Printable flashcards are powerful tools for kids learning the alphabet, numbers, sight words, and math for kids of all ages starting with toddlers. Flash cards templates are great resources for parents and teachers to make learning simpler and fun. These free printable flash cards allow you to make your own flashcards for the perfect skill building activity for your kid.

collage of printable flashcards and ways to use them. Red, orange, yellow, green flash cards. Sight words with pony, blocks and a green toy. a jack o lantern flash card. Weather flash cards, geography flash cards, learning state and capital flash cards, space, telling time, number concepts, math, animals, and shape flashcards.
Check out this ultimate collection of DIY flashcards.

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Make Your Own Flashcards with Printable Templates

Using free printable flashcards makes learning fun and interesting. Using them repeatedly helps kids learn faster through repetition…

Flash cards activate a child’s “active recall”, metacognitive faculties and confidence-based repetition.

Storing Flashcards in Classroom or Home

  • I love using a photo album to keep up with flashcards. I keep everything in a big book so my children won’t lose their flashcards.
  • If you have a lot of flashcards, separate them by subject binding each set of flashcards with a rubber band or in a small plastic box and then store the packets in a plastic shoe box.
  • You can also punch these DIY flashcards at a corner and put them in a binder ring for easy access.

Supplies Needed to Create Flashcards

  • Digital downloadable pdf file – look below for all the options we are sharing today, you can download the flash card templates file on your phone, tablet or computer as long as it has access to a printer.
  • Printer – this doesn’t have to be a fancy one, but a full color printer will make it easier to make your own flash cards
  • White papertraditional printer paper is fine if you are planning on laminating the flashcard set, but thicker paper is going to work better and give a better experience without lamination. You will find all sorts of options including perforated sheets or smaller “card size” blank flashcard printer options, but I have found that just plain old thicker sheets and a pair of scissors work the most reliably!
  • (Optional) LaminationLaminate your printed flashcards if they are sets that get a lot of use. Also, it serves as an easy way to practice letters and numbers using dry erase markers.
  • (Optional) For fully homemade flash cards, you can start with blank cards and build with stickers and markers.

Free Printable Alphabet Learning Flashcards

1. Alphabet Picture Cards

These alphabet cards are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning their letters. The cards have realistic pictures to help you remember each letter of the alphabet from Mega Workbook along with lowercase letters and uppercase letter fun flashcards for young learners.

2. DIY Tactile Alphabet Cards

Younger kids will love this playful set. How fun is it to learn alphabets with sensory play? DIY tactile alphabet cards are so much fun from Playground Park Bench.

3. Alphabet Physical Fitness Flashcards

Set of printable flashcard pages with an alphabet exercise game, each letter represents a different exercise. - Kids Activities Blog
You can play this game as many times as you want!

Download and print our alphabet exercise printable cards that will make learning the letters all fun and games…literally!

Free Printable Color Learning Flashcards

3. Coloring Color Flashcards

Grab your crayons and print these printable crayon color flashcards to teach your little one, toddler through preschooler colors from From ABCs to ACTs.

4. Color Flash Cards

These are very simple color flash cards. Learn your colors by looking at the various splats of paint from Tot Cards.

Free Printable Shapes Learning Flashcards

5. Basic Shapes Flashcards

Basic shapes flashcards is a great way to not only learn shapes, but you could use to them as a template for playing with playdough from The Teaching Tunt.

Free Printable Early Reading Skills Flashcards

6. Phonic Cards

Preschoolers and Kindergartners…and beyond can learn the basic sounds of the alphabet using these phonics cards from Syncopated Mama.

7. Sight Word Flashcards

Work on your little one’s reading skills using free printable sight words from It’s a Mother Thing. Perfect for study sessions.

collage of diy flashcards for preschool kids with crayons, basic shapes, animals, fruits, sand, paint splatters, and body parts.
Check these printable flashcards collection!

Free Printable Animal Identification & Learning Flashcards

8. Barnyard Animal Flashcard Set

Moo! Oink, Oink! Farm animal flash cards will have your toddler learning all the names of the animals in no time from Look We Are Learning.

9. Animal Collection Flashcards

Check out this animal gallery from wild animals to arctic animals. This a complete animals collection of cards from Kid Pages that will appeal to kids of all ages.

10. Nocturnal Animal Flashlight Cards

These nocturnal animal flashlight cards are so much fun to make and learn about nocturnal animals from From ABCs to ACTs.

Free Printable Life Skills Flashcard Sets

11. Morning Routine Checklist

Need a routine to avoid chaos on school mornings? Check out these free printable school morning routine checklist cards from Living Locurto.

12. Body Parts Flashcards

Teach the name of each body part using these body parts printable flashcards from Flash Card Fox.

13. Occupations Flashcards

These occupations flashcards teach the names of various jobs that people around your child do from Flash Cards For Kindergarten.

14. Emotions Flashcards

Let them know everyone goes through different emotions every day with these emotion flashcards from Fox Farm Home.

15. Fruit Flashcards

These real life fruit flash cards are drool worthy and a great way to learn the names of fruit from Itsy Bitsy Fun.

16. Rhythm Flashcards

Learn about different sounds and actions that animals & birds make from rhythm flash cards from Lets Play Music.

Create Flashcards for Math

17. Numbers Flashcards

Teach them 1-20 with these numbers flashcards from the Imperfect Homemaker.

18. Word Number Flashcards

Learn words for each number using word number cards from Flash Card Fox.

19. Math Sight Words Flashcards

Is your child struggling with math equations in sentences? Try these Math sight words flashcards from Kids Activities Blog.

20. Basic Addition Flashcards

Practice addition using these basic addition flashcards from Kindergarten Printables. This is my earliest recollection of using addition flash cards in school to learn addition facts.

21. Basic Math Flashcards

All things math! Flashcards for basic math, exponents & more from Dad Worksheets. These printable sets include basic math like addition and subtraction facts on subtraction flash cards, but also go into division facts on division flash cards, multiplication facts with multiplication flashcards and other printable math flash cards.

22. Fun Math Facts

These are fun ways to learn math facts with flashcards from Tips & Ideas From Anne Garderner.

collage of math flashcards and how to create flashcards to learn with math sight words, division, counting by tens, numbers 1-20 and basic addition.
Create your own flashcards for learning math.

How to Use Flash cards with Kids

23. Activities With Flashcards

Check out these many activities to do with printable flashcards from In The Playroom.

24. Make Your Own Flashcards

Learn tips on how to make your own flashcards for anything your child needs with these fun flash card games from Kids Activities Blog.

25. Print Rich Environment

Exposure to colorful prints helps kid’s development in understanding the alphabets, numbers, words & other symbols. Create a print-rich environment for kids to just trip across new words all the time from You Clever Monkey.

26. Music Alphabet Game

You need to check out this fun game! Your kids will love this music alphabet games from Kids Activities Blog.

collage of how to make flashcards and ways to use them  with musical cards, letters and sight words, checklist cards, and basic math cards.
Fun ways to learn with flash cards

Free Printable Science & Geography Flashcards for Kids

27. Science & Nature Flash Cards

Explore vintage science and nature flash cards from Our Handcrafted Life.

28. Solar System Flashcards

Learn about planets using these solar system flashcards from Simple Everyday Mom.

29. Months of the Year Flashcards

Teach your kids the names of the months using months flashcards from Flash Cards For Kindergarten.

30. Days of the Week Flash Cards

These days of the week flashcards are simple and straight forward from The Teaching Aunt.

31. Weather Flashcards

Alex, Siri, ok Google!! What is the weather outside? Teach them about weather using these cards from Easy Peasy Learners.

32. Telling Time Flashcards

Do your kids know how to read an analog clock? Telling time to the hour cards will teach them how from Look We’re Learning.

33. States & Capital Flashcards

Learn states and capital using these flash cards from 3 Boys and A Dog

Places, Geography, and Earth Flash cards

34. Places Around The World

Talk about the names of places around the world with these places flashcards from Flash cards for Kindergarten

35. Earth Vocabulary Flashcards

Learn the names of the elements and the various natural phenomena that is part of Mother Earth from earth vocabulary cards from Mr Printables.

36. Landform Flash Cards

On the topic of earth, teach various landforms using landform flashcards from Flashcard Fox.

37. Continent Flashcards

Learn about our world’s continents using these continent flashcards from Etsy.

38. Periodic Table Flashcards

Love chemistry? Check out these periodic table flashcards from Stemsheets.

39. Simple Machines Flashcards

How do simple machines work? Learn through these simple machines games from 123homeschool4me. You’ll want these for your flashcard library.

collage of how to make flashcards science theme
Explore the science around you from these flash cards

Free Printable Season & Holiday Flash cards

40. Spring-Easter Flash Cards

April showers bring may flowers! These spring – Easter flash cards are perfect for learning from Tea Time Monkeys.

41. Independence Day Flash Cards

Learn about the USA using Independence day flashcards from Twinkl.

42. Fall Flashcards

Color-changing leaves, pumpkin flavored things, this calls for Fall flashcards from iSL Collective.

43. Halloween Flashcards

Get spooky with Halloween flashcards from Speak and Play English.

44. Thanksgiving Flash Cards

Learn all the fun words of Thanksgiving like Pilgrim and cornucopia with these Thanksgiving flash cards from Speak and Play English.

45. Winter Printable Flash Cards

Cozy up, it’s cold outside! You’ll love these winter printable flashcards from Kids’ Pages.

46. Christmas Printable Flashcards

Jingle all the way using Christmas printable flashcards from 3 Boys and A Dog

47. Hanukkah Flash Cards

Learn about the Jewish holiday Hanukkah with these amazing flash cards from Learning English Kids.

collage of season and festival DIY flashcards
Build your vocabulary on seasons & festivals

Free Printable Spanish Language Flash cards

48. Spanish Alphabet Flashcards

Learn el alfabeto en Español using Spanish alphabet flashcards from Mr Printables. These are great for high school students just learning Spanish.

49. Spanish Number Flashcards

We have some free Spanish language flashcards that you can download and print right now:

50. Spanish Color Flash Cards

Learn basic colors using Spanish color flashcards from Super Teacher Worksheets. Flash cards are a great way to learn a foreign language. Check out the Spanish color words flashcards here on Kids Activities Blog too!

51. Spanish Family Words Flashcards

Learning family member words in Spanish with flashcards is fun and easy! Check out the free printable Spanish family member flashcards here at KAB.

52. More Spanish Language Flashcards

  • Here are some Spanish printables to teach opuestos from Spanish Playground. You will definitely want to add these to one of your flashcard decks.
  • Teach emociones using Spanish emotions flashcards from Tea Time Monkeys. Taking time to study flashcards can help you ace any test! They are great for language learning.
  • Learn about food, animals, clothes, family, vehicles and more with 1300 flash cards from Kids Flash Cards.
Playing the game of memory on the floor - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s play a game of MEMORY with our homemade flash cards!

How To Use Flash Cards In A Game

One of the ways you can use any of the flashcard sets you might have or make from printable templates is by creating a memory game:

  • Pair up concepts within the flashcard set that kids need to match that teaches a deeper level — for instance, you may have color flashcards that you have the kids matching any primary color or geography sets that have kids matching countries from the same continent.
  • Print two sets of the flashcard set and play a massive (or paired down) game of memory! Big kids can get involved in younger children’s learning when the game is so much fun!

More Printable Memory Game Options Beyond Flashcards

If you have a toddler or Pre-K child that isn’t quite ready for a full blown flashcard set, start with some printable memory games and see how it goes. Older kids love memory games too, so check these out:

homemade flash card set shown on table with blank playing cards and dot stickers
Make your own set of flash cards for kids with blank cards and some stickers!

Our Favorite Flash card Sets for Purchase

OK, I get it…making flashcards can be time consuming or your printer just may be on the fritz. Here are some really quality flashcard sets that will be cut straight, thick and durable and won’t take up your DIY time!

Number Flash cards for kids on a table - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s have some fun with flash cards!

More Educational Activities From Kids Activities Blog:

Which set of flash cards are you going to make first?

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