Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Back to School – Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Download, print and use these free reading comprehension worksheets with a back to school theme that help develop listening and reading skills. These back to school reading comprehension worksheets were created for Kindergarten and first grade and are great for use at home or in the classroom.

Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets Kindergarten - Grade 1 - 3 of the printed pdf files of the reading comprehension worksheets shown on a green chalkboard background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s have fun with these reading comprehension worksheets!

6 Page Back to School Reading Comprehension Pack Includes

  • 2 reading comprehension worksheet pages: one or two words to read and to connect with the correct picture (perfect for kindergarten).
  • 2 reading comprehension worksheet pages: simple descriptive sentences to match with correct images (great for kindergarten and grade 1).
  • 2 reading comprehension worksheet pages: simple stories and questions about the stories to answer (great for grade 1).

Download & Print Reading Comprehension PDF Files Here

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Back to School Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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How did your reading comprehension worksheet go?  What works best for your child when it comes to reading?

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