Back to School Reading Comprehension Worksheets {Free Printable}

Let’s check on listening and reading skills with these back to school reading comprehension worksheets!

Reading worksheets can indeed be fun! They make a great addition to hands on learning and book activities!

Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Back to School Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Getting back to school is exciting! You get to see your old friends and even make some new ones. Most importantly you get to  learn new things and brush on skills you already know (such as reading).

These Back to School Themed Reading Comprehension Pack Includes

  • 2 pages with one or two words to read and to connect with the correct picture (perfect for kindergarten).
  • 2 pages with simple descriptive sentences to match with correct images (great for kindergarten and grade 1).
  • 2 pages with simple stories and questions about the stories to answer (great for grade 1).

More Reading Printables & Activities to Encourage Reading

One of the best ways to practice reading is through play!

Back to School Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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How did your reading comprehension worksheet go?  What works best for your child when it comes to reading?

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