With one kid, story time is easy, anywhere, anytime.  

With two kids, it’s still not bad, just choose a couch or an over-sized chair, with one kid on each side.  

when you out-grow your rocking chair you make a rocking chair for three - Kids Activities Blog
What happens when you out-grow your rocking chair…?

But what happens when kid three comes along?

3 seat custom built rocking chair by Hal Taylor - father with three kids in rocker shown
A rocking chair built for 3…or more! – Courtesy of HalTaylor.com

Three Seat Rocking Chair Design

I have heard of a bicycle built for two and have squeezed two into a traditional rocking chair many times…but what about 3?

One dad came up with the perfect solution for a storytime rocking chair with three seats–one kid on each side in elevated seats and room for the third on his lap.  

With this rocking chair design, everyone could see the book.

rocking chair designed for three people
Love how this rocking chair looks even without people sitting in it! – Courtesy of HalTaylor.com.

Building a Rocking Chair for Three People

Hal Taylor (@rockingchairsbyhal on Facebook) already built rocking chairs when his children were born.  He realized, after his third child, that he needed a chair that could accommodate all three of his kids for reading time with dad:

When Rose was born, she proved herself to be the “communicator” in the family very quickly, speaking in complete sentences with perfect diction. Well – she was NOT going to be left out of the reading crowd! This presented a problem for me because, not having a lap large enough for three children, this meant that Rachael, the oldest, had to stand by the chair at story time.

photo of family sitting and reading in a rocking chair designed for story time
This rocking chair is perfect for family story time! – Courtesy of HalTaylor.com.

3 Seat Rocking Chair for Reading

The StoryTime Rocking Chair was his solution.  

This rocking chair is made from pieces that could make over 20 other chairs combined, in order to build seating that allowed all three kids to see the story he was reading.  

rocking chair design from above
Let’s read a book together! – Courtesy of HalTaylor.com.

Two elevated seats were perfect for his oldest children to still see the book, while his youngest was able to snuggle into his lap and not block the view for her sisters.  

Who wouldn’t want a chair that fits everyone?

rocking chair design with smaller seats on either side for children
The seats on either side are “just right” – Courtesy of HalTaylor.com.

Taylor says he has made about 35 of these chairs over the course of his career, including five for the royal family of Dubai!  

It’s a rocker fit for a king.

Let’s Read at Kids Activities Blog

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Do you need a 3 seat rocking chair too?

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  1. Such a nice idea you had I hope it also generates you some income too boot my children are all grown and they dont need one or I would definitely buy one , god bless ??

  2. Okay. That is probably the most ingenious thing I really can imagine right now. Wow, This ingenuity just boggles my mind. Wow, I love it! How can you not love that you can read to all your children, not in bed, but in a chair built for all of your children and read to them? Major applause!!