25 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities for Kids

I love Valentines Day, but not for the mushy stuff!  For the fun Valentines Day craft ideas, the Valentines Day activities and of course, the Valentines Day treats!

It’s a lot of fun to help my kids make sweet little cards and treats for the people they love. Some of these crafts and treats are printable, and they are all elementary school kid approved!

25 Valentine's Day Crafts & Activities for kids - confetti hearts, origami Valentines, I love you printables, conversation hearts, s'mores bark and homemade Valentines
Which Valentines craft are you going to do first?

These 25 Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities are great to make for friends and school functions. They are also just as fun at home…even if your child is doing Valentines virtual this year.

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

Remember the fun of taking homemade Valentines (or those little store-bought ones that you punch out) to class and drop them in the homemade Valentine mailbox, i.e. shoebox on everyone’s desk?

Remember cutting out pink, red and white paper hearts by folding the paper in half and carefully cutting the 1/2 heart shape?

Remember all those chocolate treats?

Let’s make some memories this year with our kids on Valentine’s Day!

Make Your Own Valentines at Home

Instead of digging through bins of Valentines at the store this year, make your own! These DIY valentines are so easy and fun to make!

Printable Bee Mine Bracelet Valentine

Make a yellow and black band bracelet, with a rainbow loom, and add it to construction paper to make a “Bee Mine” Bracelet Valentine!

You Color My World Valentine card for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Make the You Color My World Valentine!

Homemade Heart-shaped Crayon Valentines

Kids will love these classic, Heart-Shaped Crayon Valentines, from The Nerd’s Wife.  We have a few more designs that she created especially for Kids Activities Blog including You Color My World Valentine…awwww, so sweet!

Homemade Valentine Fortunes

Looking for a unique valentine idea? Check out this Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookie Valentine from Simplistically Living. It even comes with a free fortune printable!

Hand out Homemade Valentine Slime

You can’t go wrong with these adorable Homemade Slime Valentines! They even come with a free printable!  We also have a fun edible Valentine slime version too!

Make the Your Friendship Blows Me Away printable Valentine!

Bubble Valentines to Make & Give

Your kids will love these Printable Bubble Valentines!  Your friendship blows me away is on the free printable card you can print to add to these cute Valentines.

Watercolor Valentines

Hand out a gift that kids will definitely use (and is not a sugary treat!) with these fun Printable Watercolor Valentines!  They say that Our Friendship is a Work of Art!

I Choose You Valentine - The Nerds Wife
Visit the Nerd’s Wife for this cute printable Valentine

Pokemon Valentines to Give

Do you have any Pokemon fans in your house? They will love these Pokemon Valentines from The Nerd’s Wife!

Cutest Pot o’ Cereal Valentines

Spread some luck with this adorable Pot Of Cereal Valentine from Simplistically Living.

Make a Homemade Valentines Day Card

Follow these simple instructions on how to make a awesome Valentines card.  These make great crafts to send to grandma or those you love who are far away.

25 Valentine's Day Crafts & Activities for kids of all ages - homemade valentines - shown are the supplies to make felt and paper hearts
Get out your scissors and construction paper…we are crafting for Valentine’s Day!

DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

When I was a kid, money was tight, so we made most of our holiday decorations with our mom. One of my fondest memories, is being huddled around the coffee table with construction paper and old magazines, making a huge Valentine’s Day garland with my little brother.

Sure, you can buy cute decorations at the store, but making them is way more memorable!

Bee Mine Craft for Preschoolers & Kindergartners

Cut out and paste together this free printable bee that kids can decorate with googly eyes and glitter. Makes a sweet decoration or valentine!

Craft a Valentines Counting Game

This fun Valentine’s Day Counting Game is a simple way to practice a little math in a festive way.

Make a Heart Sun Catcher

This DIY Heart Sun Catcher is adorable and it’s a super easy craft for even the youngest kids to make!

Let’s make Valentine handprint art!

Make Valentine Handprint Art

Decorate your walls, and create a sweet keepsake, with this Valentine’s Day Handprint Art!

Make a Valentine Photo Frame

Looking for a fun valentine idea for grandparents? Help your kids make a Valentine’s Day Photo Frame out of conversation hearts!

Make Valentine Slime from The Nerd's Wife - steps to make slime
Let’s make Valentine slime!

Make Valentine Slime

We all know how much kids love slime… check out this cool Valentine’s Day Slime from The Nerd’s Wife!

Craft a Valentine’s Tree

Make paper hearts to decorate a Valentine’s Day Tree!

Make a Valentine Penguin Craft

Use this simple tutorial on how to make a penguin with bottle after you visit your recycling bin and choosing just the right penguin-size item!

Washi-Tape-Heart-Craft - steps to make the craft
Let’s make a heart craft!

Make a Washi Tape Heart 

We love this super easy heart craft that is not only fun to make but turns out really lovely…no matter whether you do it “perfectly” or not!

Make Cupid’s Paper Darts

Make Valentine heart straws that double as Cupid’s paper arrows!  It is all a very adorable Valentine craft for kids.

Heart Tic Tac Toe Craft

This tic tac toe Valentine idea could be crafted into a homemade Valentine DIY kit, game or just for fun!
Valentines Day coloring pages and other printables - Kids Activities Blog - heart coloring art with colored pencils and paint
Let’s color some Valentines Day coloring pages!

Free Printable Valentine Coloring Pages & More

Valentine Coloring Pages

We absolutely love free printable coloring pages and the holiday of Valentine’s Day inspired us to create a lot of really fun things to color at home or in the classroom:

I Love You Printable

Let your kids fill out this sweet ‘I Love You Because’ Printable for the special people in their life.

Valentine Word Search Printable

This Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search isn’t just fun, it’s educational, too!

25 Valentine's Day Treats for Kids & the Whole Family - making heart shaped cookies with kids
Let’s have a Valentine treat!

Homemade Valentine Treats

Half the fun of Valentine’s Day is all of the yummy Valentine’s Day chocolate and treats!

More  Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities

Now that you’ve started crafting and baking for Valentine’s Day, here are some more ideas to try!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Let’s have some heart-filled fun!


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