Fine motor skills are very important for our little ones.   Helping to develop the small movements in their  little hands and fingers can be done in a fun way.   These skills are important when they’re learning to hold a pencil or type on a keyboard.

Here are some activities to get you started working on fine motor skills in a fun way.   These are all posts that have been linked-up to our It’s Playtime! meme on Wednesdays.

7 Activities to Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

7 Activities to Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

1.   A good place to start is stringing cheerios.   Just tie a knot at the end of a string and let your little one string on cereal until they get bored.

2.   One of the most popular fine motor skills activities is pushing pipecleaners through collander holes.

3.   This activity uses lots of skills like using scissors, gluing and drawing lines to make this fun black and white collage.

4.   Let them use their small finger muscles to grab pom poms with a pair of tweezers or tongs.   You can cut a small slit in a plastic container to place them in, or make it a game by seeing how fast then can get them into a bowl.

5.   Use yarn and scissors to cut strands of hair for a paper doll project.

6.   For the older kids, have them try tracing letters and numbers with  yarn.   Use contact paperover your print outs  to hold onto the yarn as you go.

7.   Try letting them make their own activity by painting an empty container and then having mom cut different sized slits in the top.   They can place milk jug lids, popsicle sticks and other things inside by finding the correct sized opening.

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These fine motor skills activities are perfect for 8 year olds.

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