Letter E Worksheets Free Kids Printable

So now that you did  a few activities to learn the first 4 letters of the alphabet, it’s time to learn letter E worksheets!

Grab these free letter E worksheets as soon as your child finished with the letter D! These worksheets are great letter e activities for preschoolers.

Letter E Worksheets

There are many great  alphabet learning games that will help with learning the ABC’s but some things just can’t be taught without pen and paper!

Letter E  Worksheets

E is for eagle, e is for easy… E is also for energetic and emotional -something you probably encounter daily with kids.

These free printable worksheets are pretty easy and enjoyable and are just waiting for you to print them out and for your kids to solve them.

They include both uppercase and lowercase and teaches words that start with the letter E.

There are 8 worksheets in this set and you don’t have to use them all at once – in fact you shouldn’t.

A few minutes of worksheets a day will do more good than a long session (unless your kids really love doing them).  

The Letter E  Worksheets For Kids Set Includes:

  • 4 pages of upper and lower case tracing with pictures to color.
  • 1 page of tracing words (starting with letter E).
  • 2 pages of E  beginning sound activities.
  • 1 letter E  coloring page.
Trace the letter E and color the picture
Color the eagle and trace the capital E’s!

Uppercase Letter E Tracing Worksheets

Check out these free letter E worksheets that includes 2 Capital Letter E tracing pages which will give your child lots of practice! Learning the letter E is super easy with this activity sheet.

This one features an eagle which you can color. The second capital letter E tracing page has an elephant on it and also doubles as a letter E coloring page.

Tracing letters helps your child with letter recognition, writing skills, and fine motor skills!

trace the lowercase letter e and color the picture
Trace lower case E’s and color the elephant.

Lowercase Letter E Tracing

Look how cute the elephant is! We have 2 free lowercase letter e tracing pages available for you as well. These are similar to the uppercase ones, however, this one has an elephant instead of an eagle. These lower case e worksheets also double as coloring pages.

Learning lowercase letters is not a problem!

This free printable worksheet was designed so younger children can see and memorize the difference between a capital E and a lower case e.

Letter E coloring page - 2 flying eagles with capital e - Kids Activities Blog - on background of ABC's crayons and markers
Color the letter E!

Letter E Coloring Page Worksheets

Grab your crayons, markers, colored pencils, and water paints to color this letter E coloring sheet! Not only does it have the letter E, but 2 eagles soar above!

Different activities will help your child remember the alphabet. Seeing the letter and pictures is a great way for kids to not only remember the letter, but also words that start with E.

color the objects that begin with letter E
Color the pictures that begin with the letter E.

Objects That Begin With The Letter E Coloring Page

Here is another fun printable worksheet! Your toddler, preschooler, or even kindergarten students will be able to color all the pictures that start with E.

I see 3 pictures that start with letter E: elephant… eagle… can you see the last one?

All of these letter e words are simple, and so are the pictures so they can be easily recognized by your child.

circle the objects that begin with letter e
Circle the objects that begin with the letter E.

Circle The Objects That Start With E Worksheet

This worksheet is tricky! But it will help your preschooler learn the sound of the letter as they have to figure out all the E words.

While it may be a challenge, it is still a ton of fun! 

Circle all the pictures that start with the letter E! Grab a pencil and circle the: eagle, easel, and hmm….what is the last one?

trace the e words
Practice writing by tracing all the words that start with the letter e.

Trace The E Words Worksheet

Learn how to write! Your preschooler or kindergartener will be learning words that start with the letter e and how to write them!

Not only is is a great way to learn words and how to write them, but it is great fine motor skill practice! It also helps them connect letters and words which helps with vocabulary and reading.

Download Letter E Preschool Worksheets Here:

More Alphabet Activities & Preschool Worksheets

Want more education activities for preschoolers? Look no further!

Letter E Worksheets

Crafts Starting With The Letter E

These crafts will make learning the letter E so much fun!

  • Elephants are so big and fun! You can turn this toy elephant into a toothbrush holder!
  • The earth is so big and full of water and land! Make your own Earth that you can hang up.
  • 20+ Letter E crafts and activities!

Have you tried the letter E worksheets yet? Did your little one have fun?


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