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Alphabet activities for kids is all about learning letters.  We love these fun ideas to teach the 26 letters, create early reading experiences and provide a ton of value for lessons like letter of the day.

alphabet for kids - learn abc letters- Kids Activities Blog

200+ Alphabet Learning for Kids: Activities, Games, Worksheets & More

This is a HUGE RESOURCE to teach your child the alphabet. Kids can easily learn their ABC’s while playing and having fun. Kids Activities Blog has created and curated the best alphabet activities, games, worksheets, coloring pages and flash cards.

alphabet for kids - learn abc letters on Kids Activities Blog

Alphabet for Kids

While most kids learn their alphabet when they are 4 or 5 years old, some start learning through play as early as 2. Through play, this can be fun and not a pressure situation.

How Kids Can Learn their ABC’s Easily

Reading with your child frequently is the best way to make sure they are being exposed to the alphabet, phonics and reading concepts early. Keep kids aware of all the letters that surround them in the world.

Letter recognition activities and games can start early alphabet learning off on the right foot.

Learning the alphabet doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.

Kids Activities Blog Letter Learning Center Designed for You!

Our alphabet learning center here on Kids Activities Blog was designed to easily allow you to move from one letter learning center to another. At the top of each alphabet-related article, you will find at the top of the post a rectangle box “Learn the Letters” with A-Z underneath. You can navigate to other letters from every single article through this box!

Every single letter has a learning center devoted to worksheets, spelling words, sight words, crafts and activities…and more!

It should be fun!

PLAY with letters!

The 26 Letters of the Alphabet as Entertainment

What if your kids loved the alphabet activities so much, they asked for them! That is exactly what we have! Activities and games that teach the alphabet in a way that is simply play.

Letter of the day activities are a perfect example of this.

Keep scrolling, we have them all…

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