10+ Free Handwriting Worksheets to Print Today

Finding free handwriting worksheets can be so helpful when teaching your kids writing skills. We found a bunch of worksheets for kids of all ages from preschoolers to older kids learning cursive. And the best part (besides the fact that they are free)? They help make handwriting lots of fun!

Handwriting-Worksheets for kids with the words Free Handwriting Worksheets on a child's hand holding a pencil
Let’s download & print a free handwriting pdf!

Free Handwriting Worksheets

  1. Kids can start off tracing letters with alphabet writing worksheets.
  2. Use these letter A worksheets to practice writing the letter and learn about things that start with it.  Find all the other letters of the alphabet lessons here!
  3. Here is a whole set of handwriting worksheets to help you master the letter B!
  4. These worksheets have different levels of difficulty to help kids of all learning stages master the letter C.
  5. Over 75 free handwriting practice worksheets for kids of all ages can be found in this big resource here on Kids Activities Blog.
  6. This letter to Santa printable is the perfect way to practice penmanship.
  7. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for these Christmas writing practice sheets.
  8. Practice manners and handwriting with fill-in-the-blank thank you cards.
  9. Our I Love You Because printable is perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just because!
  10. Weather coloring pages have a place for kids to practice their writing, too.
The Printables Library at KidsActivitiesBlog.com - Hundreds of printable activities for kids!
Check out the preschool at home program here!

Preschool at Home Writing Units

If you have ever wanted to teach preschool at home or enrich the learning that your preschooler is doing in traditional preschool (or Kindergarten), then check out the Kids Activities Blog printable library for many handwriting practice opportunities like these:

  1. These handwriting practice worksheets focus on fruits and veggies, which are great sight words.
  2. Work with preschoolers on identifying farm animals and writing their names with these handwriting worksheets.
  3. Winter sports handwriting sheets are perfect for older children with bigger vocabulary.
  4. Here’s another fun winter unit — arctic animals handwriting sheets!

Tips to Teach Preschoolers Handwriting

10 Ways to Practice Writing Your Name
Let’s practice writing a million ways!

Make it a fun endeavor.

Young children are more apt to get excited about handwriting when you are excited, too. Keep the fussing out of handwriting and it will benefit your child tremendously! Here are some great tips on how to get your preschooler excited about handwriting.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Let your children practice using different handwriting techniques. Here are some great tips on different ways your child can practice writing their name. And these 10 handwriting exercises will help keep your child excited about practicing while getting in some great fine motor skill practice!

Let the Child Lead

It’s never a good idea to “force” your children to write. That can bring tears, frustration, and a whole lot of resentment. Instead let your children lead. If they show interest at a young age, great. If not, that’s okay, too. As long as you are not pushing them too hard, they will all eventually want to write. You know your child best so watch for the signs.

10 Awesome Free Handwriting Worksheets For Kids - child sitting at table practicing handwriting on worksheet in front of colorful bookcase
Practicing writing skills can be fun with the right tools!

More Fun Ways to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Because handwriting involves using the small muscles in your child’s hand, it is a good idea to use fun activities to develop their fine motor skills. It’s so neat to watch your child as they develop these skill and coordination. And it will help them do many things well in their lives for years to come! Below are 10 fun ways you can help your child develop the fine motor skills necessary for handwriting.

  1. Easy Fine Motor Skills Practice With A Colander And Straws
  2. Fine Motor Skills Bottle for Toddlers
  3. Playful Fine Motor Skills Painting Activity
  4. Fine Motor Skill Development: Simple Sensory Bags
  5. 20 {No-Prep} Fine Motor Skills Activities
  6. 13 Sensory Bins to Develop Fine Motor Skills
  7. 7 Activities to Help Develop Fine Motor Skills


Letter of the Alphabet Handwriting Practice

We have been featuring a new set of worksheets and activity sheets each week for every letter of the alphabet! Be sure to head over and take a look at our Fun with Letters 26-week handwriting curriculum. It’s lots of fun!

Fun With Letters

Want More Learning Activities?

What free handwriting worksheet are you going to start with?

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