Letter I Worksheets Free Kids Printable

Let’s make this week interesting by practicing I with these free printable letter I worksheets. These free printable worksheets are great for at home and in the classroom.

We’re trucking along with these alphabet free printables! We learned the letter H last, now it’s time to move onto I.

L Worksheets

Letter I Worksheets

I is for igloo, ice, iron… I is also for intelligent and independent two words we all wish will  describe our kids. Hope these worksheets will be irresistible.

These 8 worksheets have varying levels of difficulty and teach the letter i in different ways. They can learn both uppercase letters, lowercase letters, with tracing letter worksheets, and coloring sheets. Use them all, one a day, whatever works best.

While learning the is goal, the secondary goal is definitely to have fun!

Free 8 Page Printable Letter I Worksheets Set:

  • 4 pages of upper and lower case tracing with pictures to color.
  • 1 page of tracing words (starting with letter I).
  • 2 pages of I  beginning sound activities – one page to color the ones that start with H and one to circle the correct images.
  • 1 letter I  coloring page.
trace the capital letter I and color the picture
Trace the uppercase I and color the picture.


There are two Capital Letter I tracing pages for practicing the uppercase I on the dotted lines. This one features an igloo you can color, and the 2nd upper case letter worksheet depicts an ice cream sundae (nom!) that can be colored.

I love that these letter tracing worksheets double as coloring sheets.

Tracing letters will help you child with their letter recognition and early writing skills.

trace the lowercase I and color the picture
Trace the lowercase letter i and color the picture.


There are 2 lowercase letter i tracing pages that are similar to the uppercase ones. This first page has an ice cream sundae that can be colored, while the second page has an igloo.

These lowercase letter i tracing worksheets also double as coloring pages. Plus, they’re a great way to learn a lower case letter and remember it.

The two different worksheets were designed to help younger children recognize the difference between the capital letters and lowercase letters.

Letter I coloring page - color the picture - ice cream - Kids Activities Blog on background of ABC's markers and crayons
Color the letter i, ice cream cones, and ice cream sundae! Yummy!


This simple coloring page depicts the letter I, ice cream cones, and ice cream sundae! What a fun way to learn! Coloring printable activities are a fun way to learn in a creative way. Practice worksheets have their place, but something easy and fun also is handy.

color the objects that begin with letter I
Color the objects that begin with the letter I.


This printable worksheet allows preschoolers and kindergarteners to color the objects that start with the letter I.

Grab your coloring supplies and color the: igloo, ice cream cones, and a great big ice cream sundae!

This practice sheet is a little trickier. You don’t have the help of seeing the letters, but knowing the letter sound can be of huge assistance.

circle the objects that begin with letter I
Let’s circle the objects that start with the letter I.


With this fun worksheet, your child will be circling the items that start with the letter i. Grab your pen or pencil circle the igloo, ice, ice cream cone and… hmm…is there one more?

This would also be a great time to learn letter sounds since they’ll be looking for the letter i words.

These educational activities get a little harder as we go, but it is good to have varying levels.

trace the words that start with I
Let’s practice writing by tracing these words that start with the letter I.


With this fun preschool worksheet or kindergarten worksheet, your child will be able to trace the words that start with the letter I that is next to the picture of that object.

This is a great educational activity for younger children and emphasizes fine motor skills, but it helps the reader connect the letters and related words.

If your child is having a hard time with this page, use a page protector and let them use an erasable marker. That way they can practice multiple times with 1 sheet.

Download Letter I Preschooler Worksheets Here:

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What better way to learn about letter I than with a bowl of ice cream!

Letter I Worksheets

Crafts Starting With The Letter I

Want to reinforce the letter i lesson? Try these letter i crafts!

This letter I zentangle is lovely, elaborate, and covered in flowers!

Every play with ice cream playdough? It smells like chocolate ice cream.

We have even more letter i crafts and letter i activities you will love! If you want other alphabet worksheets, click the different letters at the top for more free worksheets.

Did your kids have fun with the free printable letter i preschool sheets?



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