10 Ways to Make Name Writing Practice Fun for Kids

Today we are showing some really fun name writing practice ideas for kids that are way more fun than just practicing on plain paper. It is an important skill for kids to easily write both their first name and last name before they go to Kindergarten. Don’t let this task be intimidating or frustrating because we have the easy way to practice your child’s name with a lot of fun!

Name writing practice shown here in gel bag - child drawing name in a plastic bag filled with gel - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s practice writing our name!

Write Your Name

A basic Kindergartener skill is that kids can write both their first name and last name without prompting.

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Because most children thrive when education is coupled with sensory activities, we’ve put together a bunch of different ways you can help your child practice writing their name in different and fun ways. We also have free name writing practice sheets you can print at the bottom of this article…

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Name Writing Practice Tips

Helping your child practice writing their name gives your child the confidence to do their best in school and feel great about it.

  • Don’t just have them practice their first name, but their last name also.
  • This would also be a good way to teach about capital letters and that the first letter of your child’s name needs to be capitalized.
  • Plus, practicing is also important fine motor skills practice and help with letter recognition. 

Use these Writing Practice Activity Ideas Other Ways

What is even cooler, not only can these help your young learners learn their names, but this would be a good way to teach sight words as well!

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We hope you and your kids enjoy the activities we’ve put together for you to help gain the necessary skills to write your first name and last name with ease.

Fun Ways Kids Can Practice Writing Skills

1. Writing Name in Gel Bags for Easy Name Tracing

These are brilliant. Fill a giant Ziploc bag with about half a bottle of hair gel and some food coloring. To use, write their name on a page. Lay the gel bag over the paper. Your kids trace the letters to make their name.

This is a fun way to teach kids (2 year old and up) how to write their name. It’s mess free and you don’t have to worry about little ones sticking fingers and glitter and such in their mouths.

2. Creating Sandpaper Letters of Name for Practice Tracing

Kids love sensory experiences. This one helps your kids recognize that letters need to be formed in a particular order. Write their name on sandpaper. Your child needs to use yarn to form the letters of their name.

Name activities for preschool kids like connecting dots and glitter and glue writing.
I love these name activities for preschool kids and older! They’re so fun they will forget they are learning.

3. Dot-to-Dot for Name Writing Practice to Write Your Name

This is an especially useful technique for older kids who have learned all the wrong habits. Create a series of dots and number from where they start. Your kids need to follow the dots in order. Start with lots of dots and as your child gets more practice, remove dots.

This is a great way for a preschool teacher and kindergarten teachers to not only learn their name, letter formation, but also work on fine motor skills as well.

4. Glittery Letters Name Letters – Cool Way to Write Name

Review their name multiple days in a row. Using a stiff piece of paper or cardboard, write their names. Your child traces letters of their name with glue. Cover the glue with glitter. When it has dried you can trace the letters with your fingers.

What a great way to get your little learners to practice their names. Plus, it gives your child a creative outlet as well..

I would suggest putting something under to catch the excess glitter.

5. Scramble and Unscramble the Letters of Name

One of the precursors to writing their name is recognizing it and deciphering the order of the letters in their name. Practice putting letters in order from left to right with this fun name activity. Refrigerator letters and foam letters work well for this activity.

I like all these different fun ways to work on writing skills.

Cool ways to write your name using blue crayons, orange, pink, and purple, and red.
Looking for cool ways to write your name? Use crayons to write your name in rainbow!

6. Make Name Rainbow Letters for Colorful Practice Tracing Name

Give your child a handful of crayons. They get to trace their name over and over again. Each time using a different crayon. You will be surprised at how fast your kids will become experts at writing letters with this technique.

This is first place in name writing practice fun. Mixing colors, building colors, going wild with the crayons, what fun!

7. Chalk-Board Swabs for Name Practice

If you have a chalk board this is super handy and fun! Write their name on the board with chalk. Give your kids a handful of cotton swabs and a capful of water. Your kids need to erase the letters using the swabs.

If you don’t have a chalk board, you can also use a dry erase marker board! You can buy all the different colored dry erase pens to make it more fun.

Name writing doesn't have to be hard. First write your childs name with highlighter then trace it
Name writing doesn’t have to be hard! Let your little one trace their name first!

8. Highlighter Tracing Exercises with Name Letters

Write the letters of their name with thick lines using a bright highlighter marker. Your kids trace the letters “ their goal is to stay inside the line of the highlighter markings. As they become a more confident writer, make the letters thinner and smaller.

9. Masking Tape Street Letters Fun with Name

Form the letters of their name in tape on the floor. Grab the bin of cars. Your kids get to drive around the letters of their name. Encourage them to move their vehicles along the roads the way they would write the letters.

This is one of many great ideas. Mix play and learning to keep it interesting for young children.

10. Play Dough Etching of Child’s First Name & Last Name

Etch your child’s name into play dough using a pencil. Your child can trace the lines. Then roll it flat and trace their name very softly. Your kids need to etch their name deeply following the lines you made. The tension of the dough will help develop the muscle motor control needed to write.

Free Name Writing Practice Worksheets You Can Print

This name writing practice worksheet set has two pages of fun for kids.

  1. The first printable practice sheet has blank lines to fill in the child’s first and last name for tracing, copy work or writing from scratch.
  2. The second printable handwriting practice sheet is an About Me printable page where kids can write their first name and last name and then fill in a little about themselves.
Printable Cursive flashcard and writing practice for letter a pdf with pencil
So many fun practice printables that are free…

Looking For More Writing and Name Writing Practice Activities?

  • Learn how to write in cursive! These cursive practice sheets are so much fun and easy to do. You can learn about uppercase letters and lowercase letters. This is a great opportunity to teach a skill that is quickly dying out.
  • Not quite ready to write? Your child can practice on these preschool pre-writing skill worksheets. These are fun practice sheets that will get your child ready to write their names and other words.
  • Practice writing with this I love you because worksheet. This is one of the sweetest practice worksheets. Plus it doubles as a coloring sheet.
  • Kids can fill out the fun facts about me page or find an all about me template you love.
  • Here are 10 fun and engaging handwriting exercises for preschoolers. My favorite is #5. This is great if you’re looking for different materials to keep learning fun.
  • These ideas to get your preschooler excited about handwriting are genius! Start teaching your child at a young age so they will be ready when they go to kindergarten.
  • Check out these 10 free handwriting worksheets for even more practice. These are great for kindergarten students, preschool students, and any student who may struggle with writing. We all learn in different ways and different paces.
  • These are our favorite preschool workbooks!

What name writing practice idea are you going to try first?


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