Ever wondered how to draw a butterfly? This butterfly drawing tutorial breaks it down to simple steps. It’s perfect for beginners and kids! In a matter of minutes, you and your family will be able to draw a simple butterfly. Yay!

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How to Draw a Butterfly

Time needed: 15 minutes

Follow simple instructions to make your own butterfly drawing:

  1. Let’s start with the wings.

    First, draw a circle.Step-1-How-to-Draw-a-Butterfly-Kids-Activities-Blog

  2. Add a cone to make a drop-like shape, and erase extra lines.


  3. Draw a smaller circle on the bottom part.


  4. Repeat step 2.


  5. Draw another set of “drops”, but this time face the other way.


  6. Draw a long oval in the middle, between the circles.


  7. Let’s draw the head by drawing a small circle on the top of the oval.


  8. Add a cute face and antennae and you’re done!


  9. If you wish, you can decorate the wings to make it look like a monarch butterfly, or add fun patterns too. Get creative!


Drawing a Butterfly for Kids

Whether you want to learn how to draw a monarch butterfly or just want to learn how to draw a cartoon butterfly, you’re in the right place. The fun think about drawing butterflies is that you can color them any way you like!

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When you add an art activity to your kid’s day, you’re helping them develop a healthy habit that will increase their imagination, enhance their fine motor and coordination skills, and most importantly, develop a healthy way of displaying their emotions.

Those are just some of the reasons why learning how to draw a butterfly for kids is so important!

easy how to draw a butterfly
Let’s follow the steps to make our own butterfly drawing!

Easy Butterfly Drawing for Kids

We are starting today with the basic or easy butterfly drawing which is a great foundation for adding additional details and more intricate butterfly designs in the future. If kids can master how to draw the butterfly’s wings, body and head, they can get creative with the other details that might be for a specific species of butterfly or just letting their imagination go!

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step by step how to draw a butterfly
Simple butterfly drawing steps!

Drawing a Simple Butterfly (Download Here PDF File Here):

Making a Beautiful Butterfly Drawing

The beautiful patterns seen on butterfly wings are part of their defense mechanism against predators. It allows butterflies to blend in with the world around them or frighten predators with bold patterns. Notice that the butterfly wing pattern looks different when the wing is open or folded.

Cartoon butterflies. Flying colorful insects, spring butterfly moth insect, summer garden flying butterflies. Butterfly insects vector illustration set

In the example image above, note how the different butterfly wings shown have completely different patterns and colors. Be inspired by some of their unique differences:

  1. The wings are outlined with a dark black color that almost appears like lace decorated with white and red dots.
  2. This butterfly has smaller wings with dark splotches and linear patterns over orange and red wings.
  3. The classic monarch pattern with oranges, reds and a little yellow emphasized with black lines and details.
  4. This butterfly’s wings have scary eye details on all for lobes.
  5. Look at the downward slope of the butterfly wings and the lovely long tails with fake eye details in blue.
  6. This butterfly is so colorful and detailed with white, yellow, reddish orange, blue and black.
  7. This simpler shape and pattern can easily be drawn on your butterfly with just yellow, blue, red and black.
  8. This beautiful butterfly is a simple vibrant orange color with black line details.
  9. Try drawing this butterfly wing design with vibrant shades of blue and a touch of orange with black lines.

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