Sensory bins  are a great way for kids to learn and explore, but they are also a lot of fun!   These bins really help children work on their fine motor skills.   Inspired by Little Bins for Little Hands, we have several fun sensory bins for you to try with your kids.
13 Sensory Bins to Develop Fine Motor Skills

13 Sensory Bins to Develop Fine Motor Skills

1.   Confetti Sensory Search – Party confetti makes a great item for a sensory search and seek.   Add tweezers to challenge fine motor skills and an ice-cube tray to sort!
2.   Alphabet Search & Find – Alphabet pony beads mixed with rice and other trinkets makes early learning fun while practicing fine motor skills.   Make your own I-Spy game using a letter worksheet.
3.   Ocean Bin – Have an under the sea adventure right in your home!   Add blue beads, seashells and any other ocean trinkets to explore.
4.   Water Beads Treasure Hunt – Water Beads are a fun sensory filler and even more fun when you hide fun treasures to find!
5.   Pinching Pennies Fine Motor Sensory Bin Search – What’s easier than putting a roll of pennies into a sensory bin and having children fill their piggy banks?   Develop fine motor and counting skills!
6.   Cranberries Sensory Bin – Cranberries make a fun and challenging filler for working on various fine motor skills with different utensils.
7.   Pre-Writing Sensory Bin & Maze Making – Cornmeal makes a great base for practicing pre-writing skills with chopsticks.   Add animals and stones to create mazes.
8.   Wintery Math Sensory Bin – Cotton balls, puzzle pieces, tongs and construction vehicles make for an awesome fine motor sensory bin!
9.   Alphabet Hunt – Use your favorite alphabet books, letter magnets, and tongs to practice early learning letter recognition.
10.   Sweet Treats Oatmeal Sensory Bin – Surprise your little one with a sweet treat in a sensory bin.
11.   Butterflies & Beans Sensory Bins – Dried beans mixed with butterflies and beads provide a base for interesting fine motor skills practice!
12.   Puzzle Pieces Sensory Bin – Mix up the fun with puzzle pieces in a sensory bin.
13.   Beach in a Box – You don’t need to make a trip to the beach to dig for seashells!   Place some in some play sand and let them explore.

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