Today we are featuring some of the cutest weather coloring pages I have seen! They are perfect for a quiet afternoon activity or to add to a weather or season lesson plan. weather coloring pages for kids - Kids Activities Blog

Weather Coloring Pages for Kids

With Groundhog Day fast approaching, there is talk about the weather!  Will it stay winter f.o.r.e.v.e.r.?  Is spring just around the corner? This adorable duck seems to be enjoying whatever weather this season holds! Related: 25 Fun Weather Activities and Crafts for Kids This 4 page printable set of coloring pages consists of:
  • Spring duck with an umbrella and rain boots dancing in the raindrops.
  • Summer duck is at the beach with a bucket and pail wearing sun glasses!
  • Fall duck has on a windbreaker with leaves in the breeze.
  • Winter duck is making duckprints in the snow while wearing a scarf and hat.

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