Make your own personalized free printable bookmark and reading log with this free printable kit designed by Jen Goode. Our printable bookmark comes with a reading log that is great for preschool and elementary students who are just learning to read or even older kids who have to log their reading time! Use the reading log and bookmark at home or in the classroom.

Printable reading log on a piece of red construction paper with a pencil and printable bookmark with blue dots and purple ribbon, blue scissors, rainbow star stickers.
This free printable reading log and bookmark can be customized!

Printable Bookmark and Reading Log

These free printable reading logs and free printable bookmark is fun way to include reading into craft time and help kids create something they can use over and over again. It’s perfect for a monthly reading log or a daily reading and a great way to keep track of the books your child read as well as help them focus on their reading goal.

This printable reading log craft kit comes with a reading log, a bookmark and little stars you can use as stickers to decorate.

Perfect for young readers and book lovers alike when for personal use at home or in the classroom. Plus, it’s a fun way to get reluctant readers motivated and perfect for a reading challenge.

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Get Your Free Printable Reading Log and Bookmark PDF FILEs Here

Click the button below to get your free printable reading log and bookmark. It’s as simple as a click of the button. Once the you get the e-mail, download the PDF and then you will be able to print off as many reading logs and book marks as you need.

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Printable reading log on a piece of red construction paper with a pencil and printable bookmark with blue dots and purple ribbon, blue scissors, rainbow star stickers.
Choose your favorite color construction paper for your reading log back drop!

Customize Your Reading Log Craft

Personalize your own reading log and bookmark. This is a great classroom activity or a project to make with all the kids in the house. Add your own paper colors and personalize with a name and you’re all set!

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Supplies Needed

Directions To Personalize Your Reading Log:

Step 1

Cute off the excess blank section around the reading log.

Step 2

Brush glue across the back of the paper and glue it to the construction paper

Step 3

If you would like you can trim off the excess from the construction paper as well.

Ideas for REading Log Use

Each time you read, add a sticker to that line! That makes these reading log printables much more exciting and incentives kids to use their daily reading log. Everyone once a high star rating!

Bookmark with blue dogs and a red heart with curly purple ribbon sitting in a book.
Decorate your free printable bookmark any way you want!

Customize Your Printable Bookmarks

The book long isn’t the only free printable! A bookmark is a very useful tool, no one wants dog ears in their books, especially the local library. And these printable bookmarks for kids are perfect! You can decorate it anyway you want! Decorate it a lot or a little bit, it’s the best way to keep your place in a great book may it be fiction or a non-fiction book.

Supplies Needed

Directions To Personalize Your Printable Bookmark

Step 1

Print off the printable bookmark and cut it out.

Step 2

Color and design it anyway you want! Add a little color or a lot of color!

Step 3

Use a whole puncher to the end closest to the “I”.

Step 4

Add ribbon to the top of the bookmark so you don’t lose your place when the book is closed.

You can use gift wrap ribbon or fabric ribbon, it doesn’t matter, which ever you prefer!

Step 5

Take your scissors and curl the ribbon against the blade part. (Be careful!)


Before I added the ribbon I laminated my kid’s bookmark using laminate sheets. It will help the bookmark last longer.

Reading Log and Bookmark Kit

Printable reading log on a piece of red construction paper with a pencil and printable bookmark with blue dots and purple ribbon, rainbow star stickers.
Decorate these sets anyway you want and then start logging your reading hours!
  • You can use this same kit to create a different reading log every month. Use one to keep track of your child’s reading list this school year or make one into a book challenge log. Have one for the different types of books your child reads.
  • Having a record of the books your child reads is a great way to create good reading habits, but they’ll be reading regularly and building reading skills.
  • Just use different colors to decorate the pieces. You can match the seasons or a specific holiday too.
  • If you are using reading logs for school, you can color coordinate for the reading level or the student the log belongs to and then match the bookmark too.
  • If your child likes to read more than one book at a time, you can make multiple sets of this printable bookmark and reading log.
  • Decorate each one differently, or the same.
  • This would also make a great activity for library day or for those kids that LOVE to read, why not make your own bookmarks as a birthday party activity!

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How did your bookmark and reading log turn out? Let us know in the comments below!

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