All About Me Template Worksheets

All About Me Worksheets are great way for kids to introduce themselves with prompts that make sharing information easier with a teacher or classroom. The All About Me activity has been used in classrooms early in the school year and also as part of a student of the day or student of the week celebration. We have the best collection of All About Me worksheets that will fit any occasion!

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These printable worksheets are great for kids of all ages.

All About Me Sheet for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Daycare and Preschools can use All About Me Sheets for toddlers and preschoolers to help kids learn more about themselves, show them how to introduce things about them to others and also make keepsakes for parents that show what they are learning during the day. It is a fun activity that can take so many different forms depending on the age of child and goal of the All About Me activity.

Free All About Me Printable Worksheets

These printable pages are more than a great resource for teachers to do at the beginning of the school year, they are also perfect for parents who want to get to know their little ones better. And – they also make for great keepsakes! We like doing them each year to see how much our little ones have changed.

Some are simple enough for young kids as a preschool activity to practice their writing skills (some assistance is OK!), while older students will enjoy doing them independently and coloring them too. Besides, they’re a great way for children to learn more about themselves and their classmates or siblings.

If you are doing these as a getting to know each other classroom activity, we recommend creating small groups.

Besides all of this, kids of all ages will be able to enhance their fine motor skills as they fill their own names, their favorite color, and every blank space in these printable pages.

Well, let’s get started!

1. All About Me Worksheet Free Printable

Kids love talking about themselves, so these free printables are guaranteed to be a hit with them. These school worksheets include sections for kids to write their own name, draw a self portrait, write down their favorite things, and more. From Simply Bessy.

These worksheets are perfect for kids of all ages.

2. All About Me Worksheets

These free worksheets make it easy for teachers to learn all about their students and it’s a great way to connect with each child. They will write about their favorite book, favorite color, favorite food, and even hobbies. From Printabulls.

Here are 25+ fun school worksheets.

3. Spring Themed Self Portrait

This fun spring-themed self-portrait worksheet from The Art Kit is one of the funnest ways to document how your toddler or preschooler sees themselves as time goes on. You’ll need the printable worksheet, scissors, cotton balls, glue, and your favorite coloring supplies.

Let’s take a look into our kiddo’s artistic journey.

4. All About Me Preschool Theme

Preschoolers are at that age where they are very curious about everything – including themselves. Print these worksheets so kids can draw pictures on them, or you can write their answers out. It includes some pages for tracing their handprint and footprint. What a fun activity! From Teaching Mama.

Kids as young as 3 years old will have a fun time with this worksheet.

5. All About Me Activity

Let’s get kids to get to know their classmates and make new connections and friendships with these worksheets. They will write details about themselves like their birthday, hair color, and favorite sport. From Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station.

This lovely kindergarten activity is a fun way for kids to introduce themselves.

6. Free Printable Q&A Journal of Writing Prompts For Kids

This free printable journal for kids of all ages is filled with creative questions and writing prompts, such as, “what wish would you make if you met a genie?” In total, there are 52 questions! From Adventure In A Box.

You can make different journals for the entire family!

7. Beginning of the Year Writing

These worksheets from Therapy Fun Zone are easy enough for younger kids to fill, and there are even some spaces for kids to color in. Older kids will enjoy practicing their writing skills.

Let’s see how much our little ones change every year.

8. All About Me Activity Theme for Preschool & Kindergarten

An All About Me Activity theme is a perfect way for your child to learn about themselves and others – this pack can be used at home or in a classroom. In fact, they are great keepsakes for years to come. From Natural Beach Living.

We love that this worksheet also doubles up as an art craft.

9. All About Me Free Printable Pack

Here’s another one for the younger kiddos! Watch your preschooler or kindergartener write, color, and draw all about themselves with this fun activity from Totschooling.

This activity is all about drawing and coloring.

10. All About Me Preschool Science

Preschool years are a time of exploration and learning about what makes us special. This worksheet is unique because it will also engage your kid in a science activity. P.S. You’ll need hand mirrors and some tape! From Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Preschoolers will have so much fun with this learning game.

11. Lego All About Me Worksheet Printables

Download and print this cute back to school worksheet. It contains prompts for pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, all the way to 4th graders and up. This all about me worksheet features lego blocks, which are very popular among all kids. From 123 Homeschool 4 me.

What kid doesn’t love LEGO-themed activities?

12. All About Me Writing Activity For Young Children

This all about me writing activity is a great way to introduce writing activities to young kids. With these free printables, children will draw pictures of themselves, label body parts, and write down their names. From The Educators’ Spin On It.

Introduce your kid to writing activities with these printables.

13. Printable Head Shoulders Knees and Toes Activity for Preschoolers

We love that these worksheets help our little ones recognize their own body parts – it’s especially fun if they already love singing the famous song. It includes some tips to add more fine motor skill activities too, so it’s overall a very complete activity pack. From From ABCs to ACTs.

Bring your best coloring supplies!

14. All About Me DIY Puzzles for Preschoolers

This worksheet is a great resource for parents or teachers of preschoolers that don’t have a clear concept of “me” and what makes them unique yet, but still want to participate in the fun. So bring out the crayons and scissors! From Life Over CS.

This is a fun activity for younger kids.

15. About Me: What I like To Wear Craft

This about me worksheet also doubles as a fun craft for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Kids can decorate these templates in their favorite clothes to show off their personal style, and write down their names once they are done! From A Little Pinch of Perfect.

Children will be able to express their creativity through this craft.

16. Free About Me Worksheets

These about me worksheets are an excellent way to help your kids work on their writing and thinking skills while they meditate about who they are. They are so much fun to read again a couple of years later down the road to see how much they’ve changed. From Living Life & Learning.

There’s no better way to see how much kids change through time than a worksheet like this.

17. All About Me Preschool Activity

Here is a simple, one-page printable that is designed specifically for little learners. In this worksheet, little kids will write down their own name, and fill in with some colors their hair, eyes, and favorite colors. From Early Learning Ideas.

We recommend printing these on colored sheets to make the activity more interesting for kids.

18. Using Blockly Blocks to Color an All About Me Worksheet

Want to introduce your kid to coding? These blocky blocks (a visual drag and drop programming language) from JDaniel4’s Mom is a fun way to learn about it while coloring a unique all about me worksheet.

This is a fun way to add some STEM fun.

19. Watermelon All About Me Poster

These super cute, free printable Watermelon All About Me Posters are a fun way to learn about your child. You’ll need magnetic letters or letter tiles, colored crayons, pencils, and anything to make them super bright. They are great for kindergarten and older kids. From Kindergarten Worksheets and Games.

Let’s practice writing and reading skills!

20. All about me printable book with free templates

This all about me craft is easy for older kids to do on their own and they can even make it with just one sheet of paper, but more pages would be more fun for the children. From Crafts By Ria.

Keep this journal book for many years to come.

21. Free All About Me Worksheet

Print this free all about me PDF for a fun writing and drawing activity. This activity is designed specifically to focus on handwriting skills while allowing kids to tell all about themselves. From The OT Tool Box.

Kids will be able to share who they are and what they like with this free printable.

22. All About Me Worksheet Printable

This fun activity is a great way for teachers to get to know their students at the beginning of a new school year. What makes this printable different is that each of the sentences has been placed on a cartoon sign, something kids will love! From Tim Van De Vall.

Signs make this printable more fun to fill in.

More all about me templates

23. All About Me {Back to School Printable}

This worksheet is helpful for kids because it gives them a simple way to express themselves and their goals as they head into a new year. This activity is ideal for elementary-aged students! From Only Passionate Curiosity.

It’s time to color our favorite food and draw something we love.

24. All About Me Worksheet Free Printable

Kids of all ages will have so much fun drawing or adding a picture in the blank spaces, sharing about favorites, strengths, and even what the child wants to do when he or she grows up. From Healthy Happy Impactful.

Kids can also use pictures instead of drawings.

25. All About Me Worksheets Free Printable For Kindergarten

These about me worksheet pages to engage your students as they write and draw about themselves, their family, and more! They’re a sure way to keep kids entertained for hours. From Kindergarten Worksheets and Games.

Your little ones will have so much fun doing this activity every year.

26. All About Me Preschool Worksheets

Print this worksheet every year and tell your little one to fill in information about their physical appearance, their family, their friends, their pets, favorite activities, birthdays, handprints, and more, and see how much they’ve changed each year. From Superstar Worksheet.

Here’s another fun journal for kids.

27. All About Me Worksheets & Activities (Fillable)

These worksheets include something suitable for every age and stage. They will make your kid get to know themselves better with simple questions that will get their imagination flowing! From Mindfulmazing.

Let’s get the imagination moving!

28. All About Me

This worksheet is a great way to improve your students’ vocabulary. Depending on the level students can write sentences, words and add pictures to be more complete. From iSLCollective.

Let’s draw, draw, draw!

simple all about me worksheet

29. All About Me Worksheets

These worksheets are super-fun and engaging, and they are a great learning resource for preschoolers and kindergarteners. From Zippi Kids Corner.

What a fun way to learn more about our students.

all about me faq

What is an all about me?

All About Me Sheets are used primarily in classrooms to introduce kids to one another or as part of a special day or week like student of the week, star student or birthday celebration. The All About Me Worksheet is often sent home ahead of time to allow the student’s family to help him/her to gather the necessary information, pictures and keepsakes to show the class. Students often will color, paint or decorate their All About Me Sheet to show their personality and style.

What to include for all about me?

Common elements of an All About Me worksheet include:
My birthday/my age
My favorite color
My favorite food
My favorite subject in school
More about my family/siblings/friends
More about my pet(s)/favorite animal
What I want to be when I grow up
Where I live

Why is all about me important?

An All About Me project lets kids share more about themselves in an easy way with other students while giving them the supportive framework to talk about themselves. It also lets kids realize how each of their classmates is a real person just like them with a birthday, favorite color and favorite subject!

What do children learn from all about me?

First, an All About Me project is something that requires completion from the questions to the decoration. Also, often there is some sort of informal presentation where a child is invited to share with the class more about themselves. Kids learn social skills like the ability to introduce themselves, speak to others about themselves and interact with others who might be doing the same.

Want more worksheets For kids of all ages? Try these free printables from Kids Activities Blog:

Which “All About Me Worksheet” did you like the most? Which do you want to try first?


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