Kids will have a ball decorating these free printable invitations for their birthday party!

Hand-made invitations are an easy way to get kids involved in the party planning and away from the TV. It’s also great practice for the next step; after-party thank you notes!

Printable Birthday Party Invitations- Free printable invitation templates laid next to each other on a pink sprinkle background. One has a birthday banner across the top and a cake surrounded by balloons with fill in the blanks for a date and address on the bottom. The second one has confetti at the top and fill in the blanks for the birthday boy or girl's name and the party's date and address.

Free Birthday Invitations (Colorable): Download and Print Below

No matter the birthday party’s theme, these cards are sure to match. Cutely colored or an explosion of glitter, they’re a reflection of your child and the party to come.

Plus, looking at them will make your kids happy. They made these invitations and sent them to their friends, who are going to get a surprise on glitter bomb level!

Not only do these free printable birthday invitations let kids put their personal spin on a basic invite, they’re free and easily downloadable. If you put the wrong address down or an invitation gets lost, a new batch is just a couple clicks away.

What is included with these Free Birthday Party invitations

Each template has four invitations per page, and they include:

  • a confetti-filled invite with lots of room for doodles and a fill-in-the-blank space for the birthday boy or girls’ name and the party’s date and address
  • a printable invitation with a birthday banner, balloons, cake, and fill-in-the-blanks for the party’s date and address

Download Free Printable Birthday Party Invitations

Everything you need for these Free Printable Birthday Invitations

You can print these free invitation templates by clicking the download button below. After clicking the button, the PDF files will be sent to your email. Standard printer paper (8.5 x 11) and your basic household printer will work.

After printing, gather up the supplies so the kids can go crazy DIY’ing their invites! Crayons, markers, watercolors, paint, a rainbow worth of glitter, sequins, pipe cleans, and puffballs are must haves to make these blank templates your own.

So spill the glitter, let that marker dry up, and if those crayons break, let it go! The memories made crafting these birthday party invitations are what matters most.

Free Printable Birthday Party Invitations To Color- A collage of two free printable invitations that are birthday themed. One has a birthday banner across the top and a cake surrounded by balloons with fill in the blanks for a date and address on the bottom. The second one has confetti at the top and fill in the blanks for the birthday boy or girls name and the party's date and address.

More ways to have fun with Printable Birthday Invitations

There is no better way to announce a birthday than with dollops of glitter, splashes of paint, and marker scribbles placed by your own hand. Kids will love seeing their art packed away into an envelope and sent off to their friends like tiny gifts.

The coloring fun doesn’t have to stop at the invitation cards. Party attendees will love all of the activities packed inside these coloring pages for kids. There are 100’s to choose from!

Zentangles are detailed patterns known for helping people relax. These zen coloring pages feature one letter, A-Z, and are perfect for making a birthday banner. You could give each kid the first letter of their name and let them create an art explosion if you’re looking for a cute birthday party activity.

Birthday party invitations are only the beginning of the printable fun. These space themed printable mazes and shark cut out jigsaw puzzles are the next step in the party fun. While kids race to the maze’s end or finish the puzzle, you can prepare for the next birthday activity in peace.

More Birthday Party Magic

Make your little girl feel like a queen with these girl birthday activities.

Here are some boys birthdays ideas that are sure to make your little man’s day special!

Stuck at home? Take a look at these home birthday party ideas!

These easy birthday party favors will have your guests just as happy to leave as they were to arrive.

These indoor birthday activities come with some simple birthday themes.

No one will be mad at these angry bird party ideas!

Turn the average snack into an exciting birthday treat with these birthday party hat sandwiches.

Kids will go barking mad for a paw patrol birthday party!

Take your party guests to the ocean blue with these nautical theme party crafts and decorations.

Eat cake with the dinos at a dinosaur themed birthday party!

Because of these diy birthday party ideas, you can hand-make more than the invitations, and get the kids even more involved!

These unicorn party ideas are bright, magical, and sure to make your little one’s day sparkle.

Create more birthday fun with these easy DIY noise makers!

Some of these lego party ideas, crafts, decorations, and recipes are sure to be the building blocks to a great day!

Need an easy birthday cake recipe? They come in their own serving cups and are topped with sprinkles!

Free birthday party invitations FAQs

How far in advance should you send out birthday invitations?

It is generally recommended to send out a child’s birthday party invitation about 2-4 weeks in advance of your birthday party. This timeframe allows guests enough time to check their schedules, RSVP, and make any necessary arrangements, such as arranging for a gift or finding childcare for siblings.

If you plan to hold the party at a popular venue or require a headcount for reservations, it’s a good idea to send invitations earlier to ensure you get the best guest count. You may also want to include an RSVP deadline on the invitation to encourage timely responses from guests…I find I often will need to follow up with a quick text or phone call.

How many kids should you have at a birthday party?

  • A popular rule of thumb is “age plus one” for a birthday party invitation list. So if your child is turning 6, you might invite 7 kids! While that may work for many, there really is no one-size-fits-all approach. Consider these things when you are making a guest list:
  • Space constraints
  • Budget
  • Birthday child’s preferences
  • Your child’s friendships and group dynamics

What do you say to someone who haven’t RSVP?


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