Here are some really fun reading activities for your little ones.  As always, we love combining fun with learning.  Sometimes, we can even sneak it in!  We’re sharing these ideas today inspired by School Time Snippets.  Start your kids love of learning now!

10 Fun Reading Activities for Beginners

10 Fun Reading Activities for Beginners

1.  Re-use  bottle caps to create a game that helps teach  what a  word family  is.  This is lots of fun and inexpensive to make at home. 2.  Learn  letter case  (upper and lower) through this simple matching game.  Match the uppercase letter on the rainbow to the lower case letter on the pot of gold!  This game is so adorable. 3.  Turn the sight words your kids have learned into a fun scavenger hunt.  Use clues to send them on a mission to find four missing words. 4.  Use puffy stickers to spell out words for crayon rubbing art.  Let them discover different words as they appear and tell you what they are. 5.  Try this alphabet shopping activity to develop early reading skills.  Have them take their plastic shopping cart around shopping for letters and things that start with those letters. 6.  Make a phonics flip chart with an index card book cut into three sections.  Write letters on each and help them sound out the words you make. 7.  By using the crayon resist technique, write out words that can change into new words by adding the letter “E” to the end.  It’s like magic! 8.  This fun activity helps kids in learning spelling blends.  The perfect combination of fun and learning. 9.  Eat your words…literally!  Use alphabet cookies for a fun reading game.  If you can spell it, you can eat it – yum! 10.  For those learning to read, incorporating sight words with toys is a fun activity.  Use sight word cards and exchange some words for a toy of the same meaning.

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