Make a Handmade Gratitude Journal with Your Kids this Thanksgiving

This handmade journal craft is perfect for the Thanksgiving season because you can make a gratitude journal with kids of all ages. This gratitude activity will help children count their blessings!

Handmade Gratitude Journal for Kids - Kids activities blog - brightly colored painted journal on white background
Let’s make our own gratitude journal!

You and your child  can create a beautiful journal where they record all the things they are thankful for.  This project is also a wonderful way to repurpose some of that beautiful kiddo artwork you have on the fridge!

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How to Make a Gratitude Journal

We could all use a fun gratitude activity  to focus on all that we have instead of all that we want.  Help your child develop this valuable life skill and create a fun keepsake in the process.

This is a wonderful gratitude activity  because you just need a few basic supplies.

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Supplies Needed


How to make a gratitude journal step by step pictures to follow
Here are the steps to follow to make your own gratitude journal…

Step 1

Fold your piece of artwork in half to create the cover.

Step 2

Fold several sheets of plain paper to crete the pages.  You might need to trim them down slightly so that they fit inside the cover.

Place the sheets inside the cover and punch several holes along the folded edge.

Step 3

Install brads to bind you book.

Note: if you don’t have brads you can skip the hole punching and use a row of staples or use your hole punch and then fill the holes with tied ribbon to keep journal pages together.

Step 4

Write “I am grateful for …” on the first page.

Daily Gratitude Journal Use

Have your child fill the journal with drawings/words describing things they are grateful for.

And while they fill out their journal they can draw what they are grateful for and/or practice their writing skills from making simple words to complex sentences, depending on the age of the child.  

How fun would it be to create one of these each  year and watch your child’s skills and thoughts change and develop over time?!

I hope this simple journal encourages you and your children to give thanks and focus on all the wonderfully positive things in your lives.

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How did your kids gratitude journal turn out? What was special about doing this activity together?

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