Easy How to Draw a Sugar Skull Tutorial for Kids

Today we are learning how to draw a Sugar Skull with simple step by step instructions that you can print for reference.

Skull drawing might feel a little intimidating because of the level of detail, but this easy skull sketch tutorial will take away all the fear. You will start by learning to draw illustration and then transform it into a sugar skull drawing.

day of the dead art - How to Draw a Sugar Skull tutorial shown in a stack with crayons and Day of the Dead decorations - Kids Activities Blog
Learning how to draw sugar skulls is a fun & colorful art experience for kids of all ages.

Today we are helping our kids develop their creativity and improve their motor skills by drawing a sugar skull! Follow along the skull drawing easy instructions and print for later reference. The printable set is a complete skull drawing lesson and it is free!

If you are looking for cute pictures to draw, you are in the right place. This is part of our collection of easy how to draw ideas for kids (and adults will love learning through these easy printable tutorials).

Step by Step Instructions for Sugar Skull Drawing

Today’s tutorial printable pack will be useful for kids who love drawing and coloring.

Your kids will be able to create their own beautiful sugar skull

This pack includes 3 printable pages with detailed instructions to make a beautiful sugar skull. Just follow the easy instructions and color the sugar skull once you’re done!

How to draw a sugar skull printable tutorial page 1 with the first three steps for drawing sugar skull - black and white outlines
Let’s follow the simple step by step instruction to skull drawing!

Step 1

First, draw an oval as the basis of the skull.

Step 2

On the lower quarter, draw a rectangle.

Step 3

Draw a second oval inside the square you just drew.

How to draw a sugar skull step by step instructions page 2 for skull drawing.
Our Sugar Skull drawing is starting to look like a skull!

Step 4

Now erase all the extra lines of the ovals and rectangle.

Step 5

Let’s add ovals for the two eyes.

Step 6

Draw an upside down heart for a nose.

How to Draw a Sugar Skull instructions printable page 3.  The last few steps to complete your skull drawing and decorate it.
We are now done and ready to decorate your Sugar Skull drawing!

Step 7

Draw a curved line for the smile and small vertical curved lines for teeth.

Step 8

Erase all the extra lines and you are done with your skull drawing! You can stop right here if you desire a simple skull drawing or move on to step 9 to make this a sugar skull drawing!

Step 9

Get creative and decorate your Sugar Skull!

Download & Print Sugar Skull Drawing Instructions:

Now it is time to celebrate how awesome your drawing turned out!

Free Day of the Dead Art Ideas

Day of the dead art is super colorful so make sure to use as many colors as possible!

Vibrant colors are the most used, but let your kid choose whatever colors they prefer. So grab your pencil to draw and crayons, markers, colored pencils and paint to decorate!

cute pictures to draw - How to Draw a Sugar Skull drawing tutorial with Day of the Dead decorations - Kids Activities Blog
This how-to-draw printable set is super easy to follow. Just download the PDF, print it, and grab some crayons!

We love the idea of using the easy sugar skull drawing technique as part of your Day of the Dead for kids celebration. <–Click for a whole bunch more ideas!

Easy Drawing Ideas

Children love drawing! Even when following a step by step drawing tutorial, each kid’s drawing is unique; from the way they hold the crayon, to the colors they choose.

And not only that, but drawing activities will give your little one a confidence boost! Being able to make simple drawings is one of the best and easiest activities to build self-esteem.

Kids love arts and crafts, and what better way to spend family quality time than doing engaging kids activities! We have over 4500 fun activities for kids like classroom prints, worksheets, printable coloring pages, crafts, scrapbooking ideas, and so much more.

Another great activity for kids who enjoy drawing and coloring are zentangles; zentangles patterns for kids are easy to follow and the end result is a beautiful image.

More Fun for Young Artists

Learning how to make cool drawings is so much fun! It may surprise you, but toddlers as young as 15 months old can draw too! Let them express their creativity with crayons, washable felt tips, or paint.|

Still looking for more holiday printables? Find more cute pictures to draw and other fun crafts in our holiday activities for kids! Whether you are celebrating Halloween, Christmas or 4th of July, we have tons of ideas for each date.

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