When you have a toddler, it can be hard to find activities that keep them busy and  don’t involve any prep on your part!  These fine motor skills activities  aren’t just fun to do, but they’re easy to set up as well. I know that’s so important when you  have little ones running around!

Fine Motor Activities

Fine Motor Skills Activities:

This bottle sorting game is so easy you can actually play it right at the table in a restaurant. All you need is a bottle and some toothpicks.

Or you could try the bottle sorting game with pipe cleaners or pom poms to practice color matching at the same time. via Sugar Aunts

All you need is a can and a rubber band for this super simple fine motor skill game. Love it! via Hands On As We Grow

Or you can use a cardboard tube! via Craftulate

Salad tongs  make fun picker-uppers. via Mess For Less

A colander and some straws can be turned into fun! So simple and totally brilliant.

Or Q-Tips! Kids love to play with Q-Tips. via Fantastic Fun and Learning

Kids love to scoop and pour. All you need is a couple of bowls, a spoon and something to pour.

String cereal! It’s so easy, and everyone has cheerios, right? via From Whine to Wine

Cup stacking is a great fine motor skills activity for all ages. Just give older kids more cups and have them build higher and higher! via Mama Smiles

Use empty  containers and let kids drop things through the lids. So easy and so cool! via This Reading Mama

A  cheese shaker  is a simple way to practice threading holes. via Mess For Less

You can also use an old spice bottle. via Powerful Mothering

A simple clothespin works great to pick up things. So easy! via Life Over CS

Tweezers work really well, too! via Craftulate

no prep fine motor skills activities

Use an ice tray and scoops to is one of my favorite fine motor skills activities. via Buggy and Buddy

Have your kids use a clip to hold their paintbrush. This is so simple and totally genius! via Housing a Forest

Making a fruit snack is a fine motor activity. Who knew? via Danya Banya

Spaghetti and playdough are also perfect for fine motor play. via The Dizzy Mom

Scissors aren’t just for paper. Make a scissor tray so kids know they can cut other stuff, too. via Mama Papa Bubba

Still looking for more fine motor skills activities? Check these out!
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Doodle & Coloring Books for Fine Motor Skills!

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