Looking for some kitchen activities for toddlers that allows them to practice fine motor skills? We have one! Kids of all ages, particularly toddlers and preschoolers, will love this kitchen activity. This kitchen activity is not only great fine motor skill practice, but it will keep your little one busy while you’re busy! Plus, this kitchen activity for toddlers is also a great way to explore colors as well! Use this kitchen activity at home as part of your home curriculum for your toddler and preschooler.

fine motor skills practice for toddlers and preschoolers - upside down red colander on a kitchen counter with colorful straws poking out of the holes - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s practice fine motor skills with kitchen essentials!

Kitchen Activities For Toddlers

Simple fine motor skills practice games will stop the most active toddler or preschooler and capture their concentration and curiosity. This easy colander and straw fine motor activity is perfect to set up in your kitchen to keep little hands busy with colorful play.

Easy Threading Activity Using Kitchen Items

Toddlers are developing their fine motor skills at super speed, and the cool part is they love any activity that involves fine motor skills practice. We love this simple activity because it requires no set up and can be created from things that are already in the kitchen.

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Supplies Needed For This Kitchen Activity For Toddlers

Kitchen activity for toddlers- toddler putting green straw into red colander hole

Kitchen Fine Motor Skills Game for Kids

Step 1

Set out the straws and the colander and see what happens. My bet is you won’t need to show your child what to do.

Step 2

You child will take the straws and just shove them into the holes of the colander.  

Kids can create modern artwork sculptures with their bendy straws.

Kitchen Activity For Toddlers Notes:

*You can substitute pipe cleaners instead of straws if your colander holes aren’t big enough for the straws or you don’t have straws on hand. If your pipe cleaners are sharp on the end, simply wrap the end with some masking tape.

Fun Kitchen Activity For Toddlers For Fine Motor Skills Practice

Image shows a red colander with yellow, orange, and pink straws sticking out of the holes from Kids Activities Blog.

This kitchen activity is great for toddlers and preschoolers. Not only will they get great fine motor skills practice, but they can explore colors too! This budget friendly activity is great!


  • Colander with large holes
  • Straws that fit in those holes


    Set out the straws and the colander and see what happens.

    You child will take the straws and just shove them into the holes of the colander

    If they are unsure what to do, show them that the straws and pipe cleaners into the colander holes.

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How did your child play with the colander and straw fine motor skills game?

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