We love secret codes here at Kids Activities Blog!  I mean, isn’t a letter MUCH more interesting if you have to break the code? Solve the printable New Year’s secret code worksheet before the clock strikes midnight to reveal the secret to having the best new year ever!

New Year's Secret Code Activity for Kids- Kids Activities Blog
Can you crack the coded letter before the strike of midnight?

Crack the Code Printable for New years eve

Secret codes are some of my kids’ favorite activities. They love to solve the hidden messages and discover the clue or secret message inside. Click the button to download and print our crack the code worksheets now:

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As a mom and former teacher, I love that secret codes get them thinking in different ways to complete the puzzles and problem solve. It’s like hidden learning all in one printable worksheet! The obvious learning connection between secret codes and ciphers is how they relate to mathematics, but there are other learning adventures hidden in secret codes for kids:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Problem solving
  • Word recognition

Let our printable version of secret codes inspire you and your child to create your own!  Once you figure out the key, then the secret codes you can generate are endless!

Decoding the message of a secret code - Kids Activities Blog - boy with magnifying glass searching an empty room
A little detective work? Anyone?

Messages Hidden in Secret Codes

This free New Year’s printable gives kids a secret code to solve to reveal the key to having an amazing new year. It reinforces kindness in its message – something that everyone can agree on!

We’ve also included a secret code key and the answer to the message in case you want to check it or give your kids some hints on how to solve the code.

We have found that messages are much more fun when delivered in this sneaky way!  Something that may not have been fully considered when simply written out has a bigger meaning when it is turned into a coded message.

How to Complete the Secret Code

In order to solve this New Year’s secret code, you have to determine which numbers stand for which letters. They are not in order and the numbers do not correspond to the letter’s placement in the alphabet.

Instead, the code requires kids to take some guesses and do some critical thinking and problem-solving.

If you get stuck you can always look at or print out the answer key!

We made it a separate page instead of the second page of the printable, so that you didn’t see the answer by accident.

1. Crack The Code New Years Eve Worksheet

Crack the code worksheets new years eve page 1 printed pdf black and white worksheet- kids activities blog
This is the first New Years Eve crack the code worksheet.

This is our first New Years Eve crack the code worksheet! The second one has the answer key. Can you figure out what letters go where and what the secret message says?

2. Spoilers Answer Key: Crack The Code New Years Worksheet

Crack the code worksheets new years eve page 2 printed pdf black and white worksheet- kids activities blog
This is the answer key to our crack the code workout sheet.

This is the answer key to our crack the code worksheet. In case you can’t figure it out, this answer key will help you answer the secret code.

Crack the Code New Year's Secret Code Activity for Kids - KidsActivitiesBlog.com
Can you crack the code?

Free New Year’s Printable Secret Code Worksheet

To print out a copy of the New Year’s secret code printable, simply click the download link below.

We created the printable in black and white to help you save ink and to give kids room to solve the puzzle.

Download & Print the Crack the Code Worksheet Here

Download & print the secret code puzzle.

Psst…If you want a little help solving the secret code, print out the answer key below.

Fun New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

This is a great New Year’s activity for kids. 

  • If you have a group, print out one for each one. 
  • Make a game out of it! 
  • A group can have a race to see who figures it out first. 
  • If only one or two are playing, grab a stop-watch and see how fast your spy skills really are :).
  • This could be a fun classroom activity as well.

Secret Codes & Adventures from Kids Activities Blog

If your kids love secret codes as much as mine do, be sure to check out these other secret codes for kids! They’re tons of fun and will keep them busy while also sneaking in some learning. Shh…don’t tell!

Did your kids crack the code before midnight?

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