever Sisters
You can create any shape that you want.

This easy tutorial for home string art from Six Clever Sisters is very easy and completely customizable once you get the basic technique down. With some wood, string, and wire nails, you’ll be able to create any creative diy string art ideas that you come up with.

9. DIY String Art | Rustic Fall Decor

letter string art pattern - image is letter R string art in light string on white pumpkin from Live Laugh Rowe
Rustic art ideas are so much fun to make.

Let’s make a pretty pumpkin string art! Yes, it exists and they make for gorgeous works of art. It’s perfect for Halloween and fall. From Live Laugh Rowe.

10. DIY String Map Art

State map string art design from Goods Home Design shown on a family wall
Such a creative way to show how proud you are of your state.

Display your love for your home state with this DIY string map art and use it as wall decor. This tutorial includes a printable template with a pretty cut-out heart in the middle of it. From Goods Home Design.

11. DIY Antler String Art

antler string art design from Messes to Memories - finished string art idea with green string and wood background on a mantle
Such a fun string art design!

Let’s make a cute antler string art project – this one goes so well with the wood background. You can use a wood board cut to any length and white string. From Messes To Memories.

12. No Hammering Faux Wood String Art

Child Name string art pattern from Where the Smiles have Been - name ROWAN in different color string
There are endless things you can create with this tutorial.

Don’t have any piece of wood lying around? Don’t feel like hammering dozens of nails? Then this no hammering faux wood string art is perfect for you. Older kids can join in the crafting fun too, but some patience is needed. From Where The Smiles Have Been.

13. How to Make a String Art Sign

String art sign design with lettering from eHow shown framed on a desk
Doesn’t this crft look beautiful?

Let’s learn how to make a string art sing – it can be your favorite quote, your baby’s name, or anything you can think of. All you have to do is get the supplies and follow the easy instructions. From eHow.

14. String Art Wall Letters

Individual letter string art pattern - word CRAFT with individual letters hanging over a windo
What a fun way to decorate your craft room.

String art is a bit time-consuming, but the end result is always beautiful and oh, so worth it. This simple tutorial shows you how to create string art wall letters so you can make whatever phrase or name that you want. From Crafts by Amanda.

15. Spring Easter Bunny, Carrot & Egg String Art Craft

Easter string art pattern of bunny, carrot and Easter eggs on a wood background from Surviving at Teachers Salary
Isn’t this Easter craft absolutely gorgeous?

This bunny, carrot & egg string art craft is just too awesome and the best part is that it’s easy to create too! It’s the perfect Easter craft. From Surviving at Teacher’s Salary.

16. Easy DIY String Art Gift Idea (Perfect for Kids!)

Easy string art design ideas - 3 heart string art patterns from The Homes I Have Made
A handmade piece is always the best gift.

Here’s a DIY string art idea perfect for kids and give it to their grandparents, teachers, or friends. It only takes a few supplies and it’s really quick and easy to create. They can be customized in endless ways, too. From The Homes I Have Made.

17. DIY String Art Ornaments

Christmas tree string art ornament patterns - three ornaments hanging on a white christmas tree from A Beautiful Mess
Make as many of these crafts as you want.

Looking for a Christmas home decor DIY project? These DIY string art ornament is a great way to lighten up your Christmas tree this holiday season. From A Beautiful Mess.

18. DIY Corkboard String Art

Idea to make string art on a cork board from Tatertots and Jello - letter A shown on a bookshelf
This is an easy mess-free craft.

No nails and hammer needed for this project – yay! Make a corkboard string art with easy supplies, such as a sheet of cork, a crochet thread, push pins, and a picture frame. From Tatertots and Jello.

19. Make a Cactus String Art Piece for Your Wall

Cactus string art design with torn paper backing from Makes and Takes
Cacti are really nice home decor.

This cactus string art piece is a blast to craft and makes for perfect summer home decor. You can use different colors for each part of the template, but you can make it all in one color and it will look just as nice. From Make and Takes.

20. DIY Jack-O-Lantern String Art

String art jack o lantern design on a orange board from Eighteen25
Halloween home decor is so much fun to make.

Kids love jack-o-lanterns… Why not make one that will decorate your house for many Halloween seasons? Let’s learn how to make this simple DIY jack-o-lantern string art sign. From Eighteen25.

21. Easter Bunny String Art

Pink bunny string art from back from Kara Creates
Look at how cute that little bunny’s tail is!

Here’s another Easter Bunny string art craft you can make to add a little Easter decor to your home. It’s super fun and simply too adorable for words. From Kara Creates.

22. Home Sweet Home String Art

Home Sweet Home string art design from Infarrantly Creative
This looks better than any store-bought home decor.

This Home Sweet Home string art decor is easier than it looks, but it does take some time. Just enjoy the craft-making process! From Infarrantly Creative.

23. Easy and Free String Art Patterns and Directions

Leaf string art pattern shown in green string on light wood square set on a shelf with dishes from Joyful Derivatives
Why not make all of them and hang them around the house?

This tutorial includes 8 different string art patterns for you to download, print, and try out. Learn how to make a heart, a cow head silhouette, a pineapple, a mug, a leaft, a starfish, a cross, and the word “gather”. From Joyful Derivatives.

24. Homemade String Art Design as a Mother’s Day Gift

String art design that says MOM with images of the family from Lily Ardor
This is the best way to wish your mom a lovely Mother’s Day.

Here’s the best, most thoughtful homemade Mother’s Day gift. It will, without a doubt, make your mom smile. This project doesn’t require much time and it’s a fun process to make. From Lily Ardor.

25. Rainbow String Art Tutorial

Rainbow art string design from Sunshine and Munchkins
So beautiful!

This tutorial from Sunshine and Munchkins is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, although it looks perfectly well as everyday decor too. Who doesn’t love a fun rainbow craft?

26. How to Make String Art: A Beginner’s Guide

Seahorse string art design from Love Our Real Life
Anyone can make these string art crafts.

If this is your first time making string art, don’t worry – here’s a beginner guide tutorial. This one is perfect for kids to make with adult supervision. From Love Our Real Life.

27. Shamrock String Art

Shamrock string art pattern from The Kim Six Fix
This might be your lucky shamrock!

Here’s another lovely St. Patrick’s Day craft. Making a shamrock string art project with the entire family is so much fun plus, you probably already have some of the supplies at home. From The Kim Six Fix.

28. 3 Star String Art Tutorial

3 red white and blue star string art pattern from Making of a Mom
We love patriotic DIY craft!

This patriotic craft is great for a 4th of July activity with the kids. Hang it outside on your porch or place it indoors on your wall. This tutorial comes with a printable star pattern that you can download immediately. From Making of a Mom.

29. Make Your Own Skull String Art

Skull string art pattern from A Beautiful Mess
Isn’t this skull string art so creative?

This skull string art is very easy to make and you can use it as a lovely Halloween decoration for many years to come. You can use a raw wood board if you want to give it a more rustic feel to it. From A Beautiful Mess.

30. DIY Dog String Art for Letters

Cute string art pattern for the word WOOF
Add some extra woof to your home.

Our furry babies deserve their own decorations too! That’s why we are sharing this DIY dog string fun tutorial. This tutorial shares how to make a “woof” string art craft but you can really make any word you can think of. From Ammo The Daschshund.

31. Easy Rustic Arrow String Art

Arrow string art designs
You’ll love this string wall art.

We love this easy and lovely string art from Dwelling in Happiness. This rustic arrow string art is easy to make, and looks super cute hanging on any wall!

32. How to Make Elephant String Art

Elephant string art pattern from A Crafted Passion shown on a wall in pink
Make this elephant home decor in your favorite color.

Elephant art is so fashionable and it’s a great way to lighten up your living room. This elephant string art tutorial is too cute and SO EASY! All you need is just a few supplies and some time. From A Crafted Passion.

33. DIY String Art Tutorial: Make State-Themed String Art

State shape string art design from Let's Craft Instead shown on a shelf
Proudly show off where you come from!

This tutorial shares everything you need about DIY string art, such as what kind of string to use, how to make string art patterns, and how to do string art on wood. And the finished string art is a state-themed string craft. From Let’s Craft Instead.

34. Pineapple String Art

Pineapple string art design from the crafting chicks shown on a table with a banner overhead
Pineapple crafts are super pretty.

Did you know that pineapples are a sign of hospitality and prosperity? That’s why making this pineapple string art from The Crafting Chicks is such a sweet craft. It’d actually be a nice housewarming gift.

35. String Art DIY

String art sign design with words THANKFUL shown hanging on a wall from The Sewing Rabbit
We are so thankful for being able to make fun crafts!

Check out the useful tips to make your first string art DIY craft process go smoothly. This tutorial is very straightforward and the result is a positive “Thankful” sign. From The Sewing Rabbit (link not available at this time).

36. Reverse String Art

String art letter design with the word REDISCOVER
Let’s “rediscover” ourselves with this fun craft.

Here’s a cool twist to your regular string art – reverse string art. The contrast of the dark stain with the white floss definitely catches your eye, and it’s equally fun to make. From Infarrantly Creative.

37. DIY Bird String Art

bird on a branch string art pattern from Slap Dash Mom
This is a great string art project that also doubles up as a present.

Let’s make a bird string art – this is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Simply print the paper pattern and follow the string art design tutorial. From Slap Dash Mom.

38. DIY String Dandelion Wall Art

Dandelion flower string art design with the word WISH from DIYs shown being held in a hand
We love inspiring pieces of art like this one.

This string dandelion wall art is a very simple project that doesn’t take a lot of special crafting ability, but the result is gorgeous. From DIYs.

39. DIY String Art Christmas Tree with Wire

Christmas tree simple string art design by Girl Just DIY
Put this art craft outside on your porch next Christmas.

We’re sharing another fun DIY tutorial based on a Christmas tree. This is the perfect outside craft and instead of a string, it uses wire to make it last longer, but you can definitely use colored string or embroidery floss if you’re keeping it indoors. From Girl, Just DIY!

40. How to Make String Art Using Recycled Wood (an Easy DIY Step-by-Step Tutorial!)

Heart string art pattern from Southern in Law
Aww, this heart craft is too adorable.

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love recycling supplies to make new things out of them. To make this DIY string art, you can reuse wood you already own. Southern In Law makes a heart string art, but you can make any shape you want in a single color or different colors.

41. String Art “Family” sign

FAMILY word string art design from Instructables
Print the free template included.

You need patience and time for this DIY string art project, but the end result will be worth it! Place your “Family” string art craft on a wall and enjoy how much nicer your living room will look. From Instructables.

42. Giraffe String Art

giraffe string art design pattern from Instructables
Isn’t this craft so beautiful?

Get your prettiest wood board and let’s make a string art giraffe. To make this giraffe craft you will need plenty of time and patience, but the process overall is not hard. From Instructables.

43. DIY Baker’s Twine Heart String Art

3 heart string art design pattern from Homedit
This string wall art is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Want more heart crafts? Well, here’s 3 in 1! Homedit shares a creative way to make a heart string art that is also so therapeutic. This tutorial is perfect for beginners, so there’s no excuse not to make it.

44. Pineapple String Art Tutorial

pineapple string art design from Sisters What
What a lovely string art craft!

This pineapple string art is easy to make and a really fun summer decoration. Just follow the video tutorial to make this pineapple craft. From Sisters What.

45. Cactus String Art With Free Printable

Cactus string art design from spot of Tea Designs shown with a ball of string
We love summer crafts like this cactus string art.

If you can’t have enough cactus crafts, you need to make this cactus string art craft. Follow these steps, including downloading the free printable template, to create this cactus string art design for your home. From Spot of Tea Designs.

46. “JOY” String Art

JOY letter string design for art from Suburble shown on a tree cross section with blue and brown string
Such a pretty piece of art!

Bring some “joy” to your house with this joy string art. It will give your home a rustic feel that many of us love. From Suburble.

47. Giant String Art Ampersand Project

Large string art ampersand from Sam Rhymes with Ham
Such a pretty DIY wall decor!

Here’s a giant ampersand string art! Sam Rhymes with Ham made this for her wedding, but it really is a nice wall decor for any home. This project is suitable for adults.

48. BOO! DIY String Art Pumpkins

String art pumpkin designs from Mottes Blog shown on 3 white pumpkins
Talk about super creative DIY string art ideas.

Welcome the spooky season with these string art pumpkins that spell “boo”! There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than with a fun DIY craft that you can use as porch decoration too. From Mottes Blog.

49. How to Make Your Own String Art

String art house design from Spruce Crafts
You can make this DIY project in different colors, too.

We recommend this tutorial for beginners because it doesn’t require any special skills and requires very few materials. This tutorial makes a house DIY project but you can make any other basic shape. From The Spruce Crafts.

50. Learn How to Make String Art

3 string art patters for a circle design, heart design and flower design from Creative Bug shown here together with string
Which string art design are you going to try first?

We love this tutorial because not only is it a kid-friendly craft, but it’s also a fun and flexible medium for people of all skill levels to create an endless range of designs. From Creative Bug.

51. Step By Step String Art Tutorial For Beginners

Reverse heart string art pattern from feels like home
Super pretty heart art made out of string!

Here are more kid-friendly simple step by step tutorials that shows how to DIY string art with nails and yarn, cords, or twine. Plus, it includes patterns and ideas that can be made by kids or adults. From Feels like Home Blog.

52. State String Art: Make Your Own Personalized Art for Any Location!

State of texas string art pattern shown on grass from Chaotically Yours
Make your very own state string art!

This tutorial includes how to make state string art as well as tips and tricks to make it look finished and so professional. From Chaotically Yours.

String Art Kits for Kids We Love

Here Are Some Cool String Art Ideas From Kids Activities Blog:

Which string art project idea will you try first? Let us know in the comments!

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