Let’s make greeting cards today! We have collected the best crafts involving card making for kids. These favorite card making ideas range from traditional greeting card crafts to 3D popup special occasions cards to DIY birthday card. We have card-making ideas for kids of all ages that are perfect for use at home or in the classroom.

Image shows a medley of four cards that vary in color with whales, turtles, a sun and a cupcake.
Grab your craft supplies and let’s get crafting!

FAVORITE Card Making Crafts FOR KIDS

There is so much fun and happiness to be had with these card crafts. Handmade cards are a great way for kids of all ages to show their love with mini artwork.

  • Younger kids will be thrilled by all the cute shapes and marvel at all the fascinating colors.  Experience these fun activities using blank cards, printable patterns, and other craft supplies. 
  • Older kids will enjoy the DIY card kit crafts to give to family members!

Homemade cards make really good kid-made homemade gifts or personalize a gift that was purchased.

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DIY Greeting Card Ideas Kids Can Make

1. Cute Card Making Gift Kit

Image shows a young chikd holding a card painted blue with a large and small white snowflake
These snowflake cards are so cute!

This card gift kit is a great way for children to be creative in their free time. 

2. Sweet Kindness Cards

Picture shows a child's hands holding kindness cards in decorative red, blue, yellow, and green with kind phrases on white sheets glued to the top.
Let’s show everyone a little kindness!

These printable kindness cards/gratitude card are perfect to show your thankfulness.

3. DIY Yarn Heart Card

Image shows a multicolored yarn heart on a white card on a white background.
Let’s get crafty with Valentine’s Day cards.

Yarn heart cards make a fun art project to do with kids of all ages. It doesn’t matter what colors you use! Let’s make colorful yarn hearts.

4. Gorgeous 3D Pipecleaner Flowers Card

Picture shows pipe cleaner flowers in a polka dotted white pot card craft.
Let’s make this springtime fun card!

Pipecleaner flowers cards are so much fun and simple to make!

5. Creative Puzzle Card Craft

Children will have a blast making this colorful puzzle card!

6. Homemade Thank Yous

Image shows a child's hand holding a blue card with a purple polka dotted white cheetah mod podged on top.
Homemade cards are the best!

Thank you cards mean so much more when they’re homemade with love.

7. Fun Stargazing Sewing Craft

Collection of three grey colored cards with white borders and holes for sewing in the shape of constellations all lying on a white background.
Let’s stargaze while we sew!

Enjoy a little bit of fun, and a little bit of learning with this stars and sewing craft.

DIY Birthday Cards for Kids

8. Super Cool Homemade Cards

Picture shows a white background with a purple envelope and two brown cards that say happy burthday and an assorted pastel colored cupcake napkin.
Birthdays are more fun to celebrate with these cards!

Grab some confetti or paper scraps to fill these beautiful cards.

9. Cupcake Birthday Cards 

Image shows a birthday card in pink and brown with white polka dots and cupcake liners holding candles.
Cupcake anyone?

Children everywhere will have a great time creating these homemade cupcake liner birthday cards

10. Easy To Make Birthday Cards

Image shows assorted designs of cupcake wrappers adhered to cards with crumpled brown and white paper pkaced together to symbolize birthday cupcakes.
Chocolate or vanilla birthday cards?

This cupcake birthday card is absolutely adorable. This cute card makes me hungry!

11. Eric Carle Inspired Birthday Cards

Image shows a card with a three layer brown birthday cake with yellow paper icing and three green candles on a blue plate with a white and pink background.
Let’s celebrate with a birthday cake!

Making Sun Hats & Wellie Boots‘ birthday cards are so much fun to create.

Pop Up & Art Cards Made by kids

12. Paper Pop-Up Cards

Picture shows pop up cards of a flower and a house. The house is in the background colored red and blue with blue stars drawn around it on the white card. The flower is in the foreground and colored pink with green leaves on a white card colored blue.
Pop into someone’s thoughts with these greeting cards.

Your creative little one will love making the inside of the card pop from Tinkerlab.

13. Lego Block Thank You Card Art

Image shows white cards with painted blue circles and pink triangles with designs printed with lego blocks in assorted colors.
Legos are not just for building!

Give Grandma art to remember with these thank you cards from The Imagination Tree.

14. Monster Greeting Cards

Image shows monster greeting cards. Green cards with red monsters and multicolored shapes for decoration.
Don’t be scared of these monsters!

Make cute googly-eyed monster cards with Red Ted Art!

Ideas of Making Cards with Hearts

15. Envelope Heart Cards 

Image shows red envelopes with pink hearts as seals on a white background.
Fall in LOVE with these red heart cards!

Make easy heart envelope cards with red paper and stickers from Tinkerlab!

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16. Valentine’s Paint Dabbing

Picture shows an inset white heart left after assorted colors of paint was dabbed on a stencil.
Homemade heart cards are the greatest.

Turn simple paper into paint dabbed art with Sun Hats & Wellie Boots’ stenciled heart card.

17. Potato Stamp Hearts

The image shows a blue card with two light pink hearts and two white cards with hearts.
Potatoes make great stamps!

This genius use of potatoes for crafting comes from The Imagination Tree. Enjoy the cutest heart project yet!

18. Homemade Heart Cards with Paint Art

Heart card making idea shown in colors of purple, pink and red with folded hearts on top - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make these cool folded heart cards!

These homemade heart cards are great for any time of year you want to show a little love.

Holiday Cards Kids Can Make

19. Homemade Christmas Shape Cards

Image shows santa, angel, and Christmas tree standup cards.
Kids will love these stand-up cards!

These Christmas-shaped cards from Aunt Annie’s Crafts are a great holiday craft for your little ones.

20. Step-By-Step Holiday Card Designs

Image features several cards with the focal point being a white card dog with black dots for eyes, pink circles for cheeks, black oval and lines for nose and mouth, and a red bow tie.
The cutest puppy card ever!

Grab your tutorial and cardstock to create this card craft from Red Ted Art!

21. DIY Thanksgiving Pop-Up Cards

Picture shows assorted Thanksgiving cards off varying fall yellows, greens, browns, and white with turkeys and corn on them.
Use Thanksgiving greeting cards as dinner invitations!

Greeting cards with pop-ups from Aunt Annie’s Crafts are a fun Thanksgiving activity.

22. Fall Leaves Card Craft

Yellow card with sticks used for tree trunks and branches with leaf stickers in pink and orange. Green writing and grass finish the craft.
Fall in love with this leaf card craft!

Get outside with this fall leaves card craft. Leaves are falling everywhere with this card.

23. “Owl Be Yours” Valentines Made by Kids

Pink cardstock in an owl shape holding a sucker with googly eyes and an orange triangle nose lying on a white background with red hearts and googly eyes for decor.
Cute pink owl Valentine’s cards!

Have fun creating these cute, pink owl valentines. Don’t forget the suckers!

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24. Easy Mother’s Day Cards Made by Kids

Images shows white and yellow cards that say mom in pink, white, or red. Other words are Happy Mother's Day.
Make Mom’s big day special with these cards.

Stretch your creative mind with these easy to make Mother’s Day cards from Aunt Annie’s Crafts.

25. Mothers Day Handprint Flower Craft

Image shows very bright and colorful cards with 3D flowers made of cardstock in all the primary and secondary colors sticking out of blue vases and brown pots.
Keepsake handprint flowers for mom!

Make this Mother’s Day a day to remember with this craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect!

26. Printable Mother’s Day Card

Image shows a blue card shaped like a jar with fireflies drawn on and colored yellow with a caption that says, "Mom you light up my life!" in black on a yellow oval.
This sweet card is full of light!

Learn how to craft a firefly card from Crafty Morning!

27. Mothers Day Card Templates Kids Can Customize for Mom

homemade mothers day cards template kids can color and customize for mom - Kids Activities Blog

These mothers day cards handmade are perfect for kids who want to take a simple card template and decorate and color!

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28. DIY Easter Shape Cards

Image shows a green bordered card with a grey and white bunny, a blue bordered card with a yellow chick, and a blue card with flowers.  All cards are the shapes of the things on them.
Let’s get ready for Easter!

Aunt Annie’s Crafts shaped Easter cards are so much fun to make!

29. Printable Card Craft

Picture shows a printed white card that says Happy Easter with each letter colored blu, pink, yellow, purple, or orange lying on a brown background with the crayons.
Let’s color some Easter cards!

Kids will enjoy being in coloring these Easter Cards

30. Printable Cards For Fathers

A young child sitting on the floor coloring a printed card.
Coloring cards are so much fun!

Enjoy coloring this simple printable Father’s Day card! Kids love this fun card heart activity.

31. Super Cute Father’s Day Cards Made by Kids

Image shows blue, white, and orange cards that say dad and other Father's Day sayings.
Make Father’s Day extra special with a homemade card for dad this year!

Grab some colored cardstock and make these simple cards for dad from Aunt Annie’s Crafts.

32. Printable Fathers Day Cards Kids Can Fold & Color

free printable fathers day card template for kids to color and decorate - Kids Activities Blog

Grab these printable free Fathers Day cards kids can fold, decorate and color.

33. A Card For eid Mubarak by Kids

Image shows white cards with red, orange, green, purple, and blue lanterns with yellow lights.
These cards are perfect for celebrating Ramadan!

This lantern card craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom is so much fun to decorate! 

Homemade Card Ideas with Fun Designs

34. Crafting Cards With Watercolors

Image shows red, purple, and pink watercolored cards with white hearts and love written on with white crayon for the resist.
Watercolors bring so much joy to painting cards.

This watercolor Valentine’s card craft from Red Ted Art is perfect for kids of all ages!

35. Flying Spring Card Craft

Picture shows a blue butterfly card with pink and yellow dots, a red and black lady bug card, and a yellow bee with black stripes and white wings; all are on a pink background.
Fly into spring with these adorable cards!

Colored cardstock and googly eyes make this adorable activity. This is probably my favorite card craft for kids overall. These insect cards are as fun to make as they are to display. Grab all the instructions over at I Heart Crafty Things.

36. Q-tip Greeting Card Craft

Image shows a black card with a 3D flowered mini vase containing cutout leaves, drawn on stems and dotted q-tip flowers in blue, yellow, and pink.
Every mom would love this card for Mother’s Day!

Artsy Craftsy Mom helps your kids create a show stopping card with Q-tips!

37. Flower Greeting Card Idea for Kids

Image shows yellow and pink flower cards made from cardstock with popscicle sticks for stems and cardstock leaves.
Flower cards are perfect for celebrating mom!

Show My Crafts takes creating great Mother’s Day keepsakes to a whole new level with these flower cards!

38. Fingerprint Flower Art Greeting Card

White card with thumbprints from red paint to look like tulips on painted green stems with a yellow bow to represent the bouquet tied together.
A thumbprint bouquet for mom!

Give mom art to remember with these fingerprint flower cards from Crafty Morning.

39. Whale Themed Card Ideas for Kids

Image shows a white card with a blue whale and light blue spout. Caption says, "I whaley love you mom!"
This card is just too stinking cute!

Crafty Morning‘s cards are so much fun to create!

40. Raining Love Card Making Craft 

Light blue card with a half cupcake wrapper as an umbrella top and small hearts as rain.
Shower mom with love this Mother’s Day!

Make these simple cards with red hearts and cupcake wrappers from I Heart Crafty Things!

41. Turtle Themed Greeting Card Kids Can Make

Image shows a white card with a lot of turtles in green and yellow.
Turtles, turtles, and more turtles!

These turtles made of cupcake wrappers from Coffee Cups and Crayons are simply precious.

42. Homemade Bear Greeting Cards

Image shows three bear head cards in blue, yellow, and green in a vertical line sitting on a light grey background.
Three little bears cards!

These cute bear cards come from The Best Ideas For Kids. Enjoy this super cute craft project!

43. Simple Kid Made Flower Themed Cards

Image shows four brown cards with flowers made from alternating cupcake wrappers in alternating assortments of colors.
Let’s make some flowers!

Mom will love these flowers make from cupcake wrappers from I Heart Crafty Things.

44. Bottle Cap Card Making Fun

Picture features a white card with green paper leaves and stem with a flower head made from blue, yellow, purple, pink, and orange painted bottle caps.
Who knew bottle caps could be so cute!

Enjoy creating bottle cap flower cards with this craft from Crafty Morning.

45. Make A Sunshine Card with Pasta!

Image shows a white card with a smiley face in a yellow circle with pasta for sun rays.
This card shines bright for mom!

Brighten mom’s day with this sunny card from Crafty Morning!

Handprint Card Making Ideas

46. Cupcake Handprint Design Cards

Image shows a white card with a puple paper caupcake wrapper and a handprint for the candles sticking out of a cake made of dots. Card says, " For the sweetest mom."
A sweet treat for mom!

Make a cupcake card with I Heart Arts n Crafts!

47. Handprint I Love You Card Craft

Image shows two pink handprints attached and forming a heart with pieces of pastel colored papers glued inside the heart.
Give a piece of your heart with this craft!

The Best Ideas For Kids, shows how to spread the love with this craft piece.

Get the Whole Family In on Card Making Fun!

48. Card Making Station

Image shows a white card with printed confetti in pink and blue and art supplies sitting in front.
Let’s show our gratitude with cards!

Learn how to craft a gratitude card station with What MJ Loves!


Which of the card making for kids crafts are you going to try first? Which card making craft is your favorite?

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