Skill development is such an important part of early childhood.  This kids activity focuses on one of those important skills for preschoolers – fine motor skills.  Kids Activities Blog hopes your little one enjoys these simple sensory bags.

Kids activity for fine motor skill development {Simple sensory bags}

Skill Development

Our preschooler is developing the skills to hold a pencil, to trace a line, both of which are skills kids need to be able to do to write. Sensory bags are great for helping tots develop pre-writing skills.   This sensory bag is especially great for kinetic kids.   AND is great for moms – it is mess-free! We broke apart styrofoam packing material.   The kids had a blast creating tiny white beads.   We did this outside to limit the pills on the floor.   After we had a couple of handfuls of white beads we put them into a plastic baggie.   Squirt in some hair gel, squish it around until all the beads were “stuck” in the gel.   Zip the Baggie shut, use packing tape to seal it so young tots can’t access the contents.

Sensory Bags are great for fine motor skill development activities with young kids

Fine Motor

Your kids can use these bags as resistance. Use these bags for kids to trace on. They are able to see the imprints or effects of their traces. Put an object underneath the bag and help your child develop their pincher grasp.   Have them pick up the item through the bag. Enjoy textures as you squish the beads.   It is great for babies to explore. Put this sensory bag in the freezer – it can double as an ice pack for injuries or for some cool sensory play.

DIY tips on how to develop fine motor skills with your preschooler and sensory bags.

Do your kids love to touch and feel interesting textures??

More Kids Activities

There is so much skill development occurring in the minds and bodies of preschoolers.  Help them focus on fine motor development with fun hands on activities.  If you need some ideas for great kids activities to help with fine motor skill development, just take a look at these cute ideas:

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