Are you looking for LEGO ideas and tips? Do your kids love LEGOs? We have a big collection of unexpected LEGO ideas, LEGO building ideas and cool things you can make out of LEGO bricks.

LEGO ideas and things to make with LEGO bricks - Kids activities Blog feature - collage of 12 LEGO ideas, building ideas and things you can make with lego
What fun LEGO ideas!

Cool Lego Ideas

So many LEGO creations…so little time! Legos are a blessing and an obsession at our house. It is a rare day when I don’t find at least one minifigure and a collection of bricks in someone’s pocket.

Top LEGO Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

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Here are 70 Genius Hacks, Ideas, Products and Inspiration…

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Lego Build Ideas

Ideas of things to make with legos - upcycled LEGOs text with 6 different LEGO ideas from making a belt to making a necklace out of bricks
So many awesome LEGO ideas…you won’t know where to start!

1. Lego Belt for Boys

LEGO building ideas - make a LEGO belt - boy wearing outfit that has a LEGO brick belt
Let’s Make a Belt Buckle out of LEGOs!

Delia Creates’ Lego Belt Buckle is super easy to make. This tutorial created the whole belt, but I bet you can repurpose an old belt with a similar look.

2. Fancy Lego Jewelry

What a fun gift idea – a baggie with build-your-own-ring with LEGO  parts by Chez Beeper Bebe.  Great party favor idea.

3. Lego Character Snow Globe

LEGO building ideas - LEGO minifigure inside a homemade snowglobe made out of a jar
Make a Minifigure Snowglobe!

A Snow Globe! With a Lego Character by Mini Eco. What a fun way to create a new world! You’ll need a baby food jar, super glue, legos and glitter.

4. Unique Lego Keyholder

Lego Key Holder via Mini Eco- there are SO many ways you can customize this to fit your personality!!

5. Minifigure Lego Neck Charm

LEGO building ideas - finished minifigure necklace craft on white background
Wear Lego Bricks!

You can also make a LEGO minifigure into a necklace via Lil Blue Boo using some superglue and a tiny screw.

6. Lego Super Hero Bracelet

Create a bracelet of your favorite Lego Super Hero characters from Instructables.

7. Lego Friendship Wrist Charm

LEGO building ideas - 4 different color LEGO brick friendship bracelets
LEt’s Make a LEGO Bracelet for a friend

You can also use Lego to build Tonya Staab‘s friendship bracelet using a flat brick as the “charm” and adding threads on each side.

Easy Lego Builds: Tips and Tricks

Lego Accessories to wear - images of 5 LEGO brick building ideas that double as jewelry or a tie clip
I love the idea of wearing LEGOs!

8. Heart Lego BFF Charms

Create hearts – a fun twist on BFF charms by Pysselbolaget- for necklaces your kids will love.

9. Lego Character Necklace

LEGO building ideas - make a multi-minifigure necklace on a string - someone wearing a finished necklace with 5 minifigures on it
A whole family of Minifigures!

Have Cut Out + Keep’s LEGO Necklace with all your friends  – or if you’re a mom, with your kids favorite characters, laced around your neck. Cute.

10. Lego Block Tie Clip

A Tie Clip – made out of a lego block from Etsy. I bet, I might, just might get my son to wear a tie if he could literally play with it!

more crazy and geeky things to make with legos - 2 images of LEGO art ideas - minifigure clay and clock
I love the LEGO clock idea!

11. Customizable Lego Minifigure Clock

So stinking Cool! You can create Instructables’ clock with interchangeable “number” LEGO minifigure people.

12. Lego Lamp Collar

Transform a simple lamp into a bedroom statement. Build legos around the base… and your kids can rebuild portions of it when they get bored with its look. via Impatiently Crafty

Things to Build with Legos

Traveling with LEGO ideas - traveling hacks - bring legos four ways from lunch box with baseplates to tic tac toe board made of bricks
Don’t leave LEGOs at home!

13. Cute and Handy Lego Case

Create a cute little LEGO case via Kids Activities Blog which is super little fun.

14. Lego Wipes Container

Build with Legos on-the-go when you travel with this nifty hack. Glue the base plate into a wipes container. via Mommy Tester (unavailable)

15. Wooden Lego Travel Box

Another version of a travel Lego box from All for The Boys is made from a wooden shoe box. This version is more roomy and less likely to break open.

16. Lego Tic-Tac-Toe

Fun Travel Game Idea by Kids Activities Blog – play Tic-Tac-Toe with a brick game board.

17. Handy Lego Kit

Transform a lunch box into an on-the-go LEGO land via Mamma Papa Bubba. Love how the bricks stay in the box when you are building!

Lego Ideas – Game Tips

lots of ideas of things to build with LEGO - 5 ideas for LEGO builds - birdhouse, bird, tower, maze and chess set
LEGO building ideas you don’t want to miss! I am making the maze right now…

18. Cool Lego Light

Create a Lego light using a pattern of dark and transparent bricks – it looks super cool when lit! Link does not go to a tutorial. Will try and replicate it later. If you have made one, tell us about it!

19. Lego Rings Bling

Create some built-able bling, make Chez Beeper Bebe’s rings of lego pieces and your kids can use the small pieces and embellish them!

20. Lego Bird House

A home fit for kings, or at least finches. Create a bird house by Lego Quest from bricks in your backyard.

21. Tropical Lego Bird Figurines

Tropical birds from This is Colossal. Some of these even have movable wings so the birds can take flight – at least in imaginary play. Wish it had a tutorial or instruction book.

22. Lego Chess Board

Build a chess board by 100 Directions. Perfect. Now the pieces won’t fall off whenever the board is jostled.

Tips for these Lego Building Ideas

games and things to create with legos - 4 ideas for LEGO games minifigures, built cars, LEGO racers and pencil holder
These LEGO game ideas are so much fun! Let’s make LEGO racers…

23. Lego Rubber Band Car

Rubber band powered car from Frugal Fun 4 Boys. Build it. Wind it up. Watch it fly!

24. Lego Pencil Holder

If I were a teacher I would have Kids Activities Blog’s pencil container, made of tiny bricks!

25. Lego Race Track

Create Frugal Fun 4 Boys’ race track for your Lego cars to speed down! It’s brilliantly simple.

26. Lego Marble Maze

Race marbles in a maze labyrinth that you can make out of Lego bricks via The Crafty Mummy

27. Cape for Lego Minifigures

Dress your minifigures with capes made from duct tape from Frugal Fun 4 Boys. Cool!

28. 3D Lego Map

If you like maps, graphs and statistics, you might *love* this 3D graphed map made from legos. via Infosthetics (unavailable)

Easy Lego Builds for Adults

totally geeky lego products that I need - LEGO mug, lego book, LEGO phone cover, LEGO minifigure
I need these!!!

29. Lego Drinking Mug

Lego Mug via Amazon – Now you can build with blocks, drink your coffee, and make the kids jealous! via Amazon

30. Lego Journal Notebook

This journal via Amazon rocks. You can plan your week on the inside and refill the pages when you run out of room.

31. Lego Flash Drive

A USB drive that’s sure to make your boys giggle when you remove the Lego figures’ pants. Note: This particular USB drive is no longer available, but here’s an awesome alternative! via Amazon

32. Lego Phone Case

Build on your phone –  this phone cover doubles as a brick base plate. via Amazon (unavailable)

33. Lego iPad Case

Brick iPad case. I am pretty sure my hubby would think this is awesome! via Smallworks (unavailable)

Who Needs LEGO Sets to Build?

best lego products for kids - mini LEGO sets, LEGO storage, LEGO cover for ipad - 75 ideas with LEGOs
So many awesome ideas for LEGO fun!

34. Lego Brick Box

All you need are these Brick Packs – no instruction books to lose.

35. Lego Wheels

Wheels. You can never have enough! It seems like those are the bricks we lose the fastest. Sidenote: Did you know LEGO makes more tires than any other company globally? via Amazon (unavailable)

36. Lego Construction Set

For kids who love to build houses, and more houses, and MORE houses. Here is the construction set via Amazon for you!

37. Lego Minifigures Set

Minifigures via Amazon are great to mix-and-match and create all-new characters to live in the pretend worlds your kids have created.

38. Lego Building Plates

Building Plates via Amazon. These are fought over more than any other toy in our house. Get twice as many as you think your child will need.

39. Lego Bricks & More Builders of Tomorrow

Bucket-of-Bricks via Amazon. No set. No instruction manual, just hundreds of bricks! Creativity in a bucket.

40. Lego Storage head

There is a giant jar Lego head via Amazon is perfect for storing not only Legos but also any toy collection. They come in girl or boy faces.

Things to Build with Legos for Learning

ideas of ways to learn with legos - 5 LEGO learning ideas pictured including letters on lego bricks
Fun ideas for learning with LEGO bricks!

41. 3D Lego Rainbow

Create a LEGO rainbow as you learn the colors with your preschooler and match the legos to the stripes of color to create a 3D toy rainbow via Kids Activities Blog

42. Lego Building Manual

Create your own Lego Instruction book by Kids Activities Blog to help your kids learn to follow directions and copy patterns.

43. Learn Math with Legos

Teach your kids how to predict patterns with this genius idea from Simple Play Ideas (article no longer available). Set out a pattern of LEGO bricks and then have kids predict what color or brick type comes next. This can start with simple color based predictions and expand with your child’s ability to predict more complicated brick and color based items.

44. Enhance Spelling with Legos

Use these blocks to help your kids learn to spell – how do you spell activities via Kids Activities Blog. Write one letter of the word onto each block. Your kids get to “build” the word.

45. Science Experiments and Legos

Science experiments to do with Legos: Explore surface tension of water experiment via Kids Activities Blog. See if you can float bricks.

learning with legos including LEGO art ideas for kids - lego butterfly, lego art and lego building steps
Love when art is made with LEGO bricks!

46. Master Symmetry via Legos

Practice filling space with Lego blocks via Fun at Home with Kids. For preschoolers, this can be a great lesson in symmetry, like the butterfly activity.

47. Storytelling using Legos

Your kids can create stop animation using legos via Imagination Soup and a nifty software that LEGO has created.  What a great way to encourage kids to tell stories.

48. Learn Multiplication with Lego

Legos for multiplication via Frugal Fun 4 Boys – make math come alive by creating a 3D graph of the times tables.  

Easy Lego Builds for Parties

lego themed party ideas and tips for birthday parties, celebrations and more - minifigure candle holder, minifigure pops, brick pinata
Let’s party with LEGO!

Almost all of the tips and ideas in this post could be adapted to a party, but here are our favorite party hacks.

49. Lego Cake Topper

Have a minifigure cake topper – holding the candle. This is great for cupcakes or times when you don’t want 11 candles on the cake but want something special. via Angel Navy Wife (unavailable)

50. Lego Party Piñata

It’s so easy! It looks like all you need are milk bottle caps, a tissue box and something to wrap it up – and you have a brick themed piñata by Delia Creates!

51. Edible Lego Cake Pops

I am not a baker, but if I were, or had a pal who was, what a great way to 1) stay in the theme of legos with your “cake” and 2) portion control the sweets! Make edible Lego heads. (Image credit: My Cake Pops) the link no longer exists, but here’s a similar recipe via Cherished Bliss!

52. Lego Catapult

Have a contest to see who can build the biggest catapult from a set of bricks via Kids Activities Blog… and who can launch a marshmallow the farthest after it is completed!

53. Lego Brick Costume

Dress up as your favorite mini-figure via Kids Activities Blog

54. Lego Memory Game

For a fun party game, play a game of memory using LEGO cards by I Sew, Do You?, or hide them around the room and see who can find the most figures.

55. Lego Beds for Lego Men

For a fun twist to the lego man party favors – have the kids make a bed for their lego mini-figures from a matchbox via Kids Activities Blog 

Lego Build Ideas for organization

organize legos - lots of ideas for families - text: tons of ideas to organize legos - lego table, lego drawer, lego brick storage bins
We can put all those LEGOs away with these smart ideas!

56. Under Bed Lego Storage

Make an under the bed play area and a storage with a rolling “drawer”. This Lego Storage Idea from Daniel Sicolo Blog even has sections to hold the various creations.

57. Shoe Hanger Lego Organizer

Organize the Legos in a way you can easily organize LEGO bricks by color with an over the door shoe hanger via Kids Activities Blog 

58. Top Bunk as Lego Zone

Keep the small pieces out of reach for young tots with a bunk bed – the top bunk is the lego zone via The Organised Housewife!

59. Handy Lego Tray

Do your kids like to have their own space to work? Try making lego trays by Jaime Costiglio to help quarantine their legos into “their” area.

60. Modular Containers for Legos

Totally impractical for the average family, but if you have access to one of those plastic printers, here are free LEGO instructions to make modular containers for your bricks.  P.S.  Send me a set and make my day! via Thingiverse (unavailable)

Lego Ideas: Storage

70 Lego Hacks and Ideas - organize lego by color, lego binder, lego drawers, lego bag and lego table
I feel smarter already after reading these LEGO hacks!

61. Binders for Lego Manuals

Don’t let the instruction books take over your home like they have ours! Use a binder to store the booklets inside with plastic page protectors. Brilliant. via Tip Junkie 

62. Lego Drawstring Play Mat and Storage

Cleaning up LEGOs is a breeze with a drawstring play LEGO mat via Kids Activities Blog.

63. Lego Case Organizer

Go vertical and color coordinate with this organization system. You can put the different sets in different cases and build on the top plate. Note: Unfortunately this product isn’t currently available. Here’s a handy alternate option via Amazon!

64. Lego Pencil Box

For your Lego fanatics, get a pencil case via Amazon for their backpack. Getting pencils will be more fun!

65. DIY Lego Table

Best Small Lego Table by Kojo Designs – I love how it has storage in buckets on the side and a magnet strip for small parts.

66. Toddlers’ Lego Table

Lego Table for toddlers – We started small with our stash of legos. Durable, and perfect for the kids. via Amazon (unavailable)

Cool Lego Ideas for Lunch

lego lunch products - ideas for LEGO lunchboxes and storage - lego back pack, lego silverware, lego bento and lego water bottle
Love these LEGO lunch ideas!

There are a ton of things that will make lunch fun.

67. Lego Bento Box

A lunchbox via Amazon shaped like a giant lego brick. You can get smaller snack sized boxes to fit inside.

68. Lego Water Bottle

A minifig-inspired thermos via Amazon- perfect for a veggie smoothie or soup.

69. Lego Utensils

Buildable silverware via Amazon! Just add a baggie of blocks and your kids will have fun being creative until their lunch is over.

70. Lego School Bag

Lego backpack – bring your stuff to and from school. via Amazon (unavailable)

More Lego Ideas and Tips

70+ Lego ideas - birdhouse, bird, tower, maze, chess, storage bins, LEGO drawers and LEGO drawstring bag mat
Oh the LEGO fun we will have…

If you are looking for other great LEGO goodies, here’s some more fun LEGO ideas…

What is your favorite LEGO idea? 

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