These holiday themed letter tracing worksheets are free and can be downloaded right now. Preschoolers and Kindergartners will love these Christmas writing practice worksheets to work on alphabet letter formation and handwriting skills. Use these Christmas handwriting worksheets at home or in the classroom.

Christmas Writing Practice Worksheets to learn their Christmas names, words, and their letters.
Let’s trace upper case and lower case holiday inspired words & letters!

Christmas Letter Tracing Practice Worksheets

These Christmas printables for kids have a lot of letter tracing practice and double as coloring pages! Click the button to download and print our Christmas writing worksheets now:

Kids of all ages, both younger children and older children, can benefit from these Christmas writing worksheets. They’re perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, even kindergarten students. The best part is, there is so much to color after you’re done tracing all the words. And some of the Christmas writing worksheets also have more complex sentences on them doubling as a reading worksheet.

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1. Christmas Writing Worksheet- Santa Claus

Christmas writing worksheet- page 1- Santa and words printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Let’s color Santa and write out his name with this writing worksheet!

This is the first page in our Christmas writing worksheet set. This worksheet has Santa Claus to color and his name to spell out! Can you spell Santa Claus? When you finish spelling out Santa you can color Santa himself! He even has a jolly belly!

2. Christmas Writing Worksheet- Reindeer

Christmas writing worksheet- page 2- Reindeer and words printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Spell out all of Santa’s reindeer!

Here is the second page in our Christmas writing worksheet set. It has a picture of all 9 of Santa’s reindeer, including the most famous reindeer of all! Can you spell out all their name: Dancer, Prancer, Rudolph, Comet, Donner, Blitzen, Vixen?

3. Christmas Writing Worksheet- Elves

Christmas writing worksheet- page 3- Elves and words printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Trace all the words on this Elf worksheet!

This is the third page in our Christmas writing worksheet set. It has a cute elf and an adorable present. Hmm, but what do the words say? Better trace the words so you can read all about Santa’s elves!

4. Christmas Writing Worksheet- Capital Letters Alphabet

Christmas writing worksheet- page 4- Capital Letter Alphabet and words printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Let’s learn to write all the capital letters!

Another page from out Christmas writing set! This one has presents! But each present has a capital letter you can trace and then a section for you to write out the letter yourself. Can you write them by yourself? You got this!

5. Christmas Writing Worksheet- Lowercase Letters Alphabet

Christmas writing worksheet- page 5- Lowercase Letter Alphabet and words printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Are you ready to write out all the lowercase letters?

This is the last page of our Christmas writing pages. This one also has presents, but also a Christmas tree. Each present has a lowercase letter you can trace. It also has a section where you can write the lowercase letter all by yourself. You can do it!

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Download & Print Holiday Letter Tracing Worksheet pdf Files Here

Download is easy! Just click the button below, fill out your e-mail and get your free PDF files for the 5 different Christmas writing activities worksheets. You can print out as many of these Christmas Writing Sheets as you want!

Supplies We Use for Printable Worksheets

We love going full Christmas by using various Christmas items like pencils and crayons. Pssst…This set with supplies would make great Countdown to Christmas gifts as well.

Holiday Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool & Kindergarten

This holiday worksheet pack has 5 fun printable learning pages. While your child is learning the alphabet, they can color in the presents as well.

  • This Santa coloring page also has his name at the bottom. Your child can trace each letter to learn how to spell Santa Claus.
  • The next worksheet has adorable pictures of reindeers. You will learn how to write: Dasher and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen, Comet, and Cupid, and Donner, and Blitzen. Did you sing along? Also, we cannot forget Rudolph! Trace each letter and spell out their names.
  • We can’t forget about the Elves! The third worksheet has a colorful elf and gift on it.  You will be able to trace the letters to write out two sentences about Elves.
  • Learn how to write capital letters with this gift worksheet. You can even color all the presents afterwards.
  • You can also learn to write your lower case letters with this gift worksheet. Again, you can color these gifts as well.

More Free Christmas Worksheets for Kids

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Christmas tree coloring page
Print our Christmas tree coloring page for an easy and fun colorful activity.

Printable Christmas Coloring Pages from Kids Activities Blog

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