10 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Kids to Love to Read

Teach your kids to  love to read  by  encouraging a love for reading while they’re LITTLE. Here are a bunch of great ways to start:

Love to Read

Help Kids Love to Read

Read with your kids  — no age is too little to start flipping through books together. Check out this great booklist by age  I have over on The Realistic Mama. It’s a great resource to use if you are starting at your at home library or when borrowing books from your local library.

Play reading games

Teach the skills of  sitting still and playing quietly — reading isn’t only about opening books, focusing and sitting still are huge parts too. Quite time activities are a great place to start.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Make  letter crafts  to start early letter recognition.

Don’t rush it  — they will learn when their little brains are ready and for each kid the timing is going to look different. Pushing too hard too early will likely cause your little one to miss out on the fun part of reading.

Learn letters and sounds in one week with this trick from Your Modern Family.

Take trips to the library  — and bring home lots of books! We love keeping ours in a special book basket when not in use so they don’t get lost.

For older kids start a reading log  — it’s the perfect visual way for your kids to see their success.

Read out loud at bedtime

Keep  lots of books around the house! And what better way than in an awesome book shelf?

10 Cool  Bookshelf IdeasCool Bookshelf Ideas for the Kids Room

Kids Room:

Bookshelves for the Kids Room using old wooden spice racks — by Wonderful Joy Ahead

Rain Gutters  lining the kids bedroom — by Home Stories A to Z

Add shelves to the Side of Their Dresser  — by On the Banks for Squaw Creek

Cubby on Wheels using an old skateboard — by Project Little Smith

Stacked DIY Painted Crates  — by Crazy Little Projects

Around the House:

Love Bookshelfby Do it And How

The Star  is made out of individual boxes which create a gorgeous piece on your wall —  by Apartment Therapy

Tree Branches  — by Home My Design  or if you’re feeling really organic use real tree branches!

Pallet Shelf is perfect for cookbooks in the kitchen — by Thriving Home

Upcycled Old Dresser Drawers  — by Hometalk  

I may have got a little carried away with all the cool bookshelves but hopefully my point came across: reading isn’t just about opening books, it’s about an opportunity to learn, have fun, bond, explore and create a whole world around your books!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for even more reading ideas!

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