As your child starts the transition between toddler and preschooler you might find that they are gaining more interest in learning how to read… My 3 year old stays home with me and after recognizing the developmental signs that she was ready to learn to read I set out to find the best early reading resources to help her at home. Early Reading Resources What I’ve found is that there is an endless amount of early reading/pre-reading resources out there to choose from and just about everyone I talk to has a different recommendation on what works best for their child. I’ve condensed that list to what I think are the top 3 resources for teaching your preschooler to read. This post contains affiliate links.

Fun with Letters

Fun with Letters is a workbook that compiles TONS of learning resources & worksheets for early reading. It is almost 400 pages of content and covers each letter of the alphabet extensively. We love it as parents because there is a parent guide included that gives advice on teaching kids the alphabet and letter sounds. It combines prewriting & phonics, plus there are also tons of fun letter crafts and color pages that kids will love too!

Bob’s Books

Bob’s Books are some of the longest running early reading resources out there. For the past 40 years, they have been helping parents teach their kids how to read. The concept of Bob’s Books is to introduce letters and sounds in a fun and repetitive manner. What I love about these book sets is that it isn’t about pushing your child to learn to read. The teaching style they use is a slow and gradual progression process that won’t put a lot of pressure on your child. Once your child has mastered the letter and word sounds in the first set of books you move on to the next set. By the time you finish all of the boxed sets your child should have a great early reading foundation built. Also, if you do a Google or Pinterest search on Bob’s Books learning materials you will find a ton of free worksheets and activities to print out that go along with the books!

Kids Activities Printable Library

Our very own printable library has a ton of early reading worksheets that are super fun! Early Reading Resources - ABC There are a ton of Reading and Phonics resources that are instantly printed! The membership is a huge value. There are hundreds and hundreds of printable worksheets for kids of all ages in all different subjects. If you have a membership you can print anything you want whenever you want. Save $5 off the membership of your choice (monthly or yearly) with the coupon code: 5offToday

ABC Mouse

Another resource that I could just go on and on about is ABC Mouse. It is a learning platform for kids and is so incredibly convenient for parents. Kids can use the program on a smartphone, tablet, or computer (and we know how excited kids get to use those!) and learn everything from reading to math to geography. The program is designed for kids ages 2-8 with over 8,500 activities. The main reason why I love it is because when I want to reward our daughter with screentime, I am giving her what she wants but I am also making sure she is learning. The early reading resources on the ABC Mouse platform are incredibly easy for kids to navigate. It includes:
    • 450+ books
    • Letter recognition activities
    • Rhyming
    • Sentence structure
    • Parts of speech
Some of these topics will be for older readers and some for younger readers. Depending on your child’s age and learning level you can select a grade level and have them complete the activities within that group. As they get older and learn more they can move up in grade level! ?

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