The Scholastic Book Club.  What a magical thing!  Find a really inexpensive book for kids and then let it transport you to another world…the world of Scholastic books! The cool thing about the Scholastic Book Club is it is delivering the books your kids really want to read.

Scholastic Book Club details for parents from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s take an adventure with the Scholastic Book Club!

Order Scholastic Books Online!

Scholastic Book Club: Order Scholastic Books Online, Delivered to your Home, and Still Support your School.

Find out How…

Is there still a Scholastic Book Club?

The whole class reads with the new Scholastic Book Club available for home.  Teachers and parents can both access the Scholastic Book Club and make sure their students are still inspired through reading. 

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There are the traditional Scholastic flyers that you can download and browse or send to a friend.  Each flyer is age/grade-appropriate and has recommendations handpicked by the Scholastic editors.

Oh, and they are the same Scholastic books that you grew up loving and your kids have embraced.

Book Fair Changes for Scholastic Book Clubs

With schools trying to scramble to educate kids in new and unusual ways, don’t let it squash one of the best things of the year:  Scholastic Book Fair!

As a kid, the Scholastic Book Fair was always one of the best days of the year.  I would have a few dollars in my pocket that would be magically transformed into a stack of Scholastic books. 

I saw the same thing with my own boys.  And by that time, it wasn’t just books!  Scholastic books have more than just books these days with all sorts of educational items that sparked their imagination.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could still go through your Scholastic book order and choose some new books for your kids?

Scholastic Book Clubs Online Pop-Up Shop Go Now
Your own virtual Scholastic Books book fair in the comfort of your home!

You can!

And still support your child’s classroom teacher while doing it too.  

Order Scholastic Books Online

Scholastic Book Clubs has an online pop-up shop just for parents, shipped directly to your home, while still earning bonus points for your child’s class and teacher.  

Even better, orders of $25 or more qualify for free standard shipping.

Can I order directly from Scholastic?

Parents can shop at the Scholastic Parent eCommerce Store or can sign up through traditional methods for the Scholastic Book Clubs Scholastic Book Clubs and order from home.

If you choose the traditional Scholastic Book Clubs sign up process, the parent or caregiver will be prompted to choose a teacher from the child’s school. If your teacher is not listed, it is recommended to choose another teacher listed at that school that has volunteered to accept orders for students from other classrooms which gives the school credit for that parent’s order. More information about the ordering process can be found on the Scholastic website.

reading a Scholastic book club book
The Scholastic Book Club Books are books are the best! We love Magic Tree House books!

How to Get a Class Code for Your Scholastic Book Order

Just reach out to your child’s classroom teacher to get their code for checkout.  It’s a unique 5 or 6 letter and number code that ensures their classroom gets credit for your order.  

If your teacher is unfamiliar with the system, simply direct them to the Scholastic website where they can login and grab the necessary class code so the purchases are credited toward the appropriate teacher/school.

Usually your child’s teacher will send home information about a Class Code. If you have not received that information, you can go to the Scholastic Book Clubs website and choose the “Connect to Teacher” option to obtain that Class Code.

If you do not want to deal with a Class Code, you can shop on the Scholastic parent’s site.

Can I order Scholastic books without a teacher?

The easiest way to shop for Scholastic books without a teacher or Class Code is to use the Scholastic Parents Shop and choose the popular books to be shipped directly.

Scholastic books baby books for reading
The Scholastic Book, Elbow Grease, is the most popular title in the under 3 age category.

How long does it take for Scholastic Book Orders to ship?

Through the Scholastic Book Store, you can choose expedited shipping options that include Standard Ground Delivery, 2-Day Air Delivery and Next Day Air Delivery within the 48 contiguous states. The site is experiencing delays right now and warns that orders are taking longer than usual at this time.

The Value of a Scholastics Book Club

There Scholastic Books options for all ages, from preK through high school, and so many deals to be found. There are five book value packs, priced under $20 to keep your kids reading, all your favorite characters, and non-fiction to help delve into interests while you’re schooling at home.  

There’s even a sale section with extra discounts.

Scholastic Books know that reading out loud helps kids learn
You can shop Scholastic Books Family Read Aloud favorites too!

Even better, besides tons of new books, you can keep supporting your school and teachers while you shop, so there will be more new books for them when schools starts back up.

Scholastic Book Finder

There is a Book Finder on the Scholastic site which can make finding the perfect book easy.  If you want to browse, there are several different ways you can do that.  It is almost like a trip to the book fair!

You can shop Scholastic by grade:

  • Birth to 3
  • Ages 4-5
  • PreK and K
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th grades
  • Middle School

You can also shop Scholastic by special collection:

  • Most popular classroom books
  • Best-selling Children’s Books
  • Club Leo – Spanish and Bilingual Books
  • Celebrating Diversity
reading to kids is a cornerstone of the Scholastic Book Club
A top family read aloud favorite is “The Best Kind of Bear”.

Right now, the top recommended books look so good:

Kids Book Club Group

Encouraging reading in kids is one of the main goals here at Kids Activities Blog and because of that we have created an online book community called Book Nook.  It is a FB group with book parties, story times, giveaways, tips, tricks and so much more.  Our goal is to help you have the resources you need to support even the most reluctant reader (I know, I have one of those!).

More Educational Resources for Kids, Teachers & Parents

I would love to hear what you decide to buy from the virtual Scholastic Book fair!  And can’t wait to meet you in the Book Nook group.

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  1. We love Scholastic book club! It brings back memories of the Scholastic book club fair and that magazine like catalog that was filled with super reasonably priced books that seemed way cooler than the library’s books.