Letter F Worksheets Free Kids Printable

This week we’re doing the letter F worksheets! We’ve already completed letter e worksheets, now it times to keep moving forward!

I believe alphabet should be learned through play and ABC learning games, but once your kids know the basics some paper and pen work is in order.

Letter F Worksheets

Letter F Worksheets

F is for frog, f is for fish… F is also for fun and friendly, something we all want our kids to be!  

I’m sure fabulous is another word that can describe each and every kid!

And these worksheets? They are fancy and fun!

These free printable worksheets include: uppercase and lowercase letter practice and teaches words that start with the letter F.

There are 8 worksheets in this set and you don’t have to use them all at once. A few minutes of worksheets a day will do more good than a long session. Unless your preschooler just loves them!

The Letter F Worksheets For Kids Set Includes:

  • 4 pages of upper and lower case tracing with pictures to color.
  • 1 page of tracing words (starting with letter F).
  • 2 pages of F  beginning sound activities – one page to color and one to circle the correct image.
  • 1 letter F  coloring page.
trace the letter f and color the picture
Color the frog and trace the capital F’s!

Uppercase Letter F Tracing Worksheets

Check out these free letter F worksheets that includes 2 Capital Letter F tracing pages which will give your child lots of practice! Learning the letter F is super easy with this activity sheet.

This one features a frog which you can color. The second capital letter F tracing page has a fish on it and also doubles as a letter F coloring page.

Tracing letters helps your child with letter recognition, writing skills, and fine motor skills!

trace the lowercase letter f and color the picture
Trace lower case E’s and color the fish.

Lowercase Letter F Tracing

Fishies! I think it would be fun to give this fish colorful scales! I would use all the colors of the rainbow!

We also have 2 free lowercase letter f tracing pages available. These are similar to the uppercase ones, however, this one has a fish instead of a frog. These lowercase f worksheets double as coloring pages.

Learning lowercase letters can be so easy!

This free printable worksheet was created so that younger children can see the difference between capital letters.

letter F coloring page - Kids Activities Blog - capital letter F with three fish on background of ABC's crayons and markers
Let’s color the letter F!

Letter F Coloring Page Worksheets

Letter F coloring page worksheets are the best! Let you child learn while being creative! So grab your water colors, crayons, or pencils to color not only the letter F, but the fishes and frog as well!

Reinforce the letter f with different activities. This will help preschoolers and kindergarten students to not only the letter, but also words that start with the letter f.

color the objects that begin with the letter f
Color the pictures that begin with the letter F.

Objects That Begin With The Letter F Coloring Page

Don’t put your coloring stuff up just yet! Your preschooler or kindergartener will have to color all the pictures that start with F.

I count 3 pictures that start with the letter F! Fan…fish…hmm…can you see the last one?

All of these letter F words are simple, and so are the pictures! That way they can be easily recognized by your child.

circle the objects that begin with the letter f
Circle the objects that begin with the letter F.

Circle The Objects That Start With F Worksheet

Ready for a challenge? It’s kind of tricky. This free printable worksheet will help your preschooler learn the sound of the letter as they have to figure out all the words that start with the letter f.

How fun!

Circle all the pictures that start with the letter F. Flower…frog…hmm… am I missing one?

trace the f words
Trace the F words!

Trace The F Words Worksheet

Learn how to write and spell! Your child will be learning words the begin with the letter f!

This is a great way to learn words, your letters, and how to write. Plus, it is a great fine motor skill activity as well.

Download Letter F Preschool Worksheets:

More Fun and Learning Printables

Looking for more alphabet activities & preschool worksheets?

Letter F Worksheets Free Kids Printable

Crafts Starting With The Letter F

These crafts will make learning the letter F so much fun!

Did your little one like these letter f worksheets? Which one was your favorite?


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