22 Mug Cake Recipes

Desserts in a mug are my new favorite thing! These 22 Mug Cake Recipes are quick, easy, and makes very little mess.

22 Mug Cake Recipes

22 Mug Cake Recipes

For most of these, everything gets poured and mixed right inside the mug, and then popped in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, but don’t want to make a big elaborate dessert every time, check out these awesome desserts in a mug. (And check out my favorite clever mugs for moms, too!)

Caramel Macchiato Cake – My favorite coffee drink turned into a cake! Check out this yummy recipe from The Novice Chef Blog.

Snickerdoodle Cake – Just a handful of ingredients and you’ve got this delicious cake from Five Heart Home.

Coffee Cake – This is the perfect morning snack idea, from Heather Likes Food!

Donut – A fresh donut will start your day off right! Check out the recipe over on Tip Buzz.

Angel Food Cake – Add some strawberries and you have the perfect dessert, from Temecula Blogs.

Cinnamon Roll – Homemade cinnamon rolls are quite an undertaking. This recipe from A Virtual Vegan will get you a roll in just a few minutes! 

Funfetti Cake – This cake, from The Kitchn, is perfect for an impromptu birthday treat! 

22 Mug Cake Recipes

Fruity Mug Cake Recipes

Strawberry Pop Tart – Make your own Pop Tarts with this recipe from Bigger Bolder Baking.

Apple Crumb Cake – This recipe from Pickled Plum one is just so amazing that you might never want to make the real thing again!

Banana Nut Cake – You don’t need a whole loaf of banana bread when you’ve got this. Perfect if all you’ve got in the kitchen is one banana!

Blueberry Muffin Five Heart Home‘s recipe is perfect for breakfast in a hurry or when you’re just craving a fresh muffin.

Apple PieKleinworth Co.‘s dessert usually takes quite a while to make, so this recipe is awesome.

Berry Cobbler – This recipe, from Kirbie Cravings, is one of our favorite desserts and now you can make a single serving, too!

Pumpkin Pie – Even if it’s not Thanksgiving, you can have pumpkin pie with this treat from The Kitchn.

22 Mug Cake Recipes

Chocolate Mug Cake Recipes 

Chocolate Chip Cookie – Fresh from the oven cookies are the best! We love this recipe from Temecula Blogs.

Chocolate Cake – This will cure your sweet tooth in just a couple of minutes. 

S’Mores Cake – No backyard fire? Don’t worry, still have some s’mores with this dessert from Little Dairy on The Prairie.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake – Chocolate and peanut butter go perfect together in every dessert. Check out this yummy recipe from Six Sisters Stuff.

Nutella Cake – Put Nutella in just about anything and it’s delicious! Love this recipe from Tammilee Tips!

Chocolate Lava Cake – My favorite dessert of all time can be made in under two minutes! Add a scoop of ice cream on top and you’re in business!

Brownie – Don’t want to be tempted with a whole pan of brownies? Just make one with this Brownie in a Mug recipe from Simply Recipes.

Chocolate Cookies and Cream Cake – If you are a cookies ‘n cream lover, Kirbie Cravings‘ recipe is perfect for you.

Keep this list of desserts in a mug around for anytime you get a craving.

Bon appetit!

22 Mug Cake Recipes

More Quick and Easy Recipes 

22 Mug Cake Recipes

Baking Fun for the Whole Family

What is your favorite mug cake? Comment below! 


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