New week new printable for kids!

This fun fruit pre-writing practice pack can be used two ways – either as a pre-writing practice or as a scissors skill practice or even both at the same time.

This is great skill building practice for your preschooler and lots of fun, too!

Fruit Pre-Writing Practice

Fruit Pre-Writing Practice for Kids

This pack has 8 pages each of them offering a unique way for kids to trace the lines from the beginning and towards the fruit. We have zig zag patterns, swirls, curves, straight lines and more. So. Much. Fun!

To best utilize these fruit pre-writing practice worksheets, have the kids first trace them with a pencil and then cut them along the lines with scissors. The more they do it the quicker and more coordinated they will become!

Even More Handwriting Practice

If you love the free fruit pre-writing practice for kids worksheets, here are some more that your child will benefit from too!

We’d love to know how your child likes these worksheets! Leave a comment below and let us know.

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