50+ Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Kids to Make

There’s nothing quite as special as a handmade Mother’s Day gift! That’s why we adore these DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Kids to Make that work for kids of all ages, even the younger kids like toddlers and preschoolers. From handprint cards to painted tea towels for mom, we have found the sweetest handmade gifts to give your mother on Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day Crafts For Kids That They Can Actually Make
Let’s give mom a kid made craft!

Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Looking for the perfect gift for mom? These DIY Mother’s day gifts are what you are looking for! We have a perfect gift for any mom. Plus, these homemade gifts are fun to make.

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And who wouldn’t love these homemade Mother’s day gifts. From perfume with essential oils, to snacks and sweets, relaxing gifts, keychains and more, they will make this special day amazing!

Handprint Tulip Towels for Mother's Day

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts From Kids

1. Handprint Tulip Towels For Mother’s Day

Any mom would love displaying these handprint tulip towels in her kitchen, from I Can Teach My Child.

2. Mother’s Day Handprint Shrinky Dink Keychains

These handprint shrinky dink keychains are so colorful and fun via Crafty Morning. What a fun DIY project to make mom a cute gift.

3. Mother’s Day Candy Holders

I just love how pretty I Heart Arts n CraftsMother’s Day candle holders are! This is such a great gift idea.

4. Mother’s Day Dandelion Gifts

Make dandelion art using Q-Tips via Crafty Morning. Wow, this is one of my favorite homemade mother’s day gift ideas.

5. Heart Washi Tape Suncatcher Mother’s Day Craft

How pretty are these Heart Washi Tape suncatchers from Kids Craft Room?! This is such a great gift idea.

pipecleaner flowers - easy idea for making things with pipe cleaners - girl holding pipe cleaner flower bouquet

6. Mother’s Day Pipe Cleaner Flowers DIY Gift

I just adore these pipe cleaner flowers that kids can make! You can use all of mom’s favorite colors!

7. 5 Things I Love About Mom

You never know what kids will say on this 5 Things I Love About My Mom printable, from The Bird Feed NYC. This is the best handwritten note to make mom feel special.

Mothers Day Crafts for Kids That Are Easy
These mother’s day crafts make great kid-made gifts!

Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Toddlers to Make

8. DIY Sweet Mother’s Day Card

Make a sweet Mother’s Day card from recycled materials. This is one of my favorite mother’s day ideas. It’s simple and recycles!

9. Homemade Mother’s Day Flowers From Cupcake Liners

Create flowers from cupcake liners for beautiful flower canvas art. What fun mother’s day crafts that gives wonderful moms a sweet gift with a personal touch.

10. Mother’s Day Suncatcher Card

How adorable is Learning and Exploring Through Play‘s suncatcher card

April Showers Bring May Flowers Fingerprint Craft

11. DIY Mother’s Day Fingerprint Flowers Craft 

Kids can help paint this fingerprint flowers craft. This is a simple craft and so much fun. Plus, mom will love it!

12. Mother’s Day Fingerpaint Artwork

Even the littlest ones can make this fingerpaint Mother’s Day artwork from Childcare Land. What special diy gifts!

13. Mother’s Day Fingerprint Heart Keepsake Gifts

Messy Little Monster‘s fingerprint heart keepsake is a permanent reminder of just how little their hands once were.

Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Of All Ages Can Make at School

14. Mother’s Day Photo Blocks

Crafting Time Out‘s Mother’s Day photo blocks are fun and easy for kids to make! 

15. Heart Handprint Canvas Mother’s Day Gift

Crafty Morning‘s Heart Handprint Canvas doesn’t have to be just for grandma! This is a great diy present.

mother's day project - FREE Printable all about my mom questionnaire. this is perfect!

16. Mother’s Day Printable Project

Looking for a diy mothers day gift? Learn what your kids really think with Happy Home Fairy‘s Mother’s Day Printable Project

17. Handprint Mason Jar Vase Mother’s Day Gift

This handprint Mason jar vase, from Christina’s Adventures, is so sweet!

DIY Mother's Day Gifts for Kids to Make

Mother’s Day Projects for Younger Kids To Make

18. DIY Mother’s Day Photo Canvas Art

How sweet is Hora de Brincar e de Aprender‘s  Mother’s Day photo canvas art?

19. Mother’s Day Painted Pots For Mom’s Garden

What a gorgeous painted pot for Mom’s garden! Loving this idea from Edventures. Say Happy Mother’s day with these cute pots.

20. Do It Yourself Painted Plates Mother’s Day Gifts

Moms will treasure these painted plates from Frugal Coupon Living for years to come.

mother and child heart necklace

21. Homemade Mother’s Day Mommy/Child Necklace Set

I just adore this homemade mother/child necklace set from Mum in the Madhouse.

22. Portrait Of Mom Craft

Kids can draw a sweet portrait of their mom in this Mirror, Mirror Printable Craft from The Pinterested Parent.

23. DIY Magnetic Photo Frames For Mom

Moms can hang these magnetic photo frames from Denise’s Yadda Yadda on the refrigerator for years to come!

24. Beautiful Painted Art For Mom

How beautiful is this painted Mom artwork? I love that kids can recreate this idea from The Educator’s Spin on It themselves!

25. Homemade Clay Pendant Necklaces For Mother’s Day

Older kids can make these clay pendant necklaces from Hello, Wonderful.

Homemade gift bookmarks

Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Help Mom Relax

26. Homemade Mother’s Day Photo Bookmark

Is mom a reader? Then you’ll definitely want to make her this amazing photo bookmark!

27. Mother’s Day Lavender Lotion Bars

Help mom moisturize and smell great with the relaxing smells of lavender. These lotion bars are cute and good for your health.

glitter candles

28. Handmade Glitter Candles For Mother’s Day

What better way to relax than with beautiful and good smelling candles. These handmade glitter candles are perfect.

29. Amazing Mani/Pedi In A Jar For Mom

Let your mom relax with a mani/pedi! You can put all of her favorite things go in there like nail polish, nail files, cuticle oil, etc.

Then you have epsom salt for kids in a jar surrounded by bath toys. You could even use this recipe to teach you how to make bath salts to sell.

30. DIY Bath Salts For Mother’s Day

Let mom take a relaxing bath with these great smelling DIY Bath Salts! They’re so easy to make. These homemade bath salts are great! 

31. Mother’s Day Bath Fizzies Gift

Does mom not like bath salts? That’s okay, you can make her some Bath Fizzies. These are like homemade bath bombs. Bath salts and bath bombs are such great ideas.

Homemade colored candles made with soy wax flakes and crayons.

32. Mother’s Day Crayon and Soy Candles Craft

You can make colorful soy wax candles for Mother’s day. They’re so pretty!

33. Cranberry Sugar Scrub Mother’s Day Gift

This easy homemade cranberry sugar scrub is amazing to ensure your mom will be able to enjoy soft and smooth skin!

34. Mother’s Day DIY Chocolate Lip Balm Gift

Does mom love chocolate? Use chap stick? Then this DIY Chocolate lip balm is amazing.

Make Mom Some Homemade Make Up For Mother’s Day

cuticle cream3 copy

35. DIY Citrus Cuticle Cream Mother’s Day Craft

Make your mom this amazing citrus cuticle cream. It smells good and is better than the stuff at the store.

36. Colorful Homemade Lipstick For Mom

Mom can enjoy all of her favorite color lipsticks and then some with these DIY crayon lipstick. Don’t worry it’s safe.

pink lip balm in a circle container surrounded by sprinkles.

37. DIY Tinted Lip Balm For Mom

This 5-minute DIY tinted lip balm is great for Mother’s day! It’s colorful and keeps your lips moisturize

38. Mother’s Day Lavender Vanilla Lip Scrub Gift

Dry lips? Give mom this amazing lavender vanilla lip scrub before giving her the tinted lip balm or colorful lipsticks.

39. Edible Chapstick Mother’s Day Gift

Give your mom this moisturizing gift! This edible chapstick is an amazing gift for Mother’s day.

Does mom have dry feet? Then she will love this sugar cookie homemade foot scrub! 

Tasty Treats To Make For Mom On Mother’s Day

Buckeyes Recipe

41. Delicious Buckeyes Candy For Mother’s Day

Does your mother love peanut butter and chocolate? Then make her some of these delicious buckeyes candy!

42. Sweet Homemade Peppermint Patty Mother’s Day Gift

Maybe mom loves mint and chocolate? Then make her these peppermint patty candies. Turns out it is pretty easy to do.

Cookie Dough Truffles

What is more indulgent than truffles? Make mom these decadent cookie dough truffles! This is great especially if mom has a sweet tooth.

44. Mother’s Day Red Velvet Cake Balls Treat

Mom will love these red velvet cake balls! They’re sweet, chocolatey, cakey, with a hint of cream cheese. Perfect!

dark chocolate chocolate bomb in a cupcake paper on a white kitchen towel with a cutting board on the towel and a milk pitcher and white chocolate hot chocolate bomb on the cutting board, with a scattering of dark and white chocolate chips

45. Hot Chocolate Bomb Mother’s Day Gifts

Is your mom not a fan of tea or coffee? Then she will love these delicious and pretty hot chocolate bombs.

46. Salted Marshmallows For Mother’s Day

Make mom some salted marshmallows to go with her hot chocolate bomb! Nothing goes better than hot chocolate and marshmallows.

47. Chocolate Dipped Tuxedo Oreos

Does mom like chocolate? Then make her some of these deliciously easy chocolate dipped tuxedo Oreos.

Beautifying Accessories For Mother’s Day Gifts

Assortment of finished ribbon flowers with different types of embellishments like pearls, diamonds and more - all bright colors

48. Ribbon Flower Headband For Mother’s Day Gift

Make mom something beautiful! This ribbon flower headband is a great gift for mom! 

49. Mother’s Day Braided Bracelet Craft

Use string and ribbon to make beautiful braided bracelets for mom. Give her something lovely to accessorize with. This would make such a sweet keepsake.

Mini Sand Art Bottle Necklace

50. Mother’s Day Necklace Craft

Make mom a beautiful necklace to go with her new bracelets! This is one of the best mother’s day gifts. They double as keepsakes. Love these creative ways to make amazing mother’s day gift.

51. DIY Perfume For Mother’s Day

Make mom this easy perfume. It smells so good and only takes a couple of ingredients. You can use mom’s favorite scent.

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Mother's Day Fingerprint Art

Still looking for more ideas for DIY gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day? These DIY mother’s day gifts are a fun way to show mom you love her. It is a great way to show mom you appreciate. Plus, who doesn’t love a handmade gift? Check out these crafts and recipes: 

What are you making mom for Mothers Day? What is your favorite kid made Mothers Day gift?

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