Writing a Letter to Santa is one of our favorite Christmas Activities and that just became so much easier with our adorable and festive free Santa letter template you can instantly download and print this holiday season for kids of all ages to write a letter to Santa Claus.

Letter to Santa Free Kids Printable- downloadable Santa letter template with writing on it and pencil- kids activities blog
Let’s write a letter to Santa!

Blank Santa Letter Template for Kids

This Christmas printable is a special letter that can be mailed directly to Santa or set it out with milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. Click here to download and print our Santa letter template now:

Download here:

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Dear Santa letters are a fun idea for kids to practice their letter writing skills and the letter writing process at home or in the classroom and can also give parents insight as to what might be on your child’s Christmas list. <–sneaky, eh?

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Supplies Needed to Write a Letter to Santa

The kids love to color their own stationery and decorate the letter (send Santa a secret code) they write. This is what we used to decorate our own letter to Santa.

Write a Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa template- colored printed pdf Santa black and white with red background and writing supplies- kids activities blog
Color the holly, presents, bows and candy canes that surround the Dear Santa Letter template.

1. Use the Free Download Santa Claus Letter Template

Download and print the adorable Santa letter templates pdf file here using regular printer paper and black and white printer settings:

2. Write a Personalized Letter to Santa

Your child has plenty of room on the provided lined Santa letter to fill in all the things that have happened this year and what gifts they might want this Christmas season.

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At the bottom of the post, they can sign their full name.

Older kids can use this writing letters activity to use proper formatting for an informal letter. Younger kids may want to use the space to draw things for Santa.

  • Send Santa a letter and tell him what you’ve done this year.
  • Write a story or your wish list.
  • Send him your favorite cookie recipe with a sample of the snack.
  • Write a traditional letter and let him know what you’re hoping for for Christmas.

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Don’t forget to tell the big guy that you’ve been good this year!

3. Decorate Your Letter to Santa

Using your favorite craft and art supplies, decorate the Santa letter with Christmas wishes and festive holiday decorations.

4. North Pole Postmark?

Time to send your letter. You can put it in a cute Santa envelope addressed to the North Pole and drop it in the mailbox or Canada post office.

Or set it next to your plate of cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and see what happens on Christmas morning…

Yield: 1

How to Write a Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa Free Kids Printable

Use our free printable Santa letter template for kids to write a quick and easy letter to Santa. Could be used in the classroom as a creative writing assignment.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $0


  • Printed Santa letter template from article
  • Pencil or pen
  • Crayons, colored pencils or watercolor paint
  • (Optional) Add a little glitter for sparkle or leave it as it is.
  • (Optional) fun envelope or envelope template


  1. Download and print the Santa Claus letter template.
  2. Use the blank lines inside the template to write a letter to Santa.
  3. Decorate, color and add glitter to your finished Santa letter.
  4. (Optional) Address an envelope to the North Pole.

How do I Address a Letter to Santa?

Santa Claus

North Pole

H0H 0H0

Just a heads up, letters to Santa at the North Pole aren’t delivered by regular mail carriers like the USPS. Instead, lots of organizations and volunteers around the world make sure kids’ letters to Santa get to him and get a response. Depending on where you live, there might be a group or organization in your area that collects letters to Santa and helps reply to them. You can check with your local post office or community center to find out more about sending a letter to Santa near you.

What Should a Santa Letter Include?

  1. Greeting: Start your Santa letter with a personalized greeting like, “Dear Santa” or “Hello Santa”.
  2. Introduction: Introduce yourself to let Santa remember who you are.
  3. Wish List: Make a list of the things you are dreaming about as Christmas presents. Try and be as specific as you can.
  4. Closing: Use a friendly farewell like “Sincerely” or “Yours truly”.
  5. Signature: Don’t forget to sign your Santa letter!

Is It Free To Mail Santa?

No postage is required on your letter to Santa, however, you should include a return address so Santa can write you back.

Christmas Printables {Absolutely the Cutest Things I Have Ever Seen}

More Fun Christmas Printables from Kids Activities Blog

Have fun coloring and creating your own unique Letter to Santa with your kids – Santa is waiting to hear from you!

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