12 Free Printable Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

These Halloween pumpkin carving patterns are all free printable pumpkin stencils that will keep the spooky fun for kids of all ages! Carve these jack-o-lanterns to create cool Halloween decor no matter your pumpkin carving level. We have cute and funny pumpkin carving stencils in easy, medium and advanced pumpkin carving levels!

printable pumpkin stencils and carving patterns - cover of the free download pdf showing a drawing of carved pumpkins using stencils on a background of paint and crayons.
Use our free downloadable pumpkin stencils to carve the best jack o lantern…ever!

Printable Pumpkin Stencils

Halloween is finally on the way. Making the perfect Halloween pumpkin carving is something proud to display on your front porch for the entire neighborhood to see.

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Creative and cool free downloadable carving templates for the entire family to get involved with these 12 different Halloween pumpkin carving stencils and patterns.

Best Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Each of these amazing pumpkin carving templates can be printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper on your printer and then used to create your perfect jack-o-lantern.

  • We have 5 easy pumpkin carving pattern designs
  • We have 5 intermediate or medium difficulty level pumpkin carving patterns
  • And if you are brave this Halloween, try our 2 advanced pumpkin stencils

Your pumpkin carving time range: 5-15 minutes

Pumpkin carving pattern example - printable pumpkin designs printed on paper - bat stencil printed pdf shown with pumpkins and a hand creating the pattern on a pumpkin
Take a pumpkin (or two, or three or as many as you want!) to carve one of our spooky carving designs!

Free Pumpkin Designs for Carving You Can Use

Our pumpkin carving designs pack includes 12 Halloween pumpkin carving printables. Let’s look through the instant download Halloween carving stencil pdfs that you can print using the orange button below…

5 Easy Pumpkin carving patterns for kids - witches caldron, traditional jack o lantern, ghost, witch legs upside down and three flying bats
Choose one of our easy carving patterns for your first jack o lantern!

5 Easy Carving Patterns for Halloween Pumpkins

Want to really wow guests at your Halloween party with your pumpkin carving skills? Use these easy pumpkin carving patterns you can download here.

1. Witches’ Cauldron Stencil

This easy pumpkin template is a picture of a witch’s cauldron overflowing with some sort of scary potion. I love that there are bubbles floating above the large pot that will let a little more light from the inside of the pumpkin shine through.

2. Traditional Jack o’ Lantern Pattern

This reminds me of the type of jack o lantern design I set out to create when I draw a pattern onto a pumpkin, but then the pumpkin teeth get too big or I accidentally cut one off too short…and it all looks messy and crazy! With the help of this easy pumpkin pattern, my jack o’ lantern will actually smile like planned.

3. Friendly Ghost Template

Boo! This sweet and friendly ghost pumpkin carving stencil uses the pumpkin skin to create the ghost and surrounding circle and the cut out portion is negative space. It is easier than it looks and will wow the trick-or-treaters that stop by!

4. Upside Down Witch Legs Carving Stencil

I’m melting! I love this clever pumpkin carving design that shows just the witch’s legs with fancy witch shoes attached. This requires just a few rectangles to be cut out in strategic places. A simple serrated pumpkin saw will make quick and easy work out of this pattern.

5. 3 Flying Bats Pattern

This is similar to a jack o lantern pattern I have done before with cookie cutters. But then you need different size cookie cutters and it is always harder to use a hammer and cookie cutter than you think. Use this easy bat pumpkin template and the proper tools and you will have a lovely bat jack o lantern.

These 5 free carving patterns for jack o lantern designs are medium or intermediate skill level and have more detail than the easy patterns.
Want to try something a little more challenging? Here are 5 more free pumpkin carving designs you will love…

5 Cool Pumpkin Carving Designs for Halloween that are More Challenging

This year is the year you can create pumpkins that looks more complicated than simply carving with a knife. We present you with the most free unique designs for this Halloween with a little increase in difficulty level!

6. Witch Flying on a Broom Pumpkin Stencil

According to lore, witches fly on broomsticks in a spookily magical way. This medium difficulty pumpkin carving design has a witch complete with broomstick flying through the night Halloween sky.

7. Haunted Mansion Carving Design

This haunted mansion pumpkin stencil is so cute, you may want to move in despite the ghosts flying out the windows! Cut out the pattern and carve away!

8. Black Cat Pattern for Halloween Pumpkins

Check out this black cat Halloween pumpkin stencil. If you love pumpkins and cute animals, we have the perfect stencil for you and your jack-o’-lantern.

9. Spooky Hand Reaching from Grave Stencil

This spooky hand design is free for personal or commercial use. Simply print the design, cut out and carve your pumpkin into a ghoulish jack o lantern.

10. Spider web Pumpkin Carving Design

Make this fun and creepy spider web Halloween pumpkin to decorate your home for Halloween. It’s pretty easy to make and would be a great pumpkin decoration for any age.

2 free advanced pumpkin carving patterns from Kids Activities Blog - printed pdf shown are skull with hands and RIP graveyard scene
Time for some advanced pumpkin carving patterns! How fun!

2 Advanced Pumpkin Carving Patterns You Will Love

Looking for pumpkin carving patterns that will impress this Halloween? Our experts have put together these two advanced, fantastic designs that you can use to create the jack-o-lanterns of your dreams (or nightmares)!

11. Skull and Bones Pumpkin Stencil

Carve this spooky skull and bones pumpkin with this advanced carving pattern perfect for Halloween.

12. RIP Halloween Graveyard Carving Design

Our last advanced original pumpkin carving stencil is one of my favorites. It is a complete RIP Graveyard scene with spooky tree limbs, grave stones shaped like crosses and the big R.I.P. headstone as a centerpiece.

All of our pumpkin stencil printables are completely free!

Download & Print Pumpkin Stencil pdf Files Here: 

pumpkin spider web patterns
It’s OK if you aren’t a pro, we made a couple of stencils for each skill level!

Best Jack o’ Lantern Carving Tips with Kids

To make the perfect jack-o-lantern, we have the following recommendations:

  1. Pick the right pumpkin (find one that has smooth skin!)
  2. Print one of our printable pumpkin stencils (or as many as you want)
  3. Get your carving tools (see our favorite tools below) and you’re all ready for family-friendly fun!

For this activity, we recommend letting adults carve the pumpkin pattern and have the kids pull out the pumpkin seeds, that way everyone is involved and safe!

Tip: Instead of using a candle, you can try illuminating your pumpkin with an LED tea light.

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best pumpkin carving kit - professional pumpkin carving kit with tools
Now anyone can be a professional pumpkin carver with these pumpkin carving tools!

Best Tools to Carve a Pumpkin

OK, I have to admit that for many years I used the kitchen knives to carve jack-o-lanterns, but it never turned out as well (or as safely) as I intended. Once I got some strategic tools like a pumpkin scoop, serrated pumpkin saws and a pokey thing (I know it has a fancy name), my pumpkin carving life became so much easier!

More Printable Pumpkin Stencils to Print from Kids Activities Blog

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Creating and building is one of our favorite ways to keep kids busy and engaged, so it’s no surprise that we love 5 minute crafts for kids no matter what season it might be!

Which free printable pumpkin carving design are you going to try first?


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