Free virtual field trips can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day.  Whether it is with your virtual classmates, as part of a distance learning curriculum, a homeschool adventure, looking for educational activities or just for fun…we can’t wait to hear which virtual reality field trip was your favorite!

virtual reality field trip - free virtual field trip elementary student
Let’s take a virtual field trip today!

Free Virtual Field Trips

There are more more online learning opportunities than ever and they are a great way to take interactive tours. In some cases it is almost like building your own time machine! Let’s take a free field trip!

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Below is a list of more than 40 different places you can explore online with your kids. Most of them don’t follow the school year calendar or regular operating hours for virtual field trip experiences.

Some offer virtual experiences through live webcams or an interactive map. Some offer a video tour or virtual trip. No matter if you are visiting through live cams or interactive virtual tours, these best places to visit are made way more accessible through online resources!

This is going to be fun.

We Love Going on Virtual Trips!

New virtual field trips are a great resource for high school, elementary, kindergarten or even preschool kids that will be filled with adventure. In fact, our first group of educational virtual tours are dream trips for my family.

Visit the Museum of National History in Washington DC - Kids Activities Blog
Online educational tours are like mini vacations!

Virtual Field Trips For Kids around the United States

  1. Explore Yellowstone National Park with virtual tours of some of their famous sites, like Mammoth Springs
  2. Go for a swim and explore a coral reef in the Bahamas!
  3. Ever wondered what it’s like to be president? Visit the White House to see where he lives! <–really fun white house virtual tour for kids!
  4. This virtual field trip of Ellis Island comes with tons of educational resources.
  5. Visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History to see some of their current, past, and permanent exhibits. 
  6. Get a view of the Grand Canyon from above and see just how big it really is. 
  7. I adore this way to tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with a 360-degree view!
  8. We have the scoop for visiting national parks through virtual programs and it is really fun!
  9. Visit the baboons at the San Diego Zoo with their live camera feeds! 
  10. Have sports fans at home? Take a look around Yankees Stadium, then go to see where the Dallas Cowboys play.
  11. Get up-close and personal with a shark at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  12. Learn about the U.S. Civil War by visiting important locations and people.
  13. The panda cam at Zoo Atlanta is too cute to miss. 
  14. Enjoy the view from the top deck of the Empire State Building.
  15. Check out giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and even ants at the Houston Zoo.
  16. Visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore to see even more sea life.
  17. You can see beluga whales, sea lions, and explore the Ocean Voyager at the Georgia Aquarium.
  18. Visit Japan House in a kid-friendly exhibit at the Boston Children’s museum
Visit the Grand Canyon on a Virtual Tour for Classroom - Kids Activities Blog
Sometimes you can get even closer to something with a virtual tour!

Virtual Trips around the World

virtual field trips for kids can include penguins
You can meet your favorite animals up close!
Take a virtual tour outer space - Kids Activities Blog - child looking at sky
When we travel virtually, we can go to outer space!

Virtual Field Trips Into Space

  1. You don’t need a spaceship to visit Mars virtually, thanks to this awesome website where you can walk alongside a rover on the surface of Mars.
  2. Tour the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama with this video.
  3. Go behind the scenes of the Space Launch System program at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. 
  4. Learn about the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing.
  5. Turn your computer into a planetarium with this virtual view of the stars and constellations.
  6. Check out what you can visit virtually at the International Space Station…now that is cool!
visit aquarium online - virtual tours for kids of all ages - shark
You can safely avoid the sharks on a virtual tour!

Interactive and Fun Virtual Field Trips

Digital field trips are extra fun because you can take more than one in a day.  Children can check out the Amazon rainforest in the morning, stop by the Grand Canyon while eating lunch and then…visit Mars?

Learning geography, sociology, science, social studies while virtually meeting people with different cultures within their different societies gives kids a great opportunity to understand their rituals and daily lives while fostering a feeling of connection and understanding of a wide range of cultures.

pyramids virtual field trip
I will race you to the top virtually!

Explore the World for free with a Virtual Field Trip

Some of my kids favorite field trip ideas for middle schoolers and high schoolers revolve around animals.  I know we often think of zoos and animal parks as younger kid activities — preschool, kindergarten and elementary school — but they are appropriate virtual field trips for all ages (even my advanced age!).

We can’t wait to hear what you have explored with online field trips. Did you get together with school groups ?

Did you explore them on your own?

Which panoramic tour was your favorite?

Visit anywhere in the world from your computer - virtual tours - Kids Activities Blog
Oh the places we will go…

More Educational Fun & Adventures from Kids Activities Blog

What virtual field trip are you going to do first?

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  1. These virtual field trips are great for rainy day ideas. Thanks for rounding up so many great educational resources!

    1. Hi, Scarlet! They really are a great way to keep kids busy and learning, no matter the weather!