Your Kids Can Create A Paper City And Learn About Architecture. Here’s How

Let’s build a city out of paper! If your kids love to build and are looking for a new challenge, they’re going to love building a paper city! It is the ultimate paper craft idea for kids of all ages that requires limited supplies that you already have on hand plus their imagination.

Paper city made by this architecture for kids STEM project
Foster + Partners

Paper Crafts for kids

This is a great way to not only keep your child busy, but also give them a creative outlet to create and play. This educational entertainment is great to introduce some basic architecture concepts and stretch their imagination into 3D with paper folding and paper building techniques.

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Building paper cities is so fun they won’t even know they’re learning. Use the cut out printable house templates for easy paper building.

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Build a Paper City

Foster + Partners, a British architecture studio, is releasing paper craft building templates online, complete with instructions on how to fold and glue each building and structure.

This is a fabulous STEAM activity for kids of all ages, as it combines so many different skills, all while being fun.

Printable City Building Templates for Kids

Using templates from the architecture studio, kids can color and put together a skyscraper made out of paper.

They can cut out and build paper houses.

Architecture For Kids

Kids can even learn how to draw trees like architects do!

Foster + Partners members designed the paper city templates to entertain and educate kids. From the looks of it, they plan to continue to release more templates.

Download & print the free city building templates HERE.

Architecture for kids blue print to build a paper city
Source: Foster + Partners

Our Experience Building a Paper City

My six-year-old loved cutting out some of the bigger shapes, coloring in parts of the building, and learning how to fold the paper into boxes.

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Little does she realize how much she’s learning as she creates her own paper city! After all, this activity is wonderful for encouraging not only creativity and art, but design and engineering skills too.

Architecture paper craft to build buildings and a city

Architecture For Kids Projects

As kids create and build more and more buildings and houses, they can start to design an entire city. In other words, this paper city activity may keep your kiddos busy and entertained for hours.

They’ll have a blast not only putting together the buildings, but deciding how to organize their paper city too.

“The main aim has been to get them to ask questions about their surroundings and start thinking about their built environment. For instance, the photo story activity teaches children about scale and prompts them to think differently about space and buildings.”

-Katy Harris, a senior partner at Foster + Partners, told Dezeen

DIY Paper Buildings For Kids Ages 2-12

While Foster + Partners says they designed the templates and activities with kids age 2 to 12 years old in mind, they’re finding that kids of all ages (and yes, parents too) are having a blast making their own paper city.

People from all over the world are emailing their creations directly with Foster + Partners as well as sharing them through social media using the hashtag #architecturefromhome.

For younger kids not yet ready to fold and assemble boxes, consider creating a pretend city with them using paper bags instead.

Just in case you want something else to further encourage your budding architects and artists even more, Foster + Partners also released a children’s book, all about “what makes a building.”

Origami paper frogs that teach children kinetic energy.

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Did you have fun with this paper craft? What did your paper city look like?

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