Handwriting practice for the cursive letter G has never been more fun with these free printable letter G cursive worksheets. Each printable letter G worksheet has plenty of space for letter formation tracing and then space for cursive writing practice of both uppercase letters and lowercase letters to optimize muscle memory and fully learn how to form the alphabet letter in cursive.

Printable cursive G flashcard and writing practice for letter g pdf with pencil
Let’s practice the cursive letter g!

How to Write G in Cursive

We also included a simple cursive alphabet flashcard featuring the letter of the alphabet, G! Trace, color and cut out the letter flash card for individual letters and create a cursive workbook for quick reference. Click the green button to print cursive g practice sheets now:

Free printable Cursive G practice sheet

This is the seventh letter in a set of abc in cursive writing practice sets. We have practice pages and flash cards for cursive letters a-z in alphabetical order.

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Download & print these cursive handwriting worksheets for the letter G to help students gain the important skills of cursive capital and lower case letter formation through a hands on learning process. Learning cursive skills can be fun!

Cursive Letter G Flash Card

Our first page of the free handwriting worksheets is a cursive flashcard featuring the letter G. Follow the numbered instructions to create the proper letter shape. Kids will learn to write the first capital letter in a sentence or for proper nouns like names of person, place or things.

Printed pdf cursive G handwriting practice worksheets for letter g with colored pencils
Practice your cursive g in both upper case and lower case letters!

Letter G Cursive Worksheet

How to form an Uppercase Cursive G

Here are the numbered steps to create a cursive capital G:

  1. Draw a line through the dotted middle, then finish the line with a loop.
  2. Connect another line to the loop, and bring it down the dotted line with a curved end.

How To form a Lowercase G in Cursive

You can also trace the example letters to write a cursive lowercase G in the correct order of the steps:

  1. Draw an oval shape below the dotted line.
  2. Connect a curved loop to the oval shape, and bring it past the bottom line, then back up again.

Letter G Cursive tracing practice

Our second page of these cursive writing worksheets has 6 dotted-line practice handwriting lines. The first 6 lines are for trace the letter:

  • 2 lines for tracing the capital letter in cursive
  • 2 lines for tracing the lower case letter in cursive
  • 2 lines to try cursive writing independently

At the bottom there is a fun letter identification game to find the letter g.

Download & Print Cursive Practice Worksheet PDF File Here

We are excited that by following these simple steps, tracing and practicing the letters, your kids will have beautiful cursive!

 G Cursive FAQs


While curriculums and school schedules differ, cursive handwriting skills are associated with older kids and usually are taught in third grade when older students are 8 years old. International standards and common core standards don’t include cursive education as a necessary skill, but many states, schools and curriculums still see value in children easily writing cursive words and continue to include cursive handwriting in their educational activities.

Why does cursive G look like that?

The cursive letter “G” looks the way it does because people wanted a way to write quickly and beautifully. Over time, the shape of the letter changed to make it easier to write without lifting the pen. The special shape of “G” also made writing look nice.
Different schools might teach slightly different ways to write the letter “G.” But the reason it looks like that is a mix of making writing fast, pretty, and easy to learn. So when you write a cursive “G,” you’re using a letter shape that has a long history!

Does capital G connect in cursive?

In traditional cursive handwriting, the capital letter “G” typically does not connect to the following letter. It’s one of the few uppercase cursive letters that often stands alone, without a connecting stroke to the next letter.
This may vary slightly depending on the specific style of cursive being taught or used, but generally, the cursive capital “G” is written as an independent letter. Different schools and handwriting methods might have unique approaches, so it’s always good to refer to the specific guidelines being followed in a particular educational setting.

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