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Our I love you page is a really fun and simple “I love you because…” printable that works as a greeting card, a sweet note to send or any holiday where kids might want to write a lovely message.

The printable Why I Love You page works well for writing practice or learning to write letters.

I love you page pdf shown with writing: 
 I love you because...with filled in child handwriting decorated with colors with Kids Activities Blog logo
Let’s send someone we love a sweet note today!

Printable I Love You Page for Kids

Spend a little time together with the kids talking about what you love about them and  what they love about others.

You can use this printable as stationery or print it off on a card stock.

This writing activity for kids will take just a few minutes, but the effects will last a lot longer!  Kids of all ages can do this I love you because for kids activity – older kids can write a complete message on the thinner line version and younger kids can copy words or make drawings on the larger lines with dashes.

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Free I Love You Because Printable

This I love you printable page comes in two different line styles:

  • Larger lines with a dashed center line for beginning writers
  • Smaller ruled line for more advanced writers

I Love You Coloring Pages

The pages also print in black and white line art so you can color them however you’d like. Add a little glitter for extra sparkle! Color this I  Love You Because printable  page and then write a little love message to someone special. 

The title letters are nice and big so even little hands can help color in this page.

Supplies Needed for I Love You Printable

Why I Love Your Printable Writing Page - pdf shown with colored pencils
Print off the I love you page in the line size of your choice!

Our Experience with I Love You Page Writing Printable

My daughter colored this example page and then wrote the  message herself.  

She colored the page using regular kid markers.

She started out with a pencil, wrote out all the words she wanted, then traced her own writing with a black marker and erased the remaining pencil.

It  makes me smile to see all this adjectives… she loves to fill a page with compliments!

Download & Print the I Love You Page pdf Here

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Who did your child send their printable I love you page?

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